OLGA VASYLCHENKO                                     QA Engineer/Automation                                           022 ...
Career SummaryDT Soft Ltd – Dnipropetrovsk, UkraineQA Engineer/AutomationApril 2011 – January 2012Freelance volunteeringPH...
Projects:Product serverThe purpose of the project was to create a new licenses activation server with a new database struc...
MountSpaceThe purpose of a project was to create a media information portal containing DAEMON Tools mountstatistics. The i...
4      Translation agency “Original” - Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine      Freelance interprete      August 2010 – October 2010Re...
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Olga Vasylchenko Cv


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Olga Vasylchenko Cv

  1. 1. OLGA VASYLCHENKO QA Engineer/Automation 022 195 7902 olga.i.vasylchenko@gmail.com 110 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington, 6021Personal InformationD.O.B. 05/08/1987Nationality: Ukrainian, valid work permit in NZProfileQA Engineer specialising in web application testing throughout the entire SDLC, automation andmaintenance of regression test suites, and developing technical documentation. Have the ability tocommunicate easily with the business managers and developers.Interested in gaining stronger experience in software testing, tests automation, and working in anAgile development environment.Skills SummaryAreas of expertise and strengths * Writing test plans, designing test cases * Developing technical documentation * Functional, change-related testing, familiar with non-functional testing * Testing at the system & acceptance levels, black box & experienced-based testing * Regression tests automation and execution * Test scripts maintenance, working with CI servers and version control systems * Working with bug tracking systems * Responsible, self-motivated, eager to learn, creative, disciplined, good communicator, team player * Familiar with Scrum * ISTQB certifiedLanguages/Technologies * PHP, Ruby, C++, HTML, CSS, XML, YAML, UML, SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, XPathFrameworks/Libraries * Selenium (RC & WebDriver), PHPUnit, Watir Webdriver, Cucumber, Rspec, Zend_Http_Client, CodeIgniter, MediaWikiIDEs / Dev & Testing apps * Eclipse, NetBeans, Hudson, SVN, Mantis, JIRAOperating systems * Windows XP & 7, OSX, Linux
  2. 2. Career SummaryDT Soft Ltd – Dnipropetrovsk, UkraineQA Engineer/AutomationApril 2011 – January 2012Freelance volunteeringPHP developerJanuary 2011 – April 2011SIB Art Gallery – Dnipropetrovsk, UkraineArt DirectorSeptember 2009 – December 2010Translation agency “Original” - Dnipropetrovsk, UkraineFreelance interpreteAugust 2010 – October 2010Dniprodzerzhinsk EMF UAD “Parus-Metiz”InterpreterJanuary 2008 – March 2008Employment History1 DT Soft Ltd – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine QA Engineer/Automation April 2011 – January 2012DT Soft Ltd. specialises in developing disc image emulation and burning and mastering disc software.It has a large family of supportive websites such as online shops, customer service, and productinformation websites. This position included working with those web applications and performingvarious types of tasks.Achievements: * Established test automation in the company and successfully integrated it within the company’s development process. Implemented a data-driven approach in test automation. * Initiated the development and maintenance of projects through the continuous integration process.Responsibilities: * Writing test plans, designing test cases for testing web applications * Reviewing test basics * Functional testing * Test automation and test scripts maintenance, tests execution * Manual testing (exploratory & error guessing) * Usability, compatibility, security, performance testing * Bug managing in bug tracking system * Working with developers and managers, developing technical documentation * Taking part in meetings (informal, technical, and walkthrough)
  3. 3. Projects:Product serverThe purpose of the project was to create a new licenses activation server with a new database structureand improved back end for managers. As the activation server was connected to an online-shop andsome other services it was important to learn how the old activation server worked in order to preservethe dependencies and other services work while creating a new licenses activation server.The role in the project: * Learned how the old product licenses activation server worked (both client and server side). * Documented the server-side work on MediaWiki (client request and server response for different user stories). This important information had never been documented before. Therefore, due to the code being written a long time ago, it was very difficult for developers to add functionality or to perform code refactoring, and for testers to test it. * Designed test cases for testing new activation server work. * Created an HTML form for developers to easily choose different request parameters for different test cases and to immediately receive the response message or an activation code (after developers implemented their work). It helped developers in testing at the lower levels as they could see the result of their work without actually having to install an original product and activate a license, or prolong or change the license. * Tested the new licenses activation server by installing the original products and checking the server response for different test cases. * Managed bugs (Mantis). * Worked closely with the developer team and project manager * Automated regression tests for licenses activation server work (PHP, Selenium) * Documented a new database structure and activation server work algorithm (dbForge and flow charts)License managing – back endThe purpose of the project was to improve the product licenses back end structure and interface. Theback end contains the information about users accounts, their trial and paid licenses, the different typesof statistic information for managers.The role in the project: * Learned the old back end structure and together with business and project managers decided about the necessary functionality that must stay in the new back end version. * Discussed a new back end interface and functionality with business and project managers and documented the requirements. * Collaborated closely with the developer team, being a link between them and the business managers.Disc-Soft – software online shopThe purpose of the project was to integrate a new product licenses activation server with the onlineshop, to change or to add new functionality, to automate regression test suites.The role in the project: * Worked closely with the business managers to discuss the new functionalities of the online shop, changes to old functionality. * Documented new user stories and change requiremements, was a link between business managers and developer team explaining the managers requirements to the developers in technical language. * Designed regression test suite for online shop (functionality testing) * Automated regression test suite for Disc-soft online shop (Selenium,PHP)
  4. 4. MountSpaceThe purpose of a project was to create a media information portal containing DAEMON Tools mountstatistics. The information about a disc is gathered through the client widget at the time a DAEMONTools user mounts a disc. This information then is being sent to the server to process it. After processing,the MountSpace portal reveals this information to the users. In the future a project is planned that willaim to add more functionality to the portal and transform it into a social network for DAEMON Toolssoftware users.The role in the project: * Developed the functional requirements together with the project manager. * Created the technical documentation about database structure and protocols description used in developing, closely collaborated with the developer team. * Designed user stories and automated test suites for essential functionalities of the widget and web portal (Selenium, PHP). * Exploratory and error guessing testing of the first widget and web portal release, and bugs managing (Mantis). * Made useful suggestions about some usability improvements.Different projects (product information websites, search engine website, productsadvertising websites, user guides and support websites)The role in these projects: * Designed regression test suites for the websites functionality, automated tests (Selenium, Zend_ Http_Client , PHP), maintained test scripts (Hudson, SVN). * Documented all the information about starting web test automation for others from the QA team, helped some testers with the automation basics understanding. * Performed usability and compatibility testing. * Did the research about performance and security testing, tools review, designed test cases and executed load testing (JMeter) and security testing (Acunetix Web Security Scaner).2 Freelance volunteering PHP developer January 2011 – April 2011Although I obtained substantial programming knowledge at university, I was not taught PHP andtherefore endeavoured to learn this language on my own. After acquiring a comfortable level ofknowledge, I worked on a small project - creating a photographer’s portfolio website with back end(possibility to add, delete, rename photo categories and photographs).Technology used: CodeIgniter Framework, Adobe Flash.3 SIB Art Gallery – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Art Director September 2009 – December 2010Responsibilities: * Organization of exhibitions within Ukraine and abroad * Advertisement within Ukraine and abroad * Marketing * Deal with clients and artists * Promotion of the artists rating * Search for new talented artists * Organizing participation in international art fairs and auctions * Cooperation with designers and architects
  5. 5. 4 Translation agency “Original” - Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Freelance interprete August 2010 – October 2010Responsibilities: * The translation of technical user manuals from English to Russian/Ukrainian and vice versa5 Dniprodzerzhinsk EMF UAD “Parus-Metiz” Interpreter January 2008 – March 2008The company produces fastening and hardware production.Responsibilities: * Company’s website translation from Russian to EnglishEducation and QualificationsUniversity2004 – 2009 Specialist Diploma in Economical CyberneticsDnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)Areas of study: * Economics (micro- a nd macroeconomics, marketing, management, finances, risks analysis, accounting, audit, enterprise and international economics, business basics, economics regulations) * Economical statistics and analysis, forecasting * Higher mathematics, probability theory, mathematic programming, discrete analysys * Economical modeling * Database basics, Programming, Computer NetworksCertifications * April 2012 ISTQB FL Certification ANZTB (Wellington, New Zealand) * 2008 Certificate of Advanced Level of American English Center’s English Language Course American English Center (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)InterestsPhotography, painting, design, traveling, meeting people from different cultures, languages, historyReferencesRecommendations on LinkedInAvailable on request April 2012