Revision on St Paul of Tarsus


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NSW Board of Studies subject - Studies of Religion. St Paul of Tarsus revision notes. Greg Elliott.

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Revision on St Paul of Tarsus

  1. 1. St Paul of TarsusRevision – or “What you should know already!”
  2. 2. What you should know already• Paul was originally Saul born in Tarsus• Paul was Jewish, with a Roman education• Paul (Saul) witnessed the stoning of Stephen• Paul (Saul) persecuted the Christians – was zealous in his attacks• Paul had an experience on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-19)
  3. 3. What you should know already• Because of the experience, Paul received faith in Jesus• Paul was baptised• Began preaching to the Jews causing great controversy• Early Christian friend Barnabus looked after him and made a base in Antioch
  4. 4. What you should know already• In the early years, Paul made enemies of everyone: Jews, Greeks, Romans• 3 missionary journeys – All started in Antioch – All ended in Jerusalem• Major cities tour – Began in synagogues and later established Churches in home
  5. 5. What you should know already• The letters (Epistles)• Good summary at http://catholic-• Written to – explain, encourage, praise, admonish, plan, teach
  6. 6. What you should already know• Major themes – Without Christ, humans fall into evil – Truth of the Life, Death and Resurrection – Faith in Christ = Salvation – Universal church – Repentance and preparation for the judgement – Christ – human and divine – Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Gal 3:13)
  7. 7. What you should already know• Major themes – Pre-existence, historical existence and glorified existence as three facets of Christ – Christ’s crucifixion as a universal sacrifice for sin – Sexual purity – The last things (which he believed were imminent) – Trinity – Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier – agape – selfless love demonstrated by Jesus
  8. 8. What you should already know• Historical Significance – Spread the news of Jesus – Established strong communities and leaders – Explained the Messianic role of Christ to Jews – Explained the salvific role of Christ to Gentiles – Bridged the gap between Jews and Gentiles – Gave direction and motivation to the early church
  9. 9. What you should know already• Contribution to Christianity – Turned an experience into a theology – Created a roadmap for a universal church – Articulated the New Law (post-Mosaic) – Removed barriers to faith – Emphasised faith over ritual – Created an ethical framework for Christianity – because Jesus dies for us, we must….
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