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  • 1. The Aztec Religion The bloodiest culture in history.
  • 2. Tenochtitlan
    • One of the main cultural centers for the Aztec civilization.
    • Said to be consecrated by both Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli.
    • All religious ceremonies were directed on the main temples.
  • 3. Tenochtitlan Temple Pyramid
  • 4. The Gods
    • Huitzilopochtli
    • Tezcatlipoca
    • Quetzalcoatl
    • Tlaloc
    • There are actually hundreds of gods associated with the Aztecs. These are the most prominent. Also called the Creator gods.
  • 5. Huitzilopochtli
    • Also called the “Hummingbird Wizard”
    • War and Sun God
    • Main God of the Aztecs
    • Conquered warriors were sacrificed to him yearly. As many as 20,000 a year may have been killed.
  • 6. Tezcatlipoca
    • Also called “Smoking Mirror”
    • God of Night and all material things.
  • 7. Quetzalcoatl
    • “ The Plumed Serpent”
    • The god of civilization, priesthood and learning.
  • 8. Tlaloc
    • The Rain God
    • Children were drowned as sacrifices to him.
    • Main agricultural god.
  • 9. Sacrifice
    • Sacrifice was an important part of the religion.
    • Every god was sacrificed to.
    • Some only required blood letting.
    • Others required human sacrifices of varying numbers.
    • Numbers of people sacrificed could get into the thousands and many of those sacrificed were also cooked and eaten once they had been rolled down the steps of the temple.
  • 10. Skull Rack
  • 11. Chacmool
    • Ritual statue used to hold blood during sacrifices
    • This one was found in Tenochtitlan.
    • Sacrifices blood was drained into bowl and then left there.
  • 12. Aztec Calendar
    • Each day controlled by two gods. One good one bad.
    • Had a ritual year and a solar year.
    • Ritual year had 260 days
    • Solar year had 365 days
    • The calendars would synchronize together in 52 year cycles.
    • Aztecs believed the world could end every 52 years so they had elaborate ceremonies at the end of each 52 years to mourn the death of the world.