Children and media ten years ago.....


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Children and media ten years ago.....

  1. 1. Children and media
  2. 2. OUR NEW HEROES  Movies,TV shows,commercials,  Magazines, computergames,  Music-videos.  WWF  And so on…
  3. 3. POPULAR HOBBIES 3-8 years: One hour TV every day 45% of the nineyearold boys have a cell- phone. 9-15 years : Computers are more popular than any other activity! Teenagers: surf the Internet apprx. 40 minutes a day. United Kingdom:: kids under five: 30% have a TV set in their bedrooms
  4. 4. AN IMPORTANT MEMBER OFTHE FAMILY We design our livingroom based on where the TV will be put ! We call the children in when it’s TV time! ”Important” TV events overrides any other activity TV is used as a reward and as punishment Kids know how to…. Kids decide what to …
  6. 6. The firste actionhero Arnold Schwarzenegger, ”The Terminator” (1984)
  8. 8. ACTIONHEROES The heroes are bullies Charming and funny The cops can kill without facing the consequenses
  9. 9. ACTIONHHEROES Unfortunately – they contribute to the build-up of stereotypes. The ”bad” guys are almost always stupid,ugly,unshaven and colored ! The ladies rescued by the heroes are much too often blondes and VERY stupid !!! Above all: VIOLENCE is always the solution.
  10. 10. CHILDRENS TV HEROES Kids prefer cable and channels like Fox Kids Violent heroes are ALWAYS heroes Pòkemon – Pocket Monsters Digimon
  11. 11. New tech Realistc and virtual characters and environments Fact and fiction – where’s the red line ??? Violence is more explicit New types of violence (”The Matrix”)
  12. 12. BECOME THE MOSTPOPULAR GUY ON THEBLOCK - WITH POKÈMON 95.000 Pokèmon- games sold in 2000
  13. 13. EVOLUTION  The first computergame with defined violence was WOLFENSTEIN” (1988)”  These are screenshots from: Return to… !
  14. 14. Active ? YOU are the shooting hero ! ”Virtual Reality” – inside the world of the computer Unfortunately - you respond with much moore violence than what is needed!
  15. 15. The new computergames  The new computergames - you’re using your entire body while playing  You’re using it to hurt others!
  16. 16. Popular violent games  ”real” characters  ”…like playing the lead role in a film !” (”Max Payne”)  Grand Theft Auto 3
  17. 17. DOOM
  18. 18. CHILDRENS GAMES…….. ”Aladdin – Nasiras revenge” – 6 years ”Action Man - Jungle Storm” – 4 years All Pokemon og Digimon games ..etc…
  19. 19. CHILDRENS GAMES…… Here’s a challenge! – Can any of you name of a violence-free game designed for children REMEMBER: To a three year old child loud NOISE is violence !!!!
  20. 20. Thrilling reviews !!!!! Carmageddon: ”….the old ladies are just begging to be run down by you car !….” Hitman: ”..even here the game is impressing! The body is extremely natural…………………!”
  21. 21. www.barnevakten.noIts easy to find – if you bother to look
  22. 22. “influence ” Persuade Pervade Involve InfluenceMove Touch Impress Leave traces Lies !!!Delude Stimulate
  23. 23. WHAT DO KIDSUNDERSTAND? 1-3 : ”Anything ”live” is real ” 3-7 : ”most of what’s on TV is true” 7-10 : ”may be true” Puberty: ”it’s just a fictionary version of the truth!
  24. 24. Factors that are shaping the kids Upbringing Friends Seen violence – (eg domestic v.) Agressive in nature Mediaviolence
  25. 25. Violence on the screen Kids get more afraid. Reality becomes more threatening - ”it probably can happen here too!!” - 1 out of 5 teenagers are ARMED Less empathy when confronted with tragedies Violent computergames are more damaging than violent movies.
  26. 26. Violence on the screen ” Violent computergames are more damaging than violent movies.” WHY ????? Because of the interaction and the fact that the child is controlling development and content
  27. 27. AGGRESSIVENESS -Mediaviolence > violent behaviour Smoking > lung cancer Children becomes less aggressive – the less they watch TV (Stanford University)
  28. 28. ROLEMODELS 1 Kids copy violent heroes. They kick the one lying down Youth pick up ”tricks” from games and action movies Violence has been made ”harmless” - ”it’s only a movie……” Violence becomes the logical way to solve disputes.
  29. 29. ROLEMODELS 2Children are learning thepatterns of sex roles. Kids experience the uptight everyday life. When seeing their rolemodels on TV the effect is enhanced
  30. 30. ROLEMODELS 3 Kids copy violent heroes. They kick the one lying down Youth pck up ”tricks” from games and action movies Violence has been made ”harmless” - ”it’s only a movie……” Violence becomes the logical way to solve disputes.
  31. 31. Violence in society: The increase in facial damages – that needed medical treatment: 1960: 3% 1995: 45%
  33. 33. VIOLENT COMPUTERGAMES - Most games teach children to kill ! (David Grossman)
  34. 34. TRY TO TALK WITH YOUR FRIENDS How do YOU feel about what your child is watching on the tube? What computergames do fascinate your children? Why do you think kids are drawn towards actiongames ?? What do you do when the child is saying: .. But all the other boys…… How do we take care of our children?
  35. 35. In Norway : 65% of all the kids under 14 !
  36. 36. THE BIRTH OF AN IDEA John de Mole from the Netherlands Scientists in a greehouse Big Brother-premiere fall 1999
  37. 37. REALITY-TVThe guy who:lies, bluffs, cheats, -and is truly an unlikeable person ishighly rewarded . Gets millions offans, hundreds of newpaperarticlesand several websites !!!He is the TV hero of today !
  38. 38. REALITY TV ”Cops” Maybe the reason why street viloence is so common in the USA ???(The show is not shown in Canada - a country with a very low frequency of violent acts.)
  39. 39. Lots of kids are watching: SOAP NEWS Every hour of the day !
  40. 40. New approaches”Our attitudes have been turned – so that we now rejoice seeing other people in agony – when we should feel this as horrible! Mike Presdee
  41. 41. THE PARENT-ROLE The less visible we are – the more visible is the action hero Or : to ask a critical question : Why do we have children ????
  42. 42. New shows ”Temptation Island” Nanny patrol The Firm ”I want to have a baby with you”-TV Millionaire
  43. 43. Kids are busy bees - as it comesto surfing the Internet
  44. 44. SECRET LANGUAGUE :-) Happy :-D Very happy DRQL That’s cool PRW Parents are watching RUGTDT Are You Going To Drink Today?
  45. 45. NOTE FROM A MOTHER INSHOCK (b14) Do you want to? (g12) no (b14) are you a sissy ? (g12) no (b14) You have to undress first (g12) dunno (b14) Trust me – it’s great !….
  46. 46. PORN-SITES – FOR KIDS ??? Using brand names – like Barbi,Muppets etc. (Barbie, Muppets) URL’s on ”safe” sites – are hyperlinks to x-rated sites- Porn-sites often add a meta-tag that will take the child who is searching for – lets say – harry potter – to a porn site.
  47. 47. WEB-SITES FOR KIDS THESE ARE ALL Norwegian sites – (but all countries have a lot of safe- sites.)
  48. 48. NETFILTERS Net”nannies”…. Family filters :Can easily be disabled ……. ! Watch out for URL’s Kids a masters at code-cracking! Filter must NEVER replace the adult responsibility to be present.
  49. 49. USE COMMON SENSE ! Never give up personal informations on the net Don’t ever make a net- appointment ALONE! Leave a chatroom when you suspect foul play Always – tell an adult about what has happened.
  50. 50. How to take care of the kids ??
  51. 51. How to….? By : Hide the accesscode to the internet - Do not ever write it down under the mouse-mat!!!!!!! Be a concerned parent ! Take the initiative ! Make one day a week a family night ! Talk about your feelings ! Be honest - and set the standards !
  52. 52. Health-damage - one out of every ten eightgrader have troubles with their backs (Behavioural pshycologists Marit Boysen) - Third graders are showing signs of stress and are more proned to injuries than before.. (physioterapist Ingeborg Laugrand)
  53. 53. KIDS ARE BEEINGSTRESSED !!! An active and very qick editing of the pictures in a cartoon causes stress. 1997: 700 japanese kids were diagosed TV-epileptics –as a result of Pòkemon
  54. 54. TAKE CARE OF YOURCHILDREN! Be a MODEL Learn the techniques Create alternatives Tell the truth Talk to other parents !!!! Be responsible
  55. 55. XENA80% of the sponsorsto this series wereshocked to see theviolence here !! As aresult of one manefforts -The show was thefirst – ever – to bemoved from daytime-screening to latenight ( 04.00)
  56. 56. OUR NEWHEROES! Spawn Darkness Whitchblade Inferno
  57. 57. WHAT CAN YOU DO ???? Be alert ! Report findings to the authorities Take action Become a member of a non violent organisation Involve the schools in issues concerning MediaViolence !
  58. 58. Researchers claim:A fairytale about a little boy- about to be fried – is of course awful for the child to hear – But –because it’s read on a warm grandmothers lap , The child will get much less afraid than if it had watched the same story on a COLD TV- screen
  59. 59. Internetsafety What areas should we pay attention to ?How can we help our kids ??
  61. 61. Provide safety !!
  62. 62. IT IS YOURCHOICE- !