Academics use of iPads at UoH

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  • Informal support – curiosity driven - web oriented – Youtube, Google, Forums and social networks Formal support - Need driven – IT support, hand holding and human interaction - personal touch


  • 1. Academics’ use of iPads @ UoHOlaojo Aiyegbayo#TALISS
  • 2. 2010
  • 3. “It is increasingly clear thattablets are not a new kind oflightweight laptop, butrather a completely newtechnology.”Horizon Report 2013
  • 4. Thirdcategorydevice
  • 5. 84
  • 6. 4042
  • 7. 2143327620-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69Age Category
  • 8. 1767
  • 9. 4539
  • 10. 5925
  • 11. 768
  • 12. vs
  • 13. vs
  • 14. Consumption Production -liteProduction
  • 15. Power UserIntermediate UserBasic UserNon User
  • 16. Ease of useMotivation to learnSupport tomaximiseNeed for toolTime to playand experiment
  • 17. SAMR MODEL
  • 18. RedefinitionModificationAugmentationSubstitutionSUPPORT
  • 19. 4437
  • 20. InformalSupportMixedSupportFormalSupport
  • 21. StrengthsPortabilityQuick boot-timeAccessibilityPaperless
  • 22. LimitationsMS packagesWifi Connectivity“Crackpad”Institutional systemsApp awareness
  • 23. • Good Reader• Notes• Notability• Pages• iAnnotate• Evernote• Penultimate• Keynote• Keynote Remote• iTunes U• iBooks• TEDFavourite Apps
  • 24. GamechangerGoodenoughGimmickytoy
  • 25. It is not about thedeviceIt is aboutthe digitalliteracy skills
  • 26. B Y O D
  • 27. Twitter: @olaojo15iPad Project site:
  • 28. Image References• iPad image by bfishadow• Man designed by by Studio Het Mes from The Noun Project:• Woman designed by Studio Het Mes from The Noun Project:• Graduate designed by Thomas Weber from The Noun Project:•• Wallet designed by Hakan Yalcin from The Noun Project:• Institution designed by Diego Chavez from The Noun Project:•• Folder designed by Doxdoxchan Ngamsiriudom from The Noun Project:•
  • 29. Image References (2)• Human search designed by Douglas Cavendish from The Noun Project:•• Education designed by Patrick Trouve from The Noun Project:•• Calendar designed by Laurent Patain from The Noun Project:•• Greater than designed by MikaDO Nguye from The Noun Project:•• Like designed by Marwa Boukarim from The Noun Project•• iPad designed by Iconoci from The Noun Project•• iPhone designed by Jason Schmitt from The Noun Project•
  • 30. Image References (3)• Laptop from The Noun Project•• Question designed by Jardson Araujo from The Noun Project•• Internet designed by United Nations OCHA from The Noun Project• Email designed by United Nations OCHA from The Noun Project• Picture designed by Remy Medard from The Noun Project• Music Library designed by Nicola Felaco from The Noun Project• Pac Man designed by Paulo Volkova from The Noun Project
  • 31. Image References (4)• Film designed by Nicolas Ramallo from The Noun Project• Book designed by Martin Delin from The Noun Project• Student designed by Lemon Liu from The Noun Project• Raise your hand designed by Ahmed Sagarwala from The Noun Project• Tablet designed by Samuel Green from The Noun Project• Nutrition designed by United Nations OCHA from The Noun Project• Worker designed by James Keuning from The Noun Project
  • 32. Image References (5)• Tablet designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Project• Question designed by Henry Ryder from The Noun Project• Cloud Computing designed by Juan LLerena from The Noun Project• Bullet designed by 42 from The Noun Project• Protest designed Jakob Vogel from The Noun Project•
  • 33. Image References (6)• Brain designed by Max Hancock from The Noun Project• Tablet designed by Matthew from The Noun Project• Person designed by Cristina Gallego from The Noun Project• Front Desk designed by Joao Miranda from The Noun Project• User designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Project• Television designed by Sparadracula from The Noun Project• Information designed by Orn Smari Gislason from The Noun Project• Paper designed by Tom Schott from The Noun Project