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Academics use of iPads at UoH
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Academics use of iPads at UoH






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  • Informal support – curiosity driven - web oriented – Youtube, Google, Forums and social networks Formal support - Need driven – IT support, hand holding and human interaction - personal touch

Academics use of iPads at UoH Academics use of iPads at UoH Presentation Transcript

  • Academics’ use of iPads @ UoHOlaojo Aiyegbayo#TALISS
  • 2010
  • “It is increasingly clear thattablets are not a new kind oflightweight laptop, butrather a completely newtechnology.”Horizon Report 2013
  • Thirdcategorydevice
  • 84
  • 4042
  • 2143327620-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69Age Category
  • 1767
  • 4539
  • 5925
  • 768
  • vs
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  • Consumption Production -liteProduction
  • Power UserIntermediate UserBasic UserNon User
  • Ease of useMotivation to learnSupport tomaximiseNeed for toolTime to playand experiment
  • RedefinitionModificationAugmentationSubstitutionSUPPORT
  • 4437
  • InformalSupportMixedSupportFormalSupport
  • StrengthsPortabilityQuick boot-timeAccessibilityPaperless
  • LimitationsMS packagesWifi Connectivity“Crackpad”Institutional systemsApp awareness
  • • Good Reader• Notes• Notability• Pages• iAnnotate• Evernote• Penultimate• Keynote• Keynote Remote• iTunes U• iBooks• TEDFavourite Apps
  • GamechangerGoodenoughGimmickytoy
  • It is not about thedeviceIt is aboutthe digitalliteracy skills
  • B Y O D
  • Twitter: @olaojo15iPad Project site:https://bjetipadproject.wordpress.com
  • Image References• iPad image by bfishadowhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/bfishadow/4604713152/sizes/z/in/photostream/• Man designed by by Studio Het Mes from The Noun Project:http://thenounproject.com/noun/man/#icon-No11996• Woman designed by Studio Het Mes from The Noun Project:http://thenounproject.com/noun/woman/#icon-No11994• Graduate designed by Thomas Weber from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/graduate/#icon-No2279• Wallet designed by Hakan Yalcin from The Noun Project:http://thenounproject.com/noun/wallet/#icon-No3055• Institution designed by Diego Chavez from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/institution/#icon-No11638• Folder designed by Doxdoxchan Ngamsiriudom from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/folder/#icon-No4567
  • Image References (2)• Human search designed by Douglas Cavendish from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/human-search/#icon-No11165• Education designed by Patrick Trouve from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/education/#icon-No10004• Calendar designed by Laurent Patain from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/calendar/#icon-No2019• Greater than designed by MikaDO Nguye from The Noun Project:• http://thenounproject.com/noun/greater-than/#icon-No9592• Like designed by Marwa Boukarim from The Noun Project• http://thenounproject.com/noun/like/#icon-No1297• iPad designed by Iconoci from The Noun Project• http://thenounproject.com/noun/ipad/#icon-No10077• iPhone designed by Jason Schmitt from The Noun Project• http://thenounproject.com/noun/iphone/#icon-No4806
  • Image References (3)• Laptop from The Noun Project• http://thenounproject.com/noun/laptop/#icon-No114• Question designed by Jardson Araujo from The Noun Project• http://thenounproject.com/noun/question/#icon-No7455• Internet designed by United Nations OCHA from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/internet/#icon-No4426• Email designed by United Nations OCHA from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/email/#icon-No4424• Picture designed by Remy Medard from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/picture/#icon-No10308• Music Library designed by Nicola Felaco from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/music-library/#icon-No9837• Pac Man designed by Paulo Volkova from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/pac-man/#icon-No3940
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  • Image References (6)• Brain designed by Max Hancock from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/brain/#icon-No6728• Tablet designed by Matthew from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/tablet/#icon-No2002• Person designed by Cristina Gallego from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/person/#icon-No12133• Front Desk designed by Joao Miranda from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/front-desk/#icon-No7644• User designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/user/#icon-No13708• Television designed by Sparadracula from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/television/#icon-No10291• Information designed by Orn Smari Gislason from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/information/#icon-No4901• Paper designed by Tom Schott from The Noun Projecthttp://thenounproject.com/noun/paper/#icon-No1221