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How to earn 50 us dollars per day

How to earn 50 us dollars per day



This is a very powerful,tried and tested method that has made the author thousands of dollars within a very short time. It's a zero investment,minimal effort method of earning cool cash legitimately ...

This is a very powerful,tried and tested method that has made the author thousands of dollars within a very short time. It's a zero investment,minimal effort method of earning cool cash legitimately from the comfort of your home. Scalable to $1,000 per day! Give it a shot and thank me later!



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    How to earn 50 us dollars per day How to earn 50 us dollars per day Document Transcript

    • Zero Investment...Minimum Effort {Scalable to earn more than $1,000 per day!}
    • There is no other method that is easier and simpler than what I will be showing you. It is very easy to earn money...if you have the will to. If you can't earn money with this method, then you can NEVER earn money in your life. This method will INSTANTLY make you money. There is no need to SELL anything, no need of any WEBSITE, no need of any TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE or SOFTWARE and no need for any ONE to COMPLETE a SURVEY. It is unbelievable, but easily achievable. Let's plunge into the method and start making money...INSTANTLY!
    • First, register HERE This website pays when some one downloads and install their downloader. That's it..no selling and no begging...no survey or password protection. After registering, go to the “Links” section on the website. You will get list of links that you can modify. For example, one of the links will be similar to the link below http://www.xxx-x.com/download/1/7275000/{REQUEST_STRING} You can put anything you want in the {REQUEST_STRING}. I'll explain in detail...
    • Getting Traffic: Our intention is to make someone download and install the downloader from our link above. That means we need traffic to our links. And the BEST place to get FREE, real and human organic traffic is....YouTube! Go to YouTube and search for videos in the following niches (NOTE: These niches always have traffic within very short time frames...any day...any time!) “Video games” Hack “Video games” Full CD + key “Video games” CD Key + Serial generator “Video games” password generator “Video games” Serial key generator “Video games” full download “Any software” serial key generator “Any software” crack
    • “Any software” Keygen “Any ebook” free download “Tutorials” free download You can even add the terms “No survey” and “No Password” to your keywords. Just replace “Video games”, “Any software”, “Any ebook” with different games, software and ebook. To get ideas of latest video games, just Google “games list for ps3”, “games list for xbox360” or anything you can imagine. For software and ebook, go to “Amazon” and find the best-selling ones. Just use your imagination and you will find many
    • more ways. Now back to YouTube. Search for any of the keywords mentioned above...I mean the ones you Googled.. Find videos that got massive views within a very short time. Do NOT close this video webpage. You will need it later. Download the video to your desktop. Make some changes to the video file name like adding “underscore” or “dash” between words. Now, upload it to YOUR YouTube account. In the “Title” of your video, try to input your keywords once or twice but try not to make it look spammy. Now, go to the link earlier found on the website
    • http://www.xxx-x.com/download/1/7275000/{REQUEST_STRING} and change the {REQUEST_STRING} with your keyword e.g. If you chose a video game like GTA 5, change it to GTA_5_HACK and use it in place of {REQUEST_STRING}. Understand? Good! So your link looks like this http://www.xxx-x.com/download/1/7275000/{GTA_5_HACK} Cloak it at tinyurl.com to make it shorter. Add this link to the first line of your video Description. You may write something like “Download Hack” or “Download Serial key” before placing your link. Now, copy the description from the video page
    • I asked you not to close the other time (remember?). Modify it with your own keywords and make sure your keywords are spread through out the description. As for tags, right-click the video page and click “view page source” in Firefox; copy the list of keywords which are nothing but tags. Add as many tags as possible. IMPORTANT: Change the comments settings to Approved. You may boost your views using AddMeFast or YouLikeHits.com or any other similar FREE sites, but... DO NOT USE VAGEX!
    • To get quality backlinks, just share the video from your new video page to your social networks. If you selected a very good niche like “video games”, you will instantly see increase in views and INSTANTLY see money coming into your Dashboard. When people click on the link in your description, they will be taken to a landing page from which they will download the software and install. There is NO SURVEY so people will simply install it on their desktops. You will be paid for each download and installation. Each installation will get you multiple leads and hence more money.
    • Try to get as much traffic as possible from US, UK and Canada CAUTION! Don't upload more than 10 videos in one YouTube account. Other methods to get traffic include creating blogger or wordpress websites for ebook downloads, cracks or hacks. But if you desire to make your own videos, why not? You're free to do so. Just create your own videos with some screen shots of the products and make sure you add in the annotation that the download link is in the description.
    • How Much Can You Earn? Let's do the math... According to my experience, each video makes $2-$5 per day (this is very minimum) depending on traffic... Therefore, 10 videos make you $20-$50 per Day. What if you had 5 YouTube accounts with the same number of videos in each one? That means you could be making close to $100-$250 per Day! See why I said it's scalable? You are free to scale it up as high as you like...let your imagination roam wild! Check proof of my earnings...I assure you, these are not fake but what I earned..
    • Dear friends, earning this much money is possible. No one is discussing this method because a. it's not popularly known b. only a select few are making money using this method and they want to keep it close to their chest for as long as possible.
    • I have earned much money from here as well. I could easily have sold this report for a much higher price, but I decided not to...because I want you guys to make money here as well. Instead of jumping from one money-making method to the next, why not try this method for the next 30 days and see the results for yourself? Don't reveal this method to anyone else, or you will be creating competition. NOW, GO AND DO IT! TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!!!