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OTC11-Using Right Brain Thinking in EdTech Innovation
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OTC11-Using Right Brain Thinking in EdTech Innovation


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I will be presenting at the Online Teaching Conference (OTC11), at Orange Coast College on June 23-24, 2011. I describe the use of mind maps, in creating a hybrid form of the Visual Thinking class I …

I will be presenting at the Online Teaching Conference (OTC11), at Orange Coast College on June 23-24, 2011. I describe the use of mind maps, in creating a hybrid form of the Visual Thinking class I have taught at Loyola Marymount University for the past 12 years.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 2. One Two ThreeA visual tool, a case study, some ideas about true creativity...
  • 3. Visual + Tool
  • 4. One Two Three Mind + Map
  • 5. Concept One: Mind mapsA central focus
  • 6. Concept 2: Mind mapsIdeas radiate from a core
  • 7. List or Map ?
  • 8. Concept 3: Mind mapsHierarchical; more ordered than a list
  • 9. Holistic vs Linear
  • 10. Color + Curves switch on the creative brain
  • 11. Let’s Map (learning this will take about 30 seconds).3 steps...first, draw an oval, which will hold a central concept.
  • 12. Second, draw curving branches radiating from thecentral concept.
  • 13. 3 steps...add single keywords to each branch.
  • 14. (if possible) JUST ONE keyword printed along each branch
  • 15. Draw Oval Step 1
  • 16. Put keyword in center Step 2
  • 17. Related ideas radiate Step 3 outward
  • 18. One Two ThreeCase Study: Hybrid version of Visual Thinking Class
  • 19. Visual Thinking:Teaching Creativity Chair Transform Project
  • 20. Differentiation Gaudi chimney pots
  • 21. M‘ StoryI go to a conference about online education (OTC10), which gets me very excited about adding cloud technologies to my face-to-face class.
  • 22. M‘ Story Researching possibilities leads to a sense of... too many options.
  • 23. M‘ Story ...kind of a mess.
  • 24. M‘ Story How long could it take to re-form my class? 30 hours?
  • 25. M‘ Story I need to be a brilliant innovator (or it least imagine myself being one)
  • 26. Pedagogicalchanges?My motto:Technology mustalways be in service tolearning. (so easy to be distracted by gear + gadgets)
  • 27. I need to ... See...many things at once. Form a synthesis.
  • 28. I use mind maps to get an overview...Whittle 80 ideas, down to 3.
  • 29. Drinking in ideas vs Choosing
  • 30. Wiki setup ? BrainstormingSortingWorks best face-to-face Seeking Looking at Art ?Works best online Inspiration Personal ? ? Reflection
  • 31. Visual Thinking:Teaching Creativity VoiceThread
  • 32. Visual Thinking:Collaborative Projects Objects Podcast
  • 33. Links to student projects at:
  • 34. Mind maps help organize complex info;what else can they do...?
  • 35. One Two ThreeEnhance Creativityin developing fresh ways to learn
  • 36. Map + StormA method for enhancing creativity using mind maps.
  • 37. But first... a few reminders about the essence ofoperating CREATIVELY in any realm.
  • 38. Cre-8 ?Reward any new behavior or idea.
  • 39. BEChildlike + Generative
  • 40. HAVEFun + Mistakes ‘R’ o.k.
  • 41. BEFree of Analysis
  • 42. LOVEChance + Intrusions
  • 43. MAKEMake a time and place for imaginativethinking; a sanctuary.
  • 44. IDEASRichness over Rightness Lateral vs Vertical Thinking
  • 45. Map + StormA method for enhancing creativity using mind maps.
  • 46. Growing ideas by a process of bifurcation
  • 47. GROWForm a big list of possibilities by Then choose from manysetting a quota for new ideas.
  • 48. mind map MASH-UPs‘A’ collides with ‘B’
  • 49. mind map CROSS CONNECTIONS
  • 50. NOWPruning vs AccidentsLATER
  • 51. Alexis SmithMixing Word + Image Leads to surprising results.
  • 52. produces unexpectedMap-Storm in teams connections
  • 53. Draw your own map on the theme ofChanges in Education
  • 54. Mind map methods - pros + cons •Use anywhere Mobile Device •Simple •Easy export to computer •More complex explorations Computer •Easily add images •Create Hyperlinked maps •Free and loose Hand Drawn •All you need is a pencil •Sketch, or collage images
  • 55. Mind map ‘apps’ Mac PC Mobile Devices
  • 56. Thanks! Michael Kieley 707 mki-eley (654-3539) www.learnvisualthinking.com
  • 57. Evaluation SurveyHelp us improve our conference by filling out a short online evaluation survey:
  • 58. Visual Thinking:a course in tactical creativity + contemporary art,by Michael Kieley