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Oktopost 5 mins   jan 2014
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Oktopost 5 mins jan 2014


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Socially-Driven B2B Content Marketing
  • 2. What Are People Saying About Us
  • 3. Oktopost: Fast Facts Oktopost is a social media marketing platform designed for B2B content distribution Enables large-scale content marketing across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter Offers message-level social analytics for every stage of the funnel, from posts to conversions Measures social media ROI by tracking sales back to unique social media posts Integrates with third-party platforms such as, Marketo and Google Analytics
  • 4. B2B Content Marketing Today Content creation is a fundamental part of any modern marketing strategy B2B marketers have largely transitioned to creating and distributing content digitally Most companies think of content in an itemized way (blog post, video, eBook, case study, webinar, white paper) Content today aims to educate prospects and establish thought-leadership in the industry, and not directly close sales
  • 5. The Next Stage: B2B Social Content Marketing Social content is content, too. A message posted on a social network has the power to engage prospects, generate leads and increase brand awareness. This content can be managed, optimized and measured like any other traditional type. In the social age, content can be 140 characters, or 25 pages. Tweets are Content. Facebook posts are Content. Slideshare presentations are Content. LinkedIn Group comments are Content.
  • 6. Oktopost: Built for B2B Social Content Marketing We are changing the paradigm, from Content Marketing, to Social Content Marketing. Distribution • Explanation: Distributing content across multiple social channels to raise brand awareness and generate leads. • Use Oktopost to schedule thousands of social posts for numerous profiles, at the most optimal times. Engagement • Explanation: Participating in conversations with prospects and existing customers across social media. • With Oktopost, you can use the Social Inbox to receive and respond to comments made on any of your posts. Promotion • Explanation: Posting messages across the social web to promote products, services and marketing collateral. • Utilize Oktopost to track performance of promotional posts and identify the networks that drive results.
  • 7. Measure Social Marketing Success with Oktopost Understand which messages and channels drive top campaign results Drill down into LinkedIn Group performance: clicks v. conversions Optimize language, keywords and messaging based on conversions Track leads back to the unique posts that drove them to your landing page
  • 8. Why Oktopost is Better for B2B Marketing Capture leads & Syncs with CRM Yes Partial No No ROI metrics & Actionable Data Yes No No No Network Specific Messaging Yes No No Yes Read comments from private LinkedIn groups Yes No No No Organize social activity in campaigns Yes No No No
  • 9. Thanks! (We have put two case studies on the following slides) Questions? feel free to contact us @Oktopost or find us on Facebook
  • 10. Cloudera Case Study November 15, 2013
  • 11. Cloudera: Company Background • Palo Alto based enterprise data management company • Provides software, support, services and training to data driven enterprises • Grew to 450+ employees within 6 years • Needed to get serious about social media
  • 12. “With Oktopost we can clearly see how social media marketing generates value for our business” (John Zuanich, Digital Marketing Manager)
  • 13. Cloudera’s Conundrum The Problem What Cloudera Wanted • • • • • Marketing department went from four to seventeen employees in a single year Managing daily posts across all social channels became extremely time consuming Could not measure ROI from ad-hoc social posting Tools like HootSuite and Sprout Social were overpriced and included features that were not relevant to their marketing needs • • • To see real business value from social media Central location for large-scale content distribution through social media Integration with CRM’s like Synchronized support for multiple team members across all social networks
  • 14. Cloudera needed a social media strategy that could keep up with growth
  • 15. Our Solution: Oktopost • The first tool of its kind that was built for B2B • The only tool that measures effectiveness of social media marketing for B2B • The only tool that bridges the gap between social media content marketing and lead generation
  • 16. Oktopost Solution for social media content marketing • Cloudera was able to manage multiple social profiles and company pages from one place • Participate in dozens of LinkedIn discussion groups related to big data • Easily distribute content using all their social profiles and LinkedIn groups
  • 17. CRM Integration Seamless syncing with top platforms • Oktopost synced all important lead information with • This valuable data helped significantly increase the rate in which leads converted to sales
  • 18. Social Media ROI See real business value • Cloudera was able to see exactly which campaign a specific lead had come from • Able to see the real business value of their social marketing activities • Assess what type of content, and which social network, produced the highest ROI
  • 19. Successful Campaign: Training Webinar After starting to use Oktopost, Cloudera conducted a large scale campaign to bring attendees to a training webinar. The campaign was a huge success. Clicks • Of 119 posts, the campaign received 986 clicks! Conversions • • The webinar campaign brought over 130 conversions to registered attendees Knowing which attendee eventually converted to a paid customer, Cloudera was able to establish actual ROI for their activities with this campaign
  • 20. Cloudera Today Social Activities Growth • Cloudera has tripled its social media activity since it started using Oktopost LinkedIn Groups • Prior to using Oktopost, Cloudera’s primary focus on LinkedIn was managing its company page • Now Cloudera 5+ posts a day on dozens of LinkedIn discussion groups
  • 21. In working with Oktopost, Cloudera not only found a solution that could keep up with its growth, but accelerated its ability to keep growing
  • 22. Thank You Questions? feel free to contact us @Oktopost or on Facebook
  • 23. Tom Martin Case Study December, 2013
  • 24. A Social Media Epiphany Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale, decided to use Oktopost to promote his book via social marketing While tracking the analytics of his social campaigns, Tom made an astounding discovery...
  • 25. Tom Martin: Professional Background Tom needed to conduct large-scale social media distribution to promote his book • Over 20 years of experience in the advertising business, helping clients turn conversations into sales • Globally recognized speaker and blogger • Founder of Converse Digital, a digital marketing strategy agency • Author of the book, The Invisible Sale
  • 26. Oktopost revolutionizes the way B2B marketers use social media today. (Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale)
  • 27. Tom’s Invisible Challenge The Problem Tom’s Solution Only one person (Tom) to execute all of the social marketing for the book Post valuable content for marketing purposes across all social networks Unrealistic to manually post across all networks, including LinkedIn Groups Leverage the power of LinkedIn Discussion Groups on a large-scale Difficult to accurately monitor and measure ROI of social media efforts Run the entire social media strategy by himself by means of a platform Tools like HootSuite and Sprout Social were more effective for “listening”, but not for large-scale distribution Gain a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of his social marketing
  • 28. Tom sought the ability to use social media for both marketing and selling, with limited time and resources
  • 29. Oktopost: The Visible Solution The first platform that enables you to execute large-scale distribution to LinkedIn Discussion Groups Robust engagement features, such as a single Social Inbox that lets you respond to comments on any post Analytical data that lets users identify which Discussion Groups most effectively drive engagement The only platform that tracks and measures the real business value of social media activities
  • 30. Dominate LinkedIn Discussion Groups Powerful Content Distribution With Oktopost, Tom was able to take a single piece of content and post it on a multitude of LinkedIn Discussion Groups, giving him access to tens of thousands of potential leads. Cost-Effective Resource Allocation Using the Social Analytics Dashboard, Tom tracked clicks and conversions to understand which social networks generated the most sales, and then divided his resources accordingly
  • 31. Making the Invisible, Visible Tom could see precisely which campaign a specific lead came from He gained deep insight into the true business value of his social marketing and social selling activities Tom was able to assess what type of content - and which social network, delivered the highest ROI
  • 32. Oktopost: Designed for B2B Content Marketing Using Oktopost, Tom promoted and sold his book through social media without having to waste considerable time and money By discerning between clicks and conversions, he intelligently allocated resources solely to the social networks that generated sales
  • 33. Extensive Social Analytics for All Campaigns Oktopost provided Tom with the broadest view of KPI analytics for all of his social media activities
  • 34. Think Beyond the Click The book launch campaign was a resounding success: 58 conversions and 18,271 clicks on posts But do clicks tell the whole story…?
  • 35. What to Measure: Clicks or Conversions? 22% Conversion .03071% Conversion At first glance it appears that Facebook was the most effective social network. A single Facebook post had 3,256 clicks! However, clicks didn’t provide Tom with the full picture of what drives his results.
  • 36. Conversions Drive Marketing Success When looking at conversions, everything changes… LinkedIn had fewer clicks, but provided a significantly higher conversion rate 0.031% Conversion Rate 22% Conversion Rate
  • 37. Key Takeaways A Click isn’t Everything Only looking at clicks can lead to inaccurately measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, causing you to place your focus on social networks that don’t actually increase ROI Conversions Tell the Story By seeing which networks and discussion groups converted the highest, you can understand where to apply your limited time and resources LinkedIn: A Social Selling Powerhouse For his social marketing and social selling needs, Tom understood that LinkedIn provided the greatest opportunity for success. He was able to take this realization and focus his attentions on the right places and drive sales for his book.
  • 38. Oktopost helped Tom save time, reach an expansive target audience, and understand the effectiveness of his social activities. Find out more about how Oktopost can help you
  • 39. Thanks! Questions? feel free to contact us @Oktopost or find us on Facebook