GamEffective Uses Oktopost to Promote Brand Awareness


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GamEffective successfully promoted its brand and the enterprise gamification market by leveraging Oktopost to distribute content across multiple LinkedIn Discussion Groups as well as Twitter.

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GamEffective Uses Oktopost to Promote Brand Awareness

  1. 1. For B2B Social Marketing Professionals GamEffective Customer Case Study
  2. 2. Company Background  Founded in 2012, GamEffective is an enterprise gamification platform for sales and customer service  The company provides packaged applications that gamify business specific scenarios  GamEffective’s apps use gaming dynamics to increase employee engagement and performance
  3. 3. GamEffective’s Marketing Objectives Boost Brand Awareness As a new brand in a new market, GamEffective’s primary objective was to increase brand awareness of the company itself, as well as the gamification industry at large. Establish Thought Leadership GamEffective aimed to build a high level of trust and credibility among prospects to secure its status as a thought leader in the enterprise gamification industry. Generate Leads via Social Media As a B2B company, GamEffective sough to promote content across the social web, particularly in LinkedIn Groups, in an effort to target qualified leads and generate sales.
  4. 4. Drive awareness for an early-stage startup with limited resources Bring attention to a fairly new industry - Gamification only gained widespread recognition in 2010 Our Solution Challenges GameEffective: Marketing Challenges Cost-effective, powerful marketing solution for major social channels Easily distribute content on a largescale across multiple social networks to build thought-leadership Engage with a large target audience through LinkedIn Groups Seamlessly join, manage and post to dozens of LinkedIn Groups Accurately track engagement metrics generated by social media Message-level analytics for clicks, conversions and engagement
  5. 5. Oktopost: Socialize your B2B Marketing Manage Connect Analyze Measure profiles and company pages for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter from one interface with prospects by viewing and responding to any comment directly from Oktopost’s Social Inbox Lead Capture data to see which social networks and posts generate high-quality leads performance for each social campaign, based on key KPIs, engagement statistics and top messages
  6. 6. GamEffective recognized that marketing to LinkedIn Groups and Twitter was the most effective strategy for connecting to and engaging with B2B prospects.
  7. 7. Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Oktopost offers the most innovative solution for managing LinkedIn profiles and company pages, as well as posting to LinkedIn Groups on a large-scale. With over 260 million members and more than 2.1 million Groups, LinkedIn is the platform of choice for B2B marketers. Tag Groups LargeScale Posting Create tags for each LinkedIn Group for more targeted posting Schedule posts for dozens of LinkedIn Groups, for any day or time Power Search Manage Groups Filter your Group search by number of members and engagement Join or leave any Group, for any profile, directly from Oktopost
  8. 8. As a new brand in a growing market, GamEffective knew that its path to marketing success had to entail largescale brand awareness campaigns
  9. 9. Spotlight on Social Analytics Use conversion rates to refine and optimize the language, keywords and messaging of each of your posts  Measuring conversions – not just clicks, helps calculate the actual ROI of your social media marketing efforts Conversion tracking uses cookies to track if a user clicked on a link, even if the conversion happened weeks later Easily see which social post a user clicked on, from which social profile and in which LinkedIn Group
  10. 10. Oktopost helps us to manage dozens of LinkedIn Discussion Groups, create targeted posts in minutes, and analyze the awareness-building process using the most in-depth social analytics. (Gal Rimon, CEO and Founder, GamEffective)
  11. 11. GamEffective’s Results GamEffective started using Oktopost in September 2013 Within three months, Oktopost helped GamEffective drive 986 relevant visitors to its website, primarily from LinkedIn Groups.
  12. 12. Drill-Down to LinkedIn Group Performance Using Oktopost, GamEffective successfully optimized its LinkedIn marketing by analyzing which Groups generated the most clicks and delivered the best overall performance.
  13. 13. Key Takeaways Market to Relevant Social Networks Measure Your Performance Distribute Content Consistently Depending on if your company is B2B or B2C, focus only on the social networks that are most relevant. B2B marketers should emphasize LinkedIn Groups and Twitter, while B2C marketers should concentrate more on Facebook. The only way to understand which messages – including the wording and links, appealed most to users, and yielded the most clicks and conversions, is by accurately monitoring your social media marketing performance. Good content marketing is consistent. B2B audiences use social platforms to access a steady stream of content on a regular basis. Devise a content marketing schedule, and make sure it meets the needs of your prospects.
  14. 14. GamEffective effectively leveraged Oktopost to engage with target audiences on LinkedIn and Twitter, build-up its thought leadership status, and drive a significant number of relevant prospects to its website. Find out more about how Oktopost can help you.
  15. 15. Thanks! Questions? Feel free to contact us @Oktopost or find us on Facebook
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