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CoDirect, a Belgium-based marketing and consulting agency, effectively uses Oktopost to promote its company blog, curated content, and registration for its live training workshops. By creating a constant stream of social media posts, focusing its efforts on targeted social networks and carefully tracking conversions, CoDirect is able to maximize its limited marketing resources and save valuable time, which achieving incredible social media results.

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CoDirect - Oktopost Case Study

  1. 1. For B2B Social Marketing Professionals CoDirect Customer Case Study
  2. 2. Company Background  CoDirect is a consulting agency established in 2013, primarily targets local businesses operating in the Flemish area of Belgium  The company advises, trains and implements business and online marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises  CoDirect, which is the 1st Belgian company to use Oktopost, also manages social media marketing campaigns for some of its customers
  3. 3. Social Media Objectives Thought Leadership Brand Awareness Lead Generation Through social media marketing, particularly LinkedIn, CoDirect aimed to establish its expertise as a thought-leader in the Belgian marketing consulting space. As a small and new local business, CoDirect needed to quickly and effectively spread the word about its brand and specific service offering. The company sought to generate leads for itself - primarily for its training sessions, and for clients’ social media campaigns.
  4. 4. Marketing Challenges Faced by Small B2Bs Key Challenges As a two-person team, CoDirect has limited time and manpower to devote to social media marketing. The team looked for a solution that would let them schedule posts weeks in advance. Limited Time and Resources Ease-of-Use Measuring What Matters Targeted Marketing The company needed a user-friendly tool for social media posting and engagement. Also, it looked for a tool that it could easily train clients to use for their own social media marketing. CoDirect had tried other platforms before, but had a difficult time finding a B2B-focused marketing tool that focused on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Discussion Groups in particular. To maximize its resources, CoDirect sought a solution that could provide in- depth social analytics, such as conversions, to understand the real business value of its social activities.
  5. 5. As a small business looking to grow, CoDirect sought a cost-effective solution for managing its social media marketing efforts – something that clients would likewise find beneficial and easy to use.
  6. 6. Comprehensive B2B Social Media Marketing Manage all of your social profiles, company pages and discussion groups using one robust platform. Create social posts in advance, and automatically save all of them for easy scheduling access and future re-use. Distribute content on a large scale, across multiple social networks, profiles and groups – in just a few clicks. Engage with users via one inbox from which you can receive and respond to messages for any network. Measure your results on every level, from account down to message, and track clicks, conversions, engagement.
  7. 7. Oktopost: Designed for Marketing Agencies As a marketing and consulting agency, CoDirect was able to leverage unique Oktopost features designed to handle multiple social media accounts. Single Log-In Consolidated Billing Client Access In-Depth Reporting Access all of your clients’ accounts from one convenient log- in screen Streamline your payments with one comprehensive billing plan Provide clients with access to their unique campaigns and performance Access analytics on any level, from accounts, to campaigns and messages.
  8. 8. As a B2B company, CoDirect understood that content marketing was the key to generating new leads. The company sought to distribute original blog posts, curated content, and promote workshop registration in the least time-consuming way possible.
  9. 9. Using Social Media to Generate Leads In October 2013, CoDirect launched an Oktopost campaign to promote a free (in- person) 3-session Social Media Marketing Workshop The workshop highlighted why B2Bs need social media, introduced best practices for posting, and recommended marketing tools Once the landing page was created, CoDirect implemented a conversion pixel to track registrations and created social media posts that included a link to the sign up form CoDirect’s workshop campaign targeted small and mid-sized businesses, mostly via posts on LinkedIn Groups and Twitter
  10. 10. CoDirects’ Results: Fully Booked Workshops Using Oktopost for its social media marketing campaigns, CoDirect fully booked each one of its 3 social media workshop sessions! 99 Posts 236 Clicks 99 Conversions
  11. 11. SMBs often think that social media is mainly for enterprise organizations with dedicated resources, but Oktopost makes social media marketing success a reality for small businesses like us. Rudi Meylemans, Partner at CoDirect
  12. 12. Spotlight on Time-Saving Features Social Inbox Bookmarklet Message Assets Autoposter Receive and respond to post comments from any network, right from the interface Share any content without ever having to leave the webpage you’re currently browsing Create and save all of your messages ahead of time for any social channel Schedule posts across multiple networks, profiles and groups in minutes
  13. 13. Key Takeaways Target the Right Networks Drive Traffic to Your Website Measure Your Results CoDirect knew most of its prospects were primarily active on LinkedIn Discussion Groups and Twitter, so that’s where the company invested the most resources. Whether promoting a live training session or a new original post, almost all of the links included in posts ultimately drove users to CoDirects’ website Why guess which networks and groups are driving the best results? Use analytics – particularly conversions – to see which posts resonate best with target audiences.
  14. 14. Oktopost: Socially Driven B2B Marketing Using Oktopost enabled the company to manage social media activities for itself and its clients from one interface and track the results – allowing them to actually see the true business value of social media campaigns. As a user-friendly and cost-effective platform, Oktopost was an ideal solution for a small consulting and marketing agency such as CoDirect.
  15. 15. Thanks! Questions? Feel free to contact us: @Oktopost or find us on Facebook Find out more about how Oktopost can help your business.