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A Year in Open Data


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Ton Zijlstra

Ton Zijlstra

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  • De wettelijke kaders zijn vrij helder. De WOB geeft aan waar openbaarheid begint en eindigt. De WOB, EU PSI Directive, INSPIRE Directive en de Arhus conventie scheppen kaders waar openbaarheid en hergebruik van informatie door iedereen de norm is. Exclusieve overeenkomsten voor hergebruik zijn daarbij sinds enkele jaren verboden Wettelijk staat overheden niets in de weg aan open data te doen, sterker men wordt zelfs aangemoedigd het te doen. En die aanmoediging krijgt meer en meer een voorschrijvend karakter.
  • As a hook to hang those observations on, I’d like to use this picture. These are barriers mentioned in the SharePSI workshop towards a single European data market.
  • Er is dus een overvloed in de aanbieding, we hoeven hem alleen maar te ontsluiten. Geen wonder dus dat op veel plekken overheden al zeer actief zijn met het publiceren van datasets, in de hoop dat anderen er nieuwe waarde mee kunnen scheppen, in welke vorm dan ook.
  • Rest nog 1 ding om te zeggen: Aan de slag!
  • nieuwe dingen beginnen op onverwachte plekken, en is niet te voorspellen.
  • voor kleine groepen
  • om data ook te publiceren.
  • but overall we see this. moving towards proactive machine readable,
  • Rest nog 1 ding om te zeggen: Aan de slag!
  • Transcript

    • 1. tonzijlstra.euknowledge work, learning, social mediaA Year in Open DataOGD Austria, Linz 26. Juni 2012
    • 2. / @epsiplatform
    • 3.
    • 4. Finanzdaten
    • 5. “We will open up the Public Sector!”
    • 6. Single EU Data Market • Many billions Euros per year • EU mandate is ‘single market’ • Digital Agenda for Europe
    • 7. • KNMI: 10*, 4*, 90+, 30+M• Spain 2011: 600M+, 5000+• <<1%, 2% GDP
    • 8. PSI Directive Amendment Wider scope Less voluntary Access = Re-Use From Re-Use to Open Data= EU Open Data Strategy
    • 9.• 2012, Commission data portal• 2013, Pan-EU data portal• 2014-2020 EU digital service infrastructure for open data
    • 10. noch immer am Anfang
    • 11. bleibende Resultate?
    • 12. ad hoc ---> operational excellence?
    • 13. neue EU PSI Directive
    • 14. 2003
    • 15. SharePSI workshop: barriersSee
    • 16. transition for government
    • 17. transition for citizens / companies
    • 18. unused abundance
    • 19. very fragmented
    • 20. exercises
    • 21. keep building momentum
    • 22. networks and community building = main ‘fix’
    • 23. beyond apps
    • 24. • it can be something internal (BI solution) BI solutions i
    • 25. ambient displays
    • 26. • or even turn data into objects (statistics and piechart) turn data into physical products
    • 27. let them eat pie charts!
    • 28. look beyond economic gain i
    • 29. a sector looking for efficiency and relevance
    • 30. 1 budget cuts2 participation3 policy implementation Networked life, networked4 impact measurement work, apps yourself5 using networked learning6 data of other gov bodiesopen data is a key government instrument
    • 31. new co-created government services
    • 32. quality of (government) services
    • 33. self empowerment with
    • 34. Networked life, networked work, networked talking Participation as learning participation as talking
    • 35. Networked life, networkedwork, networked= life Participation learning participation as life
    • 36. data is object of socialityNetworked life, networked forwork, networked learning participation
    • 37. making #opendata a social object
    • 38.
    • 39. banks
    • 40. smart cities project
    • 41. utilities
    • 42. ENEL Italy
    • 43. health / other insurers
    • 44. food (HACCP)
    • 45. 1) problem to solve 2) connected data 3) new ways
    • 46. go knock on doors!
    • 47. Networked life, networkedcreating local resilience in a work,complex world networked learning
    • 48. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learning optimistic radical
    • 49. let’s get to work!
    • 50. / @epsiplatform
    • 51. Tell us your story! What is the most memorable PSI re-use or Open Data experience you’ ve had or heard recently?• Type your story / anecdote / observation (in your native language if you want)• Add a title, and a few key words• Answer a few questions about the meaning of the story• Use the blue arrows to go forward (and back)• For questions using a triangle or slide bar: mouse click to place the dot (you cannot drag the dot)• At the end, click ‘Finish’ or ‘Share another story’ to save
    • 52. In your story what was the motivation for data re-use?
    • 53. knowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: Ton Zijlstra, bySlides: blog: / @ton_zylstraSkype: ton_zylstra