OKCon 2011 Introduction by Rufus Pollock


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Introduction to OKCon.

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OKCon 2011 Introduction by Rufus Pollock

  1. 1. Open KnowledgeConference #okcon#okcon2011
  2. 2. Scaling theOpen Knowledge Ecosystem
  3. 3. The Open Knowledge FoundationA community-based, not-for-profit. Started in2004, the Foundation now has members,projects and partnerships throughout theworld.We build tools and communities to create, useand share open knowledge - content and datathat everyone can use, share and build on. We believe that by creating an open knowledge commons and developing tools and communities around this we can make a significant contribution to improving governance, research and the economy.
  4. 4. Who we areBoard and Advisory BoardOversight and strategyCore TeamRufus Pollock Jonathan Gray Jason KitcatCo-Founder Community Project Coord CoordProjects and Working GroupsJames Gardner Jenny MolloyCKAN Open Science WGLocal Chapters and GroupsDaniel Dietrich Stefano CostaOKF Germany OKF ItaliaCommunity MembersVolunteers and local partners in over 40 countries
  5. 5. What We Do: OpenSpending.orgMapping the money globally - trackevery public financial transaction fromgovernments and corporations aroundthe world.Started with internationally recognizedWhere Does My Money Go? project inthe UK. Grown in last 6 months toinvolve 15+ countries.Partnering with NGOs, researchers,journalists and others.Interactive data store plus suite of toolsfor analysis and visualisation.
  6. 6. CKAN - Comprehensive KnowledgeArchive NetworkCKAN is our data hub software -making it easy to get, use andshare data. It enables people tocontribute back derived datasets,notes, changes and comments.CKAN is central to our vision fordistributed, collaborative andcomponentized development ofdata - analogous to the highlysuccessful development model inopen-source software.
  7. 7. CKAN - Rapid GrowthCKAN helps power data.gov.uk, and over 30 official andcommunity data hubs around the world - with most of this activity inlast 18 months.
  8. 8. Other ProjectsEnergy.PublicData.eu - Track progresstowards EU renewables targets.OpenDataCommons.org and the OpenDefinition - suite of standards and legal toolsto make data openYourtopia.net - Global development beyondGDP. A winner of World Bank Appscompetition.PublicDomainWorks.net - find out whichworks are in the public domain in a givencountry.
  9. 9. Working GroupsA wide range of working groups indifferent domains.Bring together experts in order to: ● promote legal/technical openness ● map open resources ● encourage collaboration ● strengthen community ● undertake mini-projects ● organise events and activities ● keep track of news/developmentsFoundation provides guidance,support, infrastructure, contacts andoutreach.
  10. 10. An Example: Open Gov DataOver 100 affiliated members with500 members of the mailing list.Organized first international OpenGovernment Data Camp in Nov2010 with over 300 participants frommore than 30 countries#opendata film about OpenGovernment Data. Subtitled byworking group community into 20+languages.
  11. 11. Chapters and Regional GroupsRegional groups and official First official chapter started inchapters - an organic way the 2010 in Germany. Chapter incommunity can grow in a Austria finalized just 2 weeksdistributed way. ago.
  12. 12. LookingForward
  13. 13. Building the Open Data Ecosytem
  14. 14. Material, Tools, PeopleOpen Data is not an End in Itself ...
  15. 15. Tools + PeopleWere solving the quantity problem (though plenty still to do)
  16. 16. Data Refining Distributed Collaborative ComponentizedMost of our current tools are closed!
  17. 17. Weaving Data TogetherOnly beginning to work out the architecture(s)
  18. 18. Data Line to Data CyclesBuilding a real Ecosystem
  19. 19. Enjoy theConference