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As part of my Master's Class, "Contemporary Theological Issues" at the
Evangelical University and Seminary in Plant City, FL, I did a project on the impact of the Internet on the church. This is the results of an electronic survey I did that was completed by 66 friends, releatives, and associates from that course. You will also find the PowerPoint presentation and a copy of my term paper.

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Internet and the Church - Survey Results

  1. 1. 3/8/2011 1 Internet and the Church Results Published: 2/23/2011 John Brooks
  2. 2. 3/8/2011 2SURVEY OVERVIEW.............................................................................................................................3DESCRIPTION......................................................................................................................................................3INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED TO RESPONDENTS...........................................................................................................3RESPONDENT METRICS........................................................................................................................................3SURVEY RESULTS..................................................................................................................................31. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Personal use?.........................................................42. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Work?...................................................................53. How many hours do you use the Internet for School?.............................................................................64. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Church/Christian?.................................................75. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to You?...............................................................86. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to Society?........................................................137. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to the Church?..................................................188. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to You?...........................................249. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to the Society?................................2910. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to the Church?...............................3511. How does YOUR church use the Internet?..........................................................................................4112. Are there other ways the Church could be using the Internet?.............................................................4313. If Jesus began His earthly ministry today, would He use the Internet?................................................4714. Any last thoughts about the impact of the Internet on the Church that would help me with my project....................................................................................................................................................................52
  3. 3. 3/8/2011 3Survey OverviewDescriptionAs part of my Master in Ministries program Im taking a class entitled "ContemporaryTheological Issues." This is a discussion of issues for which Bible believing Christians havevarious views (such as the interpretation of Genesis 1 - was it literally six days or was it sixperiods of time).My project is on the "Impact of the Internet on the Church." If you would, please take a fewmoments and answer these survey questions.NOTE: The responses are anonymous so there is no way that I will or can determine who hasresponded.Thank you!John BrooksInstructions Provided To RespondentsAs part of my Master in Ministries program Im taking a class entitled "ContemporaryTheological Issues." This is a discussion of issues for which Bible believing Christians havevarious views (such as the interpretation of Genesis 1 - was it literally six days or was it sixperiods of time).My project is on the "Impact of the Internet on the Church." If you would, please take a fewmoments and answer these survey questions.NOTE: The responses are anonymous so there is no way that I will or can determine who hasresponded.Thank you!John BrooksINSTRUCTIONS: Answer questions as they relate to you. For most answers, check the boxesmost applicable to you or fill in the blanks.Respondent MetricsRespondents: 66First Response: 2/15/2011 02:22 AMLast Response: 2/23/2011 03:23 PMSurvey ResultsThe following is a graphical depiction of the responses to each survey question. Additionalcomments provided by respondents, if any, are included after each graph.
  4. 4. 3/8/2011 41. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Personal use?Hours/Week Counts Percentage 0 0 0 1-2 11 17 2-4 18 28 4 or more 36 55 Total 65 Personal Internet Usage - Hours per Week 40 36 35 30 25 Responders 20 18 15 11 10 5 0 0 0 1-2 2-4 4 or more Percentage of Time for Personal Use 0 1-2 0% 17% 4 or more 55% 2-4 28%
  5. 5. 3/8/2011 52. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Work?Hours/Week Counts Percentage 0 0 0 1-2 11 17 2-4 18 28 4 or more 36 55 Total 65 Personal Internet Usage - Hours per Week 40 36 35 30 25 Responders 20 18 15 11 10 5 0 0 0 1-2 2-4 4 or more Percentage of Time for Personal Use 0 1-2 0% 17% 4 or more 55% 2-4 28%
  6. 6. 3/8/2011 63. How many hours do you use the Internet for School?Hours/Week Counts Percentage 0 42 65 1-2 10 15 2-4 2 3 4 or more 11 17 Total 65 School Internet Usage - Hours per Week 45 42 40 35 30 Responders 25 20 15 10 11 10 5 2 0 0 1-2 2-4 4 or more Percentage of Time for School Use 4 or more 17% 2-4 3% 1-2 15% 0 65%
  7. 7. 3/8/2011 74. How many hours a week do you use the Internet for Church/Christian?Hours/Week Counts Percentage 0 11 17 1-2 27 42 2-4 12 18 4 or more 15 23 Total 65 Church/Christian Internet Usage - Hours per Week 30 27 25 20 Responders 15 15 12 11 10 5 0 0 1-2 2-4 4 or more Percentage of Time for Church/Christian Use 0 4 or more 17% 23% 2-4 18% 1-2 42%
  8. 8. 3/8/2011 85. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to You? Benefit to Personal Use CountInformation 32Communication (friends and family) 24Online Shopping 14Study/Research Tool 14Social Networking (e.g. Facebook) 9Online Baking/Paying Bills 7Evangelism 5News and Weather 5Fellowship/Encouragement 4Music/E-books/Entertainment 4Bible Study 3Job Hunting 3Business/Work at Home 2Education/Training 2Eliminates feeling of isolation 2Issues (e.g. Egypt) 2Prayer 2Church at Home 1Connect With the World 1Cooking/Recipes 1Criminal Information/Sexual Predators 1Home School Aid 1Medical Information 1 Benefits for Personal Use M ed ical Info rm atio n 1 Ho m e S cho o l Aid 1 C rim inal Info rm atio n/S exual Pred ato rs 1 C o o king /R ecip es 1 C o nnect W ith the W o rld 1 C hurch at Ho m e 1 Prayer 2 Is s ues (e.g . Eg yp t) 2 Elim inates feeling o f is o latio n 2 E d ucatio n/T raining 2 B us ines s /W o rk at Ho m e 2 Jo b Hunting 3 B ib le S tud y 3 M us ic/E -b o o ks /E ntertainm ent 4 F ello ws hip /E nco urag em ent 4 N ews and W eather 5 E vang elis m 5 O nline B aking /Paying B ills 7 S o cial N etwo rking (e.g . F aceb o o k) 9 S tud y/R es earch T o o l 14 O nline S ho p p ing 14 C o m m unicatio n (friend s and fam ily) 24 Info rm atio n 32 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Responses
  9. 9. 3/8/2011 9Access to information otherwise difficult to find (0000002378)Access to information. Easily communicate with large number of people at once. Stay on touchwith friends and family. (0000002301)access to myriad of information (some more reliable than others), keeping in contact withfriends, family & co-workers around the globe, means of having a presence in a globalcommunity (eg via blogs, posts, website, etc.) for communication purposes. I rely on it to helpme cook & adjust to life in a foreign country through recipe websites, cooking converters, etc--almost weekly. Online banking is a time & life saver. Shopping online saves me money in anoverpriced economy--I can find just what I need, when I need it for a fraction of the cost locally.Helps me not to feel so cut off from people and places Ive left behind. (0000002350)allows me to quickly find information at all hours of the day/night, to be more informed andknowledgeable (0000002313)Can access it any time. Ability to accomplish many things without leaving my home. Internet isworldwide. (0000002318)Communication, keeping up with news,weather etc., information (0000002343)Connect with family/church family by social media, Bible study and Devos, Couponing.(0000002372)Connecting with friends and family all over the world. Convenience of shopping online. A greatstudy tool for whatever I want to study. (0000002328)Connections with family. Resources for school and personal and business. (0000002310)contact with a broad base of people from all over the country and the world (0000002327)Coupons, communication with family and friends, resources for children activities and lessons,vacation planning, pay bills, maps, etc. (0000002377)Easy access to info.Wide range of info. able to look things up without pressure to buy(0000002314)Easy access to information - news, answers, information about medicine and diagnosis,facebook, shopping deals, travel.Ability to read about both sides of an issue (0000002302)Easy access to information at the touch of a button. Manage financial information and access tobanking. keeping in touch with friends and family. (0000002369)Easy access to large amounts of information during the time convenient for me and the place thatis convenient for me. (0000002349)
  10. 10. 3/8/2011 10Easy access to material for training, studying and presentations. (0000002303)Easy to find information, any information. Easy to communicate with others. (0000002321)Easy, instant access to resources is the biggest benefit. I no longer have to step into a store,bank, or even wait for some things to be delivered. I can download music, books, instructions,and recipes. (0000002320)Facebook offers support and encouragement for me as a single mom. Facebook and email is agood place to share scripture and fellowship time between church on Sundays and Wednesdays.It is also a great resource for devotions, praise music, etc. (0000002333)Facebook, in particular, has become almost a "prayer chain" of sorts for my friends list. As wellas we(Christians) are able to more easily encourage each other. I also use the internet to streamsermons frequently. (0000002370)Fast Information. Accurate fact checking. Communication, socialization. (0000002304)Finding information without having to use a phone, on my own time and schedule (0000002316)Finding products, looking up information (0000002381)Getting in contact with old friends and booking reservations. (0000002351)Getting information on certain subjects that I am interested in.. (0000002331)Great material is outbbthere but the problem is being sure that it is crediblree information.(0000002367)Helps communcate with others. Helps find job opportunities, clothes, and other items for mywife, oh yea, and for the house. (0000002335)I am able to accomplish more in a shorter time spam. (0000002356)I am able to look up information on just about anything I want; it is very useful. (0000002373)I can keep in touch with friends and family across seas or even the state! (0000002324)I can research anything, I can find Bible studies, I can pay bills online, I can interact with others,view maps, find criminal records and sexual predators in and around my neighborhood(0000002306)I have been able to encourage Christians around the world from my desk! ~ Facebook and e-mailhave also helped me share my blog ( ) my new book: HEADING TOWARDTHE FINAL FINISH LINE - as well as be able to know about prayer concerns! ~ I have also
  11. 11. 3/8/2011 11been able to share about me being Born Again to many folks that i went to school with manyyears ago! (0000002326)I make my living off the internet. (0000002340)I use it as a primary research tool. Also to stay connected with friends. Shopping, Library,Video... (0000002332)I used it research word meanings and to search for information on products and services(0000002364)information can be searched for quickly. Business can be conducted without having to bephysically there (0000002346)Information that I would not have on hand is at my finger tips on the internet (0000002336)information, shopping, social networking (0000002308)information, stay in touch with others (0000002338)Internet benefits do help with research, and communication amongst others. (0000002368)It allows me to quickly and easily access a wide variety of information all from one location.Consider it an office and library that I have with me almost all of the time (I have wifi on my cellphone). (0000002375)It allows you to connect with 78 million young people. The millennial generation is the largestgeneration in America since the Baby Boomers, and they were born with technology present.They know nothing else. Therefore, the internet allows me to connect with young people andfind anything thing at the drop of a hat. (0000002315)It gives me many oportunities to minister to people all over the world. (0000002307)It is great being able to take college classes online. (0000002334)It is like an encyclopedia without the books. Keeps you up to date with news, weather, bankingand friends and family. (0000002322)It means I can work at home more. (0000002300)It provides excellent entertainment and allows me to communicate with others easily.(0000002337)keep in touch with people (0000002363)
  12. 12. 3/8/2011 12Keeping in touch with others. Keeping up to date with the latest Christian resources. Study,looking for sermons etc on particular subjects or books of the bible. Shopping. Finding places,information. (0000002382)Keeping up with friends and family (0000002319)Learning new things, connecting with others (0000002376)Looking up information is quicker. Keeping in touch with family and friends. (0000002317)News and Purchases (0000002329)News, weather, keeping up with friends. (0000002374)Online banking is my favorite!! I loved that I could watch church when I was in bed sick on arecent Sunday morning. The internet makes running my business alot easier. It allows me toresearch anything Im interested in and aides me in my homeschooling. I use it when Im doingin depth Bible study. It has so many uses!! (0000002357)Research (0000002365)Research for messages and our church web site (0000002330)Research, job preparation, socializing, writing. (0000002299)Social interaction with a large number of people in the church congregation. I am currently incollege - completely online. I would not be able to complete my degree with my current schoolwithout internet. The internet is also a major source of information. We get information from theinternet and we give information through the internet, especially for the church and work.(0000002325)stay connected but that can be an issue too. (0000002311)The availability of so many resources for a variety of needs. (0000002305)The internet gives me access to information that I otherwise wouldnt have access to through myown personal books. It makes research and studying topics very easy and saves time.(0000002359)Timely/extensive information available, cost savings not available in stores, time savings fromnot being on the phone, immediate communication (0000002312)to get answers to questions/keep in touch with friends & family (0000002345)To have any type of information at my finger tips 24/7. (0000002323)
  13. 13. 3/8/2011 136. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to Society? Benefit to Society CountInformation 31Communication (friends and family) 28Knowledge of World Events 13Connect with Others 12Research 9Medical Information 5Online Banking 5Online Shopping 4Social Networking 4Share Ideas 3Breaks Down Barriers 2Entertainment 2Job Hunting 2Monitor Sexual Predators 2Online Education 2Save Trees 2Support Causes 2Time Saver 2Travel 2Fellowship 1Teaching 1Working from Home 1 Benefits for Societal Use Wo rk ing fro m H o m e 1 T e ac h ing 1 F e llo ws h ip 1 T rave l 2 T im e S ave r 2 S u p p o rt C au s e s 2 S ave T re e s 2 O nline E d u c atio n 2 M o nito r S e xu al P re d ato rs 2 Jo b H u nting 2 E nte rtainm e nt 2 B re ak s D o wn B arrie rs 2 S h are Id e as 3 S o c ial N e two rk ing 4 O nline S h o p p ing 4 O nlin e B ank ing 5 M e d ic al In fo rm atio n 5 R e s e arc h 9 C o nne c t with O th e rs 12 Kno wle d ge o f Wo rld E ve nts 13 C o m m u nic atio n (frie nd s and fam ily) 28 In fo rm atio n 31 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Responses
  14. 14. 3/8/2011 14Access point for information, keeping in touch with others that are far away (0000002376)Access to information. Communication. (0000002301)access to more information about everything - the world, our country, our community and eachother (0000002302)Allows a free communication of ideas and access by all to necessary information. (0000002375)breaks down cultural barriers what existed before everyone was connected world wide(0000002308)business, looking for friends (0000002381)communication and connectedness (0000002373)communication is easier, can be less time consuming and much faster, increase in generalknowledge along with world events, it makes our world much smaller. (0000002299)Communication, instance access to information of any kind (0000002343)connecting people that other wise would not be able to connect to share ideas and beliefs(0000002327)Connections with one another. Sharing information. Supporting causes. (0000002310)convenience of communication and access to information (0000002378)Ease of use. Lots of information. Shopping by comparison simplified. (0000002332)Employment, financial, communication, education, cultural (0000002377)Fast Information. Accurate fact checking. Communication, socialization. (0000002304)gain information quickly (0000002345)Global and instant communication (0000002330)Helping those with special needs/home bound in staying in touch with others. Ability to shop online and delivery. Wider availability of information. Easy access to news. (0000002382)I think people have become more atttached to the internet and less attached to real people. It iseasier to communicate thur the internet than face to face. Interpersonnal interaction in fading.(0000002335)
  15. 15. 3/8/2011 15I think the interent offers people the ability to be more connected to friends and family and (ifthey seek it out) more informed secularly as well as spiritually. (0000002370)Im not qualified toanswer this. (0000002300)Information (0000002329)information (0000002338)Information and entertainment (0000002365)Information available quickly. (0000002321)information can be alot easily accessed (0000002363)It all depends on how it is being used. (0000002368)It allows people to search for jobs, work from home, learn and research topics of interest. It alsoallows people to look up and listen to music, and connect with many people at once throughsocial networks. (0000002359)It enables anyone no matter what their physical, social or financial situation to connect with otherpeople, places and information on any subject. (0000002364)It has the potential to link the societies of the world through social networking. Now withYouTube and iPhones, we can show the world what we are doing every second of the day.(0000002320)It is a economic way to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. Also it is morecost efective for businesses if their customers contact them online. (0000002334)It is a good sorce from which to gather information. (0000002307)It is a great resource and reference point for directions, research, fellowship, etc. People canhave an extended family online and share pictures, family updates, etc more easily with others.(0000002333)It keeps everyone up to date on information and news. (0000002337)It provides a faster means of access to information so individuals can make better decisions.(0000002340)it’s an information world nowadays – everyone is expected to take advantage and know “things”.Also, people communicate without being face-to-face. The social networks, email, blogs, chats,etc. – all these things allow folks to talk to one another without actually seeing the other person.The generation growing up doesn’t know what it means to pick up the phone when they can text
  16. 16. 3/8/2011 16– what it means to meet someone face to face to learn more about them – to be able to givesomeone a hug (0000002313)Keeping in touch and getting info (0000002319)Keeping in touch with each other, medical usage - looking up medical issues. (0000002351)Medical is the biggest asset (0000002367)Meeting people (0000002331)News can spread at light speed. Make contact with people and places that may have been moredifficult to contact personally. (0000002318)News Reports, Wheather, Couponing, Merchant Sales/Internet Shopping, RadioBroadcasting/Talk Radio (AFR/Revive Our Hearts Ministries (N.DeMoss & B.Moore pod casts),Online Education. (0000002372)preditors have a new place to prey as well as the positives of having information andcommunication at your fingertips. (0000002311)provide access to information when you need it (0000002316)Quick access to varied information Can search and locate from the comfort of my home.(0000002328)Rapid communications (0000002356)Rapid info. (0000002374)Rapid, accurate communication (0000002309)readily links people of similar interests in a global community (eg. support group websites forTCKs, families with diabilities, missionaries, etc.), information at our fingertips for just aboutanything and everything (both positive and negative), saves trees by going to a digital media vs.paper media, helps the economy in the sense of sales/advertising/eqiupment sales &repair/service subscriptions, etc. and creates jobs to support all of this (0000002350)Research, news and weather, on-line banking, friends and family. (0000002322)Research, record keeping, reduces having to travel to meetings, quick communication.Medicalinformation is available 24/7,Financial accounts readily accessible.... (0000002346)Searching for information (0000002317)Simpler and less expensive ways to communicate important information such ad weatherwarnings or health issues, etc. (0000002349)
  17. 17. 3/8/2011 17social outlet. easy access to info. range of beliefs and opinion readily available. (0000002314)Society benefits from the availability of every kind of information necessary for life. If yourthermostat for your a/c at the house breaks, you can go on the internet, get a skematic for it,diagnose problems and possibly solve problems with the information available on the internet.(0000002325)Socitey has improved a lot by gaining access to important information. Science and research hasimproved. Access to cheap telephone and messaging service. (0000002369)Speed, consolidation of business. (0000002303)Staying in touch with family and friends, less paper used for bills, no postage or envelopes, stayabreast of worldly events, monitoring sexual predators in neighborhood, maps, phone bookdirectories, research. (0000002306)Talking with and seeing family that lives out of state (0000002336)The benefits and dangers are very similar. The internet has a vast amount of information, andmisinformation. But it allows people the opportunity to have there perspective and educatethemselves. (0000002305)The internet has allowed us to become more informed, especially in terms of our health. Itallows for quick and easy research on anything were interested in learning more about. It hasallowed us to reconnect quickly and easily with family and friends. It allows us to take ourbusinesses outside of our local area. (0000002357)The internet, again, allows you to find practically anything. You hear news? Dont wait for thepaper, find out about it instantly in the headlines of fox,msn,cnn,etc. Cant remember who singsthat song, or you know, the one movie with that crazy guy? You can find it instantaneously.(0000002315)They can post things that just happened outside an area and then it goes on the tv or radio(0000002324)Timely information, immediate communication (0000002312)Used the right way--the Internet can inform--teach--and bring the people of the world closertogether. The recent events in Egypt is a great example. (0000002323)
  18. 18. 3/8/2011 187. Overall - what are some of the benefits of the Internet to the Church? Benefit to the Church CountCommunicating/Contact Others 28Evangelism 24Contact/Connect Missionaries 12Live Feed of Services 11Research 11Advertise Church 10Online Sermons 9Bible Studies 7Prayer Request 6Online Giving 4Check Out Churches 3Ministry to Others 3Group Bible Studies 2Online Bibles 2Social Networking 2Interaction with Others 1Ordering Supplies 1Provide Feedback 1 Benefits for Church Use Provide Feedback 1 Ordering Supplies 1 Interaction with Others 1 Social Networking 2 Online Bibles 2 Group Bible Studies 2 Ministry to Others 3 Check Out Churches 3 Online Giving 4 Prayer Request 6 Bible Studies 7 Online Sermons 9 Advertise Church 10 Research 11 Live Feed of Services 11 Contact/Connect Missionaries 12 Evangelism 24 Communicating/Contact Others 28 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Responses
  19. 19. 3/8/2011 19Evangelism/Apologetics, Missionary Support such as Skype and News Letters. (0000002372)Access to ministry materials for all (kids, teens, single adults, etc). (0000002303)advertisement for the church, live feeds for shut ins so they can still feel a part of the church(0000002343)Again many resources are available. We can hear a lot of great preaching, Be in contact withmissionaries overseas, and be informed of prayer requests and needs at a moments notice.(0000002305)allows for church members to communicate during the week (0000002363)An updated daily prayer list.Messages to the choir and other members. Sharing pictures of eventsvia facebook and email. Paying my tithes and offerings through my bank. No writing checks.(0000002300)another means for evangelism, a way to minister to the folks in the church (0000002313)Bible studies, webcasting church services, prayer requests, sharing scriptures with people onFacebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flicker, etc. Posting upcoming events within the community likeoutreaches, concerts, charities. (0000002306)Bible study tool (0000002365)Communication (0000002304)Connections with missionaries. Resources. (0000002310)Contact point through church websites. Ability to make available teachng/christian material(0000002382)easy research, community of believers (0000002338)Easy to use. Ability to reach out to people who may otherwise not be aware. (0000002332)easy way for people to check the church out without stepping through the doors. Able to makeprayer requests available quickly. social outlet. (0000002314)Enables the Church to reach more people at a significantly lower cost (0000002356)Evangelism, outreach, communication with members, member retention because of higher levelof interaction and quicker feedback. (0000002340)
  20. 20. 3/8/2011 20getting the gospel message out to more and more people, communicating church information anddirection and activities, posting services online, communicating with missionaries (0000002299)getting your church info out (we always look for church websites before attending or applying),some collect tithe online through paypal, great sermon illustrations at your finger tips (we useyoutube every week), facebook is a great social networking tool for the church (its how we sentannouncements and reminders and stay connected through the week), ordering church resources,sermon prep listening to sermons from pastors we would never get to go to their actual churchesonline anytime for free. researching the culture to see how it effects your church body.connecting to missionaries who use to be alone on the field. (0000002308)helps you keep on up coming events and such (0000002336)I do not know (0000002302)I have no idea (0000002316)I think it is a great way to reach out to people. (0000002335)Information, information, information. We send out emails almost daily to our church people.We inform them of events. We inform the community about our church. People decide whetheror not to come to a church often times based on what information is given on the church website.(0000002325)It can allow a church to reach an audience thousands and even millions of times larger than thelocal community and provides resources for the church to easier communicate with its members.(0000002375)It does help with information especially with missions (0000002368)It gives the church a way to reach people that it would not be able to reach within their owntown, in a very rural area people would not respond well to "church people" getting in theirbusiness but would reach out to people who want to help from afar. (0000002327)It is benefical to the church because they are able to reach more people online by postingsermons from the church. (0000002334)It is perhaps one of the largest untapped mission fields. People around the globe can join with achurch over the web. Relatively cheap to have an internet presence. (0000002318)It provides a live feed for sermons for everyone to see. It keeps others informed of changes,events, and specials. (0000002337)It should be utilitized to reach people with the message of hope through Jesus Christ. Alsoinform of activities, service times and upcoming events. It can go not places that people cant orwill not go to reach others (0000002364)
  21. 21. 3/8/2011 21Keep people uptodate on the church events. Prayer groups sharing requests on a regular basis.Access to valuable sermons and church related material.Worship music. (0000002369)Keeping in touch and getting out info (0000002319)Keeping up with people in the church. Sermons call be seen all over the world. (0000002317)Keeping up with the quickly changing culture mostly for the use of how we are to relate to themin terms of their worlds. (0000002367)live broadcasts, missionary communication (0000002381)Making information accessible. Research. Communication. (0000002301)Ministries can readily communicate quickly & efficiently to its membership base, as well asextension of its ministry around the globe (eg. missions--oh that more would use this toencourage their missionaries!!) A church without a website that is updated regularly is missingout on a huge opportunity of exposure both inside and outside the community; online christianresources help in discipleship (eg. sermon podcasts, group studies online, free online Bible tools,etc.)-- the possibilities are endless. Allows for shut-ins to connect with their local assembly forspiritual encouragement. Online giving is easy to track & maintain consistency making itconvenient for givers. Can be effective means of keeping the global church connected outside ofthe local community via Skype, email, websites, etc.--inward focused churches eventually die, soconnecting members in Lakeland to say, Australia, can help prevent this as they see a worldbigger than their own; Quick means for prayer communication; can be a great way for memberswho relocate to maintain contact with a church body while they re-establish into their newcommunity (0000002350)Opens up a whole new world of opportunities to reach people (0000002309)Our Web site keeps people informed and some can down load messages. Also new people canfind us this way. (0000002330)outreach and research tool (0000002373)Pastors blogs, sheet music downloading, broadcasting services via the web, podcasts, instantaccess to Bible study programs such as an interlinear Bible and Strongs numbers. (0000002320)Provides ways for people who cannot physically attend worship to participate in worship andalso makes the Good News available to those in places where they do not have the freedom ofopen worship. (0000002349)Puts information in a medium that is accessible. (0000002321)
  22. 22. 3/8/2011 22research topics, allow visitors and potential members access to church informaton, allow e-mailsto be sent to members (0000002345)sending out bulletins, keeping members informed of events, getting volunteers, broadcastsermons for shut-ins, podcast sermons or lessons, get input (0000002376)sermon research on scripture, illustrations, video clips. Advertisement to the community. A webpresence tells the community that you are culturally relevant. It allows people to experience yourchurch prior to having to make a physical visit. Keeps the church up on current events.Facilitates any ministry trips by scheduling, paying, even charting a course to travel there.....(0000002346)Services are online (0000002329)Shut ins can attend a service. Keep in touch with your missionaries. (0000002351)Shut ins may see church services live via interne. Bible studies are available. (0000002307)The church can upload sermons on video for shut-ins, and those far away to watch. It also helpswith spreading the gospel to the unsaved who use the internet daily. (0000002359)The Church or any other religion can reach out to millions of people. (0000002323)The gospel can be shared beyond the walls of the church. (0000002322)The internet can help people stay connected, stay up-to-date, new avenues for study.(0000002311)The internet gives individual churches the ablility to make themselves more accessible to theunchurched, via websites with downloadable or streaming sermons or other media. This benefitsthe Church at large simply by the ability to witness and disciple on wider scope. (0000002370)The internet is a great way to spread Gods word. One of the best benefits is the ability to watchor listen to church services online. This is great for parents with sick children, people who arehomebound, in the military etc. We recently had a person come from Canada to be baptized atour church. She watched the service every Sunday online and found God because of it.(0000002333)There are a plethora of podcasts, Bibles helps, etc. on line. These make growing and teachingalot easier. Youtube has really been a help in bringing video and music together in our youthgroup. (0000002357)Timely information, immediate communication, reaching people beyond the local community(0000002312)To reach more people and stay in closer contact with their Congregation (0000002331)
  23. 23. 3/8/2011 23to send out information such as service times, programs, online bible study, even to stream liveservices to people who cannot attend. (0000002378)To stay in touch with friends who are on the mission field - to help raise money ( I am going toKenya in Oct.) - to reach out with the GOOD NEWS to many who I have come acroos with atmy races who gave up on church. (0000002326)Using Daily Bread, shopping for bible study materials, contact with sister churches and missions.(0000002374)Web pages, sermons online, updates! (0000002324)When re-locating to an area it gives me quick access to Churches that I may be interested in.Internet helps me as a member keep informed from home about the goings on at my church.(0000002328)Worship services, post activities, evangelism, Bible Study, Bible education and Bible studies,outreach (0000002377)Young people on are social media. Simply put. We try and try to find out whats the best way toreach them! The answer is simple, log in to Facebook, surf You Tube, and tweet something andyoung people will be there. Go to where the young people are. Plus, the church may thing thatinternet could be unsafe, but there are plenty of reliable Christian resources and names utilizingthe web and iTunes and they are reaching millions and show no signs of slowing down!(0000002315)
  24. 24. 3/8/2011 248. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to You? Dangers to Personal Use CountTime Consuming 25Inaccurate Information 12Temptations 9Loss of Contact with Friends & Family 7Online Pornagrahpy 7Computer Viruses 5Hackers 5Trash Talk/Gossip 5Lock of Personal Contact 4Loss of Privacy/Personal Information 4Sexual Predators 4Miss-reading Text (no boby language) 2Online Gambling 2Big Brother 1Scams 1Secrete Sins 1Sharing Copywrited Material 1 Dangers of Personal Use Sharing Copywrited Material 1 Secrete Sins 1 Scams 1 Big Brother 1 Online Gambling 2 Miss-reading Text (no boby language) 2 Sexual Predators 4 Loss of Privacy/Personal Information 4 Lock of Personal Contact 4 Trash Talk/Gossip 5 Hackers 5 Computer Viruses 5 Online Pornagrahpy 7 Loss of Contact with Friends & Family 7 Temptations 9 Inaccurate Information 12 Time Consuming 25 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Responses
  25. 25. 3/8/2011 25Before we had internet I was always afraid that the wrong kind of material would be accessed,but I believe the benefits out weigh the dangers. (0000002343)Big Brother watching all. Sexual predators for children. Some spend too much time in chatrooms, gambling sites, pornography, etc. Some choose the internet over family. (0000002306)Can be a time stealer. Can be discouraging--as a missionary, when you dont hear from peopleand yet you know how easy and cheap it is to send an email, sometimes its pretty discouraging.Obviously can present the temptation to look/listen/read objectionable material. Malicioushackers causing loss of work & data via viruses. (0000002350)Can be adictive and take you away from personal or family things that need your attention.(0000002351)Can easily be distracted from primary focus, more exposure to unethical/inappropriate datainformation, cant always verify validity of information; information overload (0000002312)Can sometimes stunt the creative process, due to the sheer amount of information available.(0000002318)Could pay attention to the wrong things; the volumn of email could cause me to not respond toimportant messages timely (0000002311)Creepy people. Agendas I dont agree with, views I dont agree with posted on sites I regularlyvisit (0000002304)easy access to bad info. easy to neglect family. misinformation (0000002314)false information spreading like truth (0000002316)Hacking into your bank account or personal information (0000002331)I use the internet sparingly, so dont see any real danger. I dont like to be too reliant on it for anyone thing. I use it as a useful tool only. (0000002382)Information that is not credible seems to outway the credible information (0000002367)Internet can become a time waster as well as draw you into avenues that you should not be in.(0000002328)It can be very addictive and can easily allow people access to not only good but evil. Theinternet itself, like all tools, is neutral; it is how we choose to use that makes it good or evil.(0000002375)
  26. 26. 3/8/2011 26It can become a huge time waster, it can possibly lead to "secret" sins where theres noaccountability, communicating through social networks can be a drawback in some cases.(0000002299)it can consume alot of your time (0000002336)it can consume time, it can distract during times that should be carved out for the person you areat a ministry lunch with, robbing your attention and disturbing your flow of discussion. If notcareful with emails coming in on my smart phone I can give people the impression that I do notvalue them or their time. (0000002346)It can easily lead to sin if not being careful with regards to pornographic content. Children can betarget to evil schemes. (0000002369)it can take up alot of time i kind use being more productive (0000002363)It will take my time up that I can spend with my wife or other people I care about. It canconsume my time. (0000002335)just as people talk trash, many write trash on things like Facebook, blogs, etc. Also, I think thevalue of face to face is lost on the upcoming generation (0000002313)Less privacy, danger of loss of personal data (0000002309)Like other similar forms of technology when you read soneones comments or suggestions youdo not know the tone or the intent and it is much easier to read something the wrong way. It alsotakes away from the personal face to face or voice to voice communication that is vital in alltypes of relationships. (0000002349)Lose of personal information, Compromise of financial data (0000002356)My greatest grievance is the accesibility of porn. I hate how easy it is to find it! After that, Idsay the time that it can consume checking email, running business, checking facebook, etc. Timeis precious to me, and keeping up with it all can rob me of precious time. (0000002357)none (0000002368)People can say inappropriate things that the whole world can hear/read. Temptations to sin aremuch greater than they would be if the internet did not exist. (0000002325)Personally the internet has a great capacity to waste my time by aimless surfing. (0000002370)Porn, gambling, bad information (0000002365)Proliferation of not quite accurate information. (0000002332)
  27. 27. 3/8/2011 27Reveling too much information about my day and myself to others, makes gossiping very easy.My testomony for the Lord being questioned because of poor comments ex: Social Networks(FB) due to the fact that expressions are mis-judged. (0000002372)Scams, dis-honest people, spy-ware (0000002327)Sharing copyrighted material, pornography, idle surfing, easy communication from a distance(no phone call required). (0000002320)So much of what is online is not true or biased. There is some really bad stuff online. Even the"Good" stuff can be addictive and you waste time and close yourself off from real lifecommunication. (0000002305)Some are the language and pictures people post out there and its just not edifying and just notright! (0000002324)Some of the advertisements. (0000002317)Some time wasted (0000002329)Steals time. (0000002321)Takes time away from other responsibilities. (0000002301)Takes time from other activities. (0000002377)takes up too much time (0000002338)The dangers would be only what you allow. (0000002300)The internet shows not just things geared to Christianity. It shows various genres of content andit could easily draw anyone to the wrong places. Nothing a little prayer, reading of the word, andself control from the Holy Spirit cant fix. (0000002315)The only danger I can think of is you have to be careful where you put your financialinformation. (0000002334)The typing of a simple word can throw you into web sites that you had no intention of everseeing or going to. (0000002322)There are a multitude of bad websites on the internet and these present a danger to anyonesurfing the net. (0000002364)There are many dangerous viruses that can be accidently downloaded onto my computer fromvarious sites, as well as many different immoral and pornographic sites, that I dont wish to beexposed to. (0000002359)
  28. 28. 3/8/2011 28There is always a possibility of identity theft, virus, information stolen and ect. Then I tend toget caught up in things and my time is drained. (0000002337)Things popping up that I dont want or need to see. (0000002374)time can get away from you (0000002345)time consuming (0000002308)too easy for others to get information about me or anyone else (0000002302)too much personal info readily available to people, can be a HUGE time waster (0000002378)Too much time on the computer. Its always there and i can always find work to do.(0000002340)too much time spent, distracts from one on one social interaction, identity theft (0000002376)unscrupulous people (0000002373)Used the wrong way--people can have/access private information about you without yourknowledge. We have all lost some of our personal privacy because of it. (0000002323)Very easy to waste time on computer doing "justifiable" activities, even "righteous" activities.(0000002310)Viruses and bad site. (0000002330)waste time (0000002381)Wasting time (0000002319)We must be careful that we do not put the internet above face to face contact. (0000002307)We must be ever prayerful of what we write. Our words can be twisted and bring shame on us,our faith and our witness. (0000002326)World uses the Internet to draw people away from a Biblical worldview. (0000002303)You have to be very careful with your security online. It is easy for people to find outinformation about you online and use it against you either legally, financially, or emotionally.Friends can quickly become your enemies. (0000002333)
  29. 29. 3/8/2011 299. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to theSociety? Dangers to Society CountInaccurate Information 14Online Pornography 13Temptations 12Loss of Privacy 8Online Gambling 6Sexual Predators 6Addiction 5Spreading Gossip/Rumors 5Time Waster 4Isolation 3No Accountability 3Scams 3Bomb Making Information/Terror 2Hard to Protect Children 2Impersonal/Lack of Body Language 2Belittling Women 1Copyright Theft 1Moral Negatives 1Racial Bias 1Ruined Reputations 1Too Much Information 1Violence 1 Dangers of Societal Use Vio lence 1 T o o M uch Info rm atio n 1 R uined R ep utatio ns 1 R acial B ias 1 M o ral N eg atives 1 C o p yrig ht T heft 1 B elittling W o m en 1 Im p ers o nal/Lack o f B o d y Lang uag e 2 Hard to Pro tect C hild ren 2 B o m b M aking Info rm atio n/Terro r 2 S cam s 3 N o Acco untab ility 3 Is o latio n 3 T im e W as te r 4 S p read ing G o s s ip /R um o rs 5 Ad d ictio n 5 S exual Pred ato rs 6 O nline G am b ling 6 Lo s s o f Privacy 8 T em p tatio ns 12 O nline Po rno g rap hy 13 Inaccurate Info rm atio n 14 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Responses
  30. 30. 3/8/2011 30Addictive nature of some internet items. Ungodly websites. The ability to conduct relationshipsin secret. Too much access to information that can then be used for ungodly purposes.(0000002382)Again--used the wrong way false information can be spread across the Internet aboutcountries/governments/religions/individuals--etc. (0000002323)Alot of garbage people can get involved with if they are not careful. Gambling, porn, chatrooms, and lots of other things. (0000002317)as society goes again it can become a consuming force constantly drawing people away from"personal to Impersonal" communication, Just as great things are readily available at ones figuretips, Vile things are as well (porn, violence, gambling, farmville...) all within the confines ofones total privacy. Addictions not limited to porn are prevalent such as gaming. I know of thosewho could not break free of a gaming addiction that was taking over every minute of their lifeeven leading to thief for more games. (0000002346)Can affect morality (0000002343)Can easily be distracted from primary focus, more exposure to unethical/inappropriate datainformation, cant always verify validity of information (0000002312)Can lead to bad addictions. Used for terror and anti-social activities. (0000002369)Creates opportunities to damage reputations, spread gossip and untruths (0000002309)Creepy people. Agendas I dont agree with, views I dont agree with posted on sites I regularlyvisit (0000002304)disconnection of relationships, facebook taking the place of face to face relationships, takingtime way from family and or work. Too much sedentary activity. Not to mention cyber -stalking,bullying and sex. (0000002378)easy to believe everything you read. easy to get sucked in and spend too much time.(0000002314)Equal access to good and bad information. (0000002301)Evil preys on the innocent. (0000002377)false information spreading like truth (0000002316)Free access to information that should not be viewed or that could be used to harm others withthis huge social networking websites being the primary suspect. (0000002367)
  31. 31. 3/8/2011 31Greed, fame, self-worth, sexual perversion - all of these and so many other things can effects ofthe internet on society. Sometimes we know too much because of the internet. (0000002325)Hacking into your bank account or personal information (0000002331)I can see that as a Society it would help feed any addictions you may have in the privacy of yourhome. (0000002328)Isolationism, public exposure to private matters (0000002320)It allows people to be too connected. I know this was the answer I gave to the benefits question,but just like everything else, moderation must be achieved. Its a possiblity that people can losetheir face to face interaction skills as well as "real life" interests by excessive virtual interation.(0000002370)It opens alot of temptation that people have become comfortable with. People can say, look, anddo things wihtout anyone knowing. There is no accountablity to most people on the internet.(0000002335)Like other similar forms of technology when you read soneones comments or suggestions youdo not know the tone or the intent and it is much easier to read something the wrong way. It alsotakes away from the personal face to face or voice to voice communication that is vital in alltypes of relationships. (0000002349)Like society in general, weak people are pulled to the dark side of life, but the internet may makeit easier (ie porn). Also, anonymity makes people hateful in their comments because of havingno consequences. (0000002373)Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. (0000002303)many (0000002368)mis-information. There is too much information that is not correct and/or tainted - and there arefew that can really know the difference all the time. (0000002302)Not enough space :) Seriously, to name a few: Gossipers, Slander, Affairs, Porn & Gambling.(0000002372)Not only good information, but bad and false information can also be available at the click of amouse. (0000002321)Not qualified to answer this. (0000002300)nothing is secret (0000002308)people being taken advantage of (0000002336)
  32. 32. 3/8/2011 32people can put what ever they want on the internet whether it is true or not (0000002363)People could find u and stalk u and even worse things! (0000002324)People have access to material they should not (like how to make a bomb, porn, etc.) Makeseasy the theft of copyrighted material through sources like Limewire, etc. Isolates--weve gonefrom a front-porch to a back-deck to a drive-thru to a never-leave-home society causingloneliness and lack of interpersonal contact--this is very dangerous. Ive seen a few marriageswrecked due to online romances that would have not otherwise formed had it not been for thingslike internet chat rooms, social websites, etc. It is harder for parents to protect their childrenfrom objectional material and/or relationships. Families weakened by often spending more time"doing their own thing while staring at a computer screen and participating in virtualrelationships" rather than face to face with each other. "Real life" has become virtual reality--weakening a persons true identity and sense of purpose. (0000002350)People start to live virtual lives, and get disconnected from reality. (0000002305)Personal attacks can be vicious * preditors can use it * we can be fed false information.(0000002307)Porn is the biggest to me. I know many who have fallen prey, children and men, to this evil thatis only a click away. Identity theft also seems to be a drawback. (0000002357)Porn, gambling, addiction to all kinds of things that take you away from the family or job.(0000002351)Porn, gambling, bad information (0000002365)Pornography addiction (0000002330)Pornography is a huge problem. Drawing young people (broad definition) into forums thatdiscuss anything AND restrict parental participation. Computers information/groups/sites/forumscan build support and/or cause conflict. (0000002310)Pornography, gambling sites, dating sites that sexual predators use, invasion of privacy. CraigsList and other sites that allow anyone to post racial, biased, harmful comments. Websites thatbelittle or demoralize women and abuse. Children are vulnerable to predators. (0000002306)Pornography, wasting time, strife and conflict through social networking and email, lack ofintegrity and accountability. (0000002299)preditors have a new place to prey. New additions are introduced with the various types ofinformation readily available. (0000002311)Rapid dissimination of false or misleading information (0000002356)
  33. 33. 3/8/2011 33scams (0000002345)scams, dis-honest people, people able to steal your information (0000002327)Security (personal safety and banking) can be invaded. (0000002322)SIN is too easy reached. Too many men ( from what i have read) have private sex time on thenet. (0000002326)Some time wasted (0000002329)The content the internet constantly streams is a huge danger to children. Should we shelter ourkids from the internet? No. Should we expose them to sexual/explicit ads, material, and crudeadult humor? Of course not! We cannot hide them from kids, but the internet can destroy anindividuals reputation and could ruin self image for kids (ie: Disney stars who have themselvesexposed for personal, media related matters) When kids stumble upon this, it sheds a bad lightand could lead to a negative influence. (0000002315)The internet can be a source of danger especially on social network sites for men and womenboth . . .as chatting with strangers who have criminal or dangerous backgrounds, often leads topersonal or emotional harm. Also, pornography is rampant on the internet, and as many citizensdelve into it, it helps to corrupt not only the unsaved, but also christian men and women on adaily basis. (0000002359)The internet can give people a sense of anonymity which in turn gives them the false sense thatthey can be something that they are not. Bad people can use the internet as much as good people.(0000002318)The internet still requires a level of sophistication by the person searching so they can discernwhat is truth over what is just slanted opinion. (0000002340)the process to do anything has changed – everyone is expected to have all information available,and to know that information. People are expected to be a part of social networks. People areexpected to communicate via the computer. (0000002313)There are a multitude of bad websites on the internet and these present a danger to anyonesurfing the net. (0000002364)There are some bad people out there. (0000002374)There is always a possibility of identity theft, virus, information stolen and ect. Then people canget caught up in things and not get many things done. (0000002337)To easy to to the "wrong" thing. (0000002332)
  34. 34. 3/8/2011 34too much time spent, distracts from one on one social interaction, neglecting chores/self(0000002376)waste of time, easy access to sinful things (0000002338)Wasting time and seeing and hearing innappropriate stuff (0000002319)wrong use of information (0000002381)You have to be very cautious of the information you find online to ensure it comes from areputable source. There is a lot of garbage online mixed in with the good stuff. People use it tofeed addictions, to hurt others, or as their only forms of social interaction. (0000002333)
  35. 35. 3/8/2011 3510. Overall - what are some of the dangers/drawbacks of the Internet to theChurch? Dangers to Church CountBad/False Doctrines 10Temptations 9Time Waste 7Misinterpret Information 5Access to Personal Information 3Divisive Preaching 3Draw to Virtual Church 3Gossip 3Hackers 3Poor Web Site 3Dissassocation/Isolation 2Too Much Money Spent in Internet 2Exclusive Commincation 1Low-budget Technology 1 Dangers of Church Use Low -budget Technology 1 Exclusive Commincation 1 Too Much Money Spent in Internet 2 Dissassocation/Isolation 2 Poor Web Site 3 Hackers 3 Gossip 3 Draw to Virtual Church 3 Divisive Preaching 3 Access to Personal Information 3 Misinterpret Information 5 Time Waste 7 Temptations 9 Bad/False Doctrines 10 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Responses
  36. 36. 3/8/2011 36A local church will have to work pretty hard to compete with flashier churches all around theworld drawing their people away into a virtual "perfect church" world; there is far more exposureto good causes desiring donations so it draws money that might otherwise be given to support theministries of the local church--this has a global effect as well when churches do not have themeans to support global missions on the level they once did; We actually have seen verynegative ramifications by a lot of ultra-legalistic rhetoric on the internet that confused people inour congregation and called into question music or materials we were trying to use. There are alot of divisive "preachers" out there that cause local in-the-pulpit pastors a lot of grief. Also,unfortunately, the internet can aid in the sin of gossip among members--I have seen far too muchof this and it saddens me. (0000002350)Again, we must be aware of how words can come back to hurt the message that we are trying toshare. (0000002326)all depends on how it is controlled and used (0000002368)allows not so nice people access to church meetings, etc (0000002345)As with any Organization/Person who is identified on the Internet the information gleaned bysomeone who has a purpose to destroy or defame is always present. (0000002328)Believers being naive to Satans traps, because "society" says its the norm or everyone isparticipating. (0000002372)Can easily be distracted from primary focus, more exposure to unethical/inappropriate datainformation, cant always verify validity of information (0000002312)Church could be suceptibale to false or misleading information (0000002356)church seems behind the times technologically. Need to invest much money for a good websiteso people will be impressed. (0000002314)Could pay too much attention to the Internet instead of staying focused on the Lord.(0000002311)Creepy people. Agendas I dont agree with, views I dont agree with posted on sites I regularlyvisit (0000002304)Danger of disseminating misleading information or creating misconceptions about the church(0000002309)Easy access to distorted worldviews. Its another medium to keep people from attending churchand having fellowship with one another (like TV does). (0000002303)False teaching is easily spread. Can lack the true fellowship that can come with physicallymeeting together. The internet can never replace personal contact. (0000002318)
  37. 37. 3/8/2011 37Gossip and false doctrine can spread easily. (0000002321)Hackers (0000002330)I do not know (0000002302)i dont know (0000002363)I have no idea (0000002316)I really cant think of any. (0000002343)Ill mention it again but information that is not credible with people trying to find churchesand/or using the internet as ther onnly source of information because it is so easy. (0000002367)Ive found many churches that do not deserve the name Christian, proclaiming awful messagesand claiming Christianity. This same problem is encountered in real life as well so it is notunique to the internet. However, I believe this leads us back to the question of connectivity. Achurch that is not actively involved in the lives of its people and relies too heavily on internetsermon, music, lessons, and interaction in general cannot be contributing to the Church as awhole. (0000002370)It can be an uncontrolled platform for people to use to bring detriment to Gods work in thechurch. It can provide people within the church greater opportunity to commit sin. (0000002325)It can cause a church to be so engaged with new "toys and gimmicks" as to forget that ministry istruly one to one and that the local church is our mission field. While technology is a help it isnot a replacement for person ministry. (0000002375)It cannot be the exclusive way to communicate to members. Not all members use the internet oruse it frequently enough to get last minute details. (0000002301)Just as the internet gives us the ability to share God, it gives non-believers the same opportunityto discredit us, attack us, etc. Although we can broadcast our services online, it should only bethe beginning step for others....not the stopping point. Fellowship in a church (live and inperson) is important. (0000002333)Like other similar forms of technology when you read soneones comments or suggestions youdo not know the tone or the intent and it is much easier to read something the wrong way. It alsotakes away from the personal face to face or voice to voice communication that is vital in alltypes of relationships. (0000002349)lose the face to face contact and communication – the caring can easily get removed(0000002313)
  38. 38. 3/8/2011 38Misinformation (0000002374)Misinterpretation (0000002332)none (0000002334)None that i can think of directly. (0000002369)Not answering the call of the people such as having a prayer line but no one follows up with thatperson. Lack of personal contact. (0000002306)Not communicating clearly and effectively, not keeping up with websites (poor testimony), usingthe internet half-heartedly and with mediocrity could communicate how the Church goes aboutthe rest of its business (0000002299)Not qualified to answer this. (0000002300)not sure (0000002331)not sure about this one (0000002336)Nothing beats personal relationship. Thats what Christianity is all about. A quick email orfacebook post doesnt hold a candle to a phone call, handwritten card/letter, or meal.(0000002357)Often the churchs website is now the first impression. Church seekers will readily judge achurch by its website. The production of material that is not Biblically sound is another danger.(0000002320)Only con I can think of is if someone happens to hack the system and use it for the wrongreasons. (0000002337)People can watch church services on the internet which can be good. It can be bad if this is theonly way you get church. It makes a difference to be at a church with people and not justwatching from your home. (0000002335)People can watch other things rather than go to church (0000002329)People hacking into the website and putting unappropriate things on the site. (0000002364)People might use the internet in place of church membership*many false doctrins are online.(0000002307)People posting about things that should be kept private. Thoughts of people that might influenceothers. (0000002317)
  39. 39. 3/8/2011 39People start to live virtual lives, and get disconnected form each other. In the church this is aparticular problem, as we are to be one body, unfortunately we are becoming just a bunch ofscattered and isolated limbs. (0000002305)People watching online and not being connected to the fellowship of the body. (0000002378)People/groups who wish the Church/religion harm can access private information--send falseinformation--try to surpress the freedom of religion--etc. (0000002323)Porn, gambling, addiction to all kinds of things that take you away from the family or job, inaddition to keeping you from church and church functions. (0000002351)Porn, gambling, bad information (0000002365)rob individuals of time (0000002381)security and privacy (0000002308)The church can become consumed with technology and new, inventive ways to get the churchname to reach to other people, that the basic goal of spreading Christ, becomes lost in the pursuitof whats "bigger and better". (0000002359)The internet was created a cultural paradigm where we can become so dependent on theelectronic communication and interaction that pastors can lose the personal touch with peopleand thereby opening the door for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Clearcommunication involves body language, voice inflection, and tone. All of which are absentelectronically. Staff must also be extra careful when communicating electronically because whatthey write whether via email or facebook once its out there, its out there. And can easily spendto the worldwide community and create undesirable results. The internet has thrown open theflood gates to the porn world causing much marital conflict and teen involvement. Counselinghas expanded expediently on this issue. Even well intended careful research can uncover lustfulsites that can create a temptation thats only a click away. So dangers would involve: sinful sites,gossip, mis-communication, impersonal, time consumer.. (0000002346)The priority of computer over church might keep some away from church. Any societal problem(above)i would also affect the church. (0000002310)The same drawbacks apply to society as well, but it can be worse in some cases of the church.When its being viewed by anyone, its not healthy, but pornography tends to have a huge hold onyoung Christian men, as well as adults. It destroys relationships and church bodies. Its adownfall of lust for many people, but I do not believe this issue should not cause a church to notuse the internet. Instead the church should be developing alternatives and help programs thatmake sure anyone under the grips of this sin is released and rehabilitated. (0000002315)Too impersonal for witnessing ? (0000002382)
  40. 40. 3/8/2011 40too much time spent, distracts from one on one social interaction, neglecting chores/self(0000002376)Unfortunately, use of the churchs computer needs to be monitored. (0000002377)waste of time, easy access to sinful things (0000002338)Wasting time and seeing and hearing innappropriate stuff (0000002319)We are so easily drawn into all these dumb gimmicky things like paste this if you are truly myfriend. We have a tendency to believe first and ask questions later. (0000002340)While the service is going on the people could be on Internet just searching and looking at stuffthey dont need to look at (0000002324)You lose that personal one on one relationship with both believers and unbelievers.(0000002322)You never know who you are talking to or helping (0000002327)
  41. 41. 3/8/2011 4111. How does YOUR church use the Internet? How Does Your Church Use the Internet? Counts PercentChurch Web Page 58 89%Email to membership 37 57%Live streaming of services 37 57%Viewing of previous services 32 49%Face Book page 29 45%POD Casts (downloading of sermons) 21 32%Bible Study programs 13 20%Online giving 13 20%Other: 12 18%Sermon Notes 9 14% How Does Your Church Use the Internet? Sermon Notes 9 Other: 12 Online giving 13 Bible Study programs 13 POD Casts (downloading of 21 sermons) Face Book page 29 Viewing of previous services 32 Live streaming of services 37 Email to membership 37 Church Web Page 58 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Responces
  42. 42. 3/8/2011 42Comments/Notes:Address of church (0000002326)Announcements (0000002303)Calendars (0000002337)Connecting with missionaries and resources for pastors. (0000002310)Feedback, suggestions (0000002376)How to connect with the church (0000002364)I dont have a Church (0000002323)I dont have a church (0000002316)Mission Activity (0000002328)Online Volunteer Signup Sheets (0000002320)Prayer updates (0000002307)Prayer chain (0000002370)Prayer groups, announcements (0000002350)Public WiFi, App for iphone users. (0000002312)
  43. 43. 3/8/2011 4312. Are there other ways the Church could be using the Internet? Opportunities for the Church CountBible Studies 5Evangelism 3Registration Forms 3Callendars/Events 2Missionary Information 2Teaching Material 2Chat Rooms 1Counseling 1Daily Devotionals 1Enough Staff to Maintain Web Site 1Face Book 1Follow up on Sick/Absentees 1Liniks to Online Bibles 1Liniks to Prayer/Praises 1Links to Missionary Web Sites 1Links to Support (e.g. Red Croos) 1Lists of Sick/Hospitalized 1Online Prayer Room 1Recruiting Vollunteers 1Sermon Starters 1Showcase Ministries 1 Internet Opportunities for the Church S h o wc as e M inis trie s 1 S e rm o n S tarte rs 1 R e c ru iting Vo llu nte e rs 1 O nline P raye r R o o m 1 Lis ts o f S ic k/H o s p italize d 1 Link s to S u pp o rt (e .g. R e d C ro o s ) 1 Link s to M is s io nary We b S ite s 1 Linik s to P raye r/P rais e s 1 Linik s to O nline B ible s 1 F o llo w u p o n S ic k /Abs e nte e s 1 F ac e B o o k 1 E no u gh S taff to M aintain We b S ite 1 D aily D e vo tio nals 1 C o u ns e ling 1 C hat R o o m s 1 T e ac hing M ate rial 2 M is s io nary Info rm atio n 2 C alle nd ars /E ve nts 2 R e gis tratio n F o rm s 3 E vange lis m 3 B ible S tu d ie s 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Responses
  44. 44. 3/8/2011 44Access to better teaching materials for small groups. (0000002303)As our culture adapts to new ways of doming things the church must stay up to date with all ofthis info so that the gospel can be realytable to everyones hotspots. (0000002367)bible studies (0000002338)calendars and events (0000002299)Cant think of any. (0000002357)Cant think of anything at the moment (0000002322)cant think of any (0000002382)contact new members in the community (0000002381)Could have a Facebook (or Yahoo group) that is all about church events, activities. But then, wedo have the church web site. Im hesitant to suggest more use of the computer because it eats upso much of peoples time as it is. (0000002310)counseling, classes (0000002351)dont know (0000002373)Downloadable/printable forms for Church programs (permission forms, registration forms, etc.).Online registration for programs. Church Missionary information. (0000002301)Evangelism, Apologetics, Marketing Jesus/Church, and More Missionary Outreaching.(0000002372)Evangelism, fundraising (0000002365)Exalting the Name of Jesus thru song and sermons offered in the middle of the night when thereare so many people searching, sponsoring chat rooms for the lonely people of the world(0000002327)Facebook is not the only Social Media outlet. I think that the church must have a full grasp onthe idea of Social Media as should any organization/company that would use this as an Ad/ P.R.method. Working with Apple to have Podcasts on iTunes allows church goers to download themp3 right to their iPod/iPhone. (0000002315)Feedback, suggestions (0000002376)
  45. 45. 3/8/2011 45I think all religions should be more tolerant of other religions and beliefs--for most religionshave the same basic concepts--and that can be spread to millions through the Internet.(0000002323)I would like to see our pastor using more sermon starters or illustrations from the web.(0000002308)Ive seen such a variety of media and services offered that I cannot think of a way that is not inuse. I do think that as the way our society interacts changes, the church should evaluate thebenefit and strive to stay connected as long as its not at odds with Biblical truth. (0000002370)In the place of mailers and flyers where individuals chose to leave their email address as a meansto communicate (0000002364)it is the big way to attracted the younger generation (0000002336)It would be cool to have an online chat ministry where folks were available at certain times tochat with folks and pray for them. Another thought would be online daily devotionals.(0000002313)May be. Not really active in this area. (0000002369)My church could use our website and share links for support groups, community organizationsthat can render aid (Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Rape Hotline, Elderly Abuse, Child Abuse,etc.) We could have a group bible study similar to online classes with a chatroom and bulletinboard. (0000002306)offering online Bible studies and local seminars that may even be outside of their denominationalcircles. (0000002346)Online training classes to allow Christians around the world to learn from each other and witheach other. (0000002375)Outreach (0000002377)Podcasts, event info (0000002349)possibly, the biggest weakness I see is churches not having someone on staff that can keep theirwebsites up to date-- a website that isnt updated regularly (at least monthly if not weekly) ispointless or at minimum ineffective for much more than advertising....but that wasnt thequestion... maybe showcasing ministries/recruiting volunteers; online permissionforms/membership applications; police checks for childrens workers; sign-up sheets for events;facilitation of contact groups--(online groups of accountability and care that generate contact ofgroup member when absent for a period, sick, in need, etc.--like small groups but with an addedvirtual touch--small groups are only as effective as their regular attendance) (0000002350)