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2011 Market Research in Ireland
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2011 Market Research in Ireland


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Introduction to Market Research in Ireland with introduction to new approaches and techniques available using tech savvy tools and methods to get close to the consumer

Introduction to Market Research in Ireland with introduction to new approaches and techniques available using tech savvy tools and methods to get close to the consumer

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. iReach Market Research Introduction toiReach Market Research 2011 Oisin Byrne Managing Director, iReach Market Research 1
  • 2. Approach and Ethos• Research Market somewhat traditional in Ireland• New technologies and Online innovations have the potential to add real, measurable benefits to market research• An enhancement, rather than replacement of more traditional research methods• Cost Effective, Innovative, Timely and Flexible
  • 3. Deeper Insights | Better Research• Innovation – Only Agency with own Research Panels – Online, Video and Mobile Research• Best Practices – Methodologies, Data Validation – QA, Analysis and Reporting• Excellence of People – Research Analysts – Project Consultants• Leading Technology – Support for all Research Methods – Range of Reporting Options
  • 4. iReach Research Panels• iReach Panels for Quantitative and Qualitative – Consumer Panel of 15,000 Adults – Business Panel of 5,000 Decision Makers• GB and Northern Ireland – Consumer Panel of 5,000 Adults in NI – Consumer Panel of 15,000 Adults in GB• Fully support ESOMAR 26 Questions – Best Practices in Active Panel Management – Recruitment and Segmentation• International Research Partners – Partners in UK for B2B Panels
  • 5. iReach Market Research methods
  • 6. Research Methods and Techniques• Online Research – Most Quantitative Projects now using Online – Ad Hoc and Trackers – Ideal for Rich Media Support (TV, Radio and Print)• CATI – Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Pre-screening, Segmentation and Recruitment• Qualitative Research – Focus Groups and In-depths – Mystery Shopping Research
  • 7. Use of iReach Research Panels• Custom or Ad Hoc Projects – New Product Development and Concept Testing – PR and Media (Ad Testing) – Brand Awareness and Customer Advocacy• Regular Trackers – Digital Pulse Tracker – Digital Consumer Trends – Heart Beat Research (Sub Trackers) – Consumer Shopping Trends – Online and Retail• Monthly Online Omnibus for Research – iReach Business Decisions Multibus – iReach Consumer Decisions Multibus
  • 8. iReach Online Services• Website based Research – Visitor Profiling – Usability and Engagement – Feedback Analytics – Supply Chain and eCommerce• iReach Conversations™ (Launched 06/2011) – iReach or Customer Branded – On-going Research Conversations and Diary Apps – Pre-screening, Segmentation and Recruitment – Support for Rich Media and Social Networking – Social Marketing and Media Tracking
  • 9. New Research TechniquesGetting closer to the Consumer 9
  • 10. Video@Home Research• iReach Consumer Decisions Panel – Pre-screening, Segmentation and Recruitment• Video based Qualitative Research – Focus Groups and In-depths (IDIs) – Include Video with Reports• Qualitative Research at the speed of Online Quant – Turnaround in 3 Days – Polls, Diary Projects and Product Test
  • 11. Video@Home Research• iReach Research Panels – Pre-screening, Segmentation and Recruitment – 200 Members opt-in with WebCams – Nationwide and growing• Mixed Online Qual and Quant – Live Video Streaming or Recorded – Online Surveys with Video for Quant• ‘At home’ research – Family environment and real world – Product Test, Packaging and Tasting
  • 12. Ad Testing
  • 13. Video Based Focus Groups
  • 14. Powerful Co-creation Platform
  • 15. Realtime respondent metrics
  • 16. Video Streaming of Groups
  • 17. Point of Experience Measurement Mobile Research 17
  • 18. Mobile Research Illustration
  • 19. Mobile Research - Applications• Measuring Satisfaction and Advocacy• Evaluating Signage and Service in retail outlets and Brand communications• Understanding the Product Experience• Guaranteeing Brand Consistency• Measure Sponsorship Brand Awareness at Events and Venues• Capture instant feedback on promotions• Track customer trends and behaviors• Evaluate advertisements in field (print/TV)
  • 20. Custom Research Panels• iReach Built Panel of 50 iPhone Owners – Focus Groups and In-depths (IDIs) – Product Testing and Usability – Extending to all Smart Phones• In-Pub Panel – SMS based Opt-In – Incentive Based and recruited ‘in-pub’ – Real-time Surveys at Venue
  • 21. Deeper Insights | Better ResearchDetailed Data Analysis and Reporting 21
  • 22. Research Analysis and Reporting Switch telecoms Switch bank accounts to providers for better get a better rate rates Switch to a cheaper utility provider Ride bike or walk• Detailed Analysis Use sales and % To be used after recession whenever possible Shop more online promotional discounts Use price comparison Cook at home more websites Do DIY often – Robust and Valid Data Buy generic Product Cut back on non- Less common key long term essential spending choices but will strategies remain – Detailed Analysis Cut down on nights out – High Quality Reporting and takeaways Do not touch this at Ok for the moment but• 3 Levels of findings Take fewer holidays all I wont give up on it % Use of the strategies – Summary – Conclusions – Recommendations• Quantitative – Use Open Ends where possible• Qualitative – Use video where possible
  • 23. Service Excellence• Memberships – AMA, AQR, ESOMAR, – Marketing Society, MII• Awards and Recognition – Inspired IT Awards 2008 – Marketing Society Dec 2009 – All Island Marketing (AIM) Awards May 2010 – 2011 Media Awards – Best Research Initiative
  • 24. Summary and Close• Only Agency in Ireland with our own proprietary Research Panels• Recognised for Market Research Excellence• Select the best Approaches for each research project• Maximise the benefits of Qual and Quant research methods• Focused on Deeper and actionable Insights• Timely and Cost Effective research projects
  • 25. Questions and Close 01-4003600 | 086 850 6364For more information, demonstrations and case studies visit