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Greek alphabet

Greek alphabet






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    Greek alphabet Greek alphabet Presentation Transcript

    • ALPHA• A is for Aρχερς ΢υν(Archers son), or Apollo, the Sun God who helps the Trojans through out the Iliad. Apollo as sent a plague to the Greeks for taking Chrysies.
    • BETA• Β is for Bpισηις(Briseis),who was captured from the Trojans by Achilles as a prize of war, but was later taken by Agamemnon
    • GAMMAΓ is for Γιυς (Guise), which is what Apollo wears to lureAchilles away from Hector.
    • DELTAΔ is for Δεπλου(Deploy). Agamemnon deployed histroops on the shores of Troy.
    • EPSILONΕ is for Εξτολ(Extol), which is what the Greeks do totheir gods. An example would be worshiping orpraising Apollo at his alter and giving an offering.
    • ETA• H is for Βητ(Bait). The Greeks used the Trojan horse as bait to penetrate the walls of Troy.
    • ZETAZ is for Ζουμ(Zoom). Achilles zoomed past the Trojansafter Hector, because he was so enraged by thedeath of Patroclus.
    • THETA• Θ is for Θετις(Thetis), is Achilles mother and asks Zeus to take the Trojans side.
    • IOTA• I is for Ινδυστρυκτυβυλ(Indestructible) which is what Achilles was believed to be. His only weakness was his Achilles tendon, which turns out to be his downfall.
    • KAPPA• K is for Καλχυς (Calchas), or the prophet that tells Achilles why Apollo is so angry.
    • LAMBDA• Λ is for Λικαον(Lycaon), who is was one of the sons of Priam, that Achilles killed.
    • MU• M is for Μυθερ οφ Γοδς(Mother of Gods), also known as Hera, who sent Athena to stop Achilles from killing Agamemnon .
    • NU• N is for Νεστορ(Nestor), who is an old man who told Achilles and Agamemnon to stop fighting.
    • XI• Ξ is for Εξιτ(Exit), the Greeks waited until the Trojans were asleep to exit the fake horse, because they could then catch them off guard and ransack Troy.
    • OMICRON• O is for ορσμεν(Oarsmen). Agamemnon ordered Chrysies to be sent away on a boat that had 20 oarsmen, because that was the only way to calm Apollo.
    • PI• Π is for Πωσιδον(Poseidon), who is the god of the sea and built the walls of Troy along with Apollo.
    • RHO• P is for Ρεμις(Remiss), Achilles was remiss in the battle of Troy until Hector killed Patroclus.
    • SIGMA• ΢ is for ΢τρυκ(Struck). Apollo struck Patroclus off his horse, giving Hector the opportunity to kill him.
    • TAU• T is from Tpεμβuλ(tremble). Hector began to tremble as Achilles began to get closer.
    • UPSILON• Y is for Υκιλες(Achilles), who is the greatest fighter of Agamemnons army, who kills Hector, and who is the son of Thetis.
    • PHI• Φ is for Φηκ(Fake). The Greeks built a fake, hollow, wooden horse so the Trojans would bring it into their city.
    • CHI• X is for Χερεοτ(Chariot), which is what all the leaders ride into battle on.
    • PSI• Ψ is for Βισεψ(Biceps). Achilles biceps were bulging out during his battle with hector. He eventually overpowers Hector, stabbing him through his collar bone and killing him. Priam warned Hector not to fight Achilles for this reason.
    • OMEGA• Ω is for Ωδισευς(Odysseus), who is a warrior in the Greek army and recommends the idea of the Trojan horse.