How I can help you with customer experience management CEM


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This presentation shows you some key points on how I can help you with Customer Experience Management CEM. The presentation shows five key issues with ways to solve them.

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How I can help you with customer experience management CEM

  1. 1. How I can helpHow I can help you with Customeryou with Customer ExperienceExperience ManagementManagement © Janne Ohtonen 2013
  2. 2. Start with an action planStart with an action plan I will work with you and your executive team to: •Reach agreement of the meaning and impact of customer experience transformation (maturity). •Decide how much your organisation can take on and the speed of the journey. Create a path that is clear for the organisation to follow on how the work will be led and managed (roadmap). •Unite communication from leaders on the path and direct how it will unfold (leadership). Page  2 Many times organisations decide that they want to get some early traction by telling everyone to “focus on the customer experience”. Then silos begin taking action separately within their own functional areas. This leads to a “false positive” that action is occurring and traction is happening, but it eventually stalls out, because the actions do not aggregate up to improve an end-to-end customer experience on organisational level. © Janne Ohtonen -
  3. 3. Definition and AlignmentDefinition and Alignment I will work with you and a cross-functional team to: •Build a organisation-wide agreement of the framework for your customer experience management journey. •Map a draft of touch points that comprise the customer experience journey and internal interactions. •Evaluate the impact of business rules to customer experience. •Identify the customer strategy and successful customer outcomes. Page  3 Often functional areas of an organisation independently map their portion of the customer journey. This means your organisation is not collectively focusing and prioritising actions to fix and improve customer experiences. Defining the successful customer outcomes consistently and gaining alignment is very important for the overall success and increasing revenues. © Janne Ohtonen -
  4. 4. CompetenciesCompetencies I will work with you and your team to: •Assist you in focusing the organisation on committing to a few important priorities to ensure success. •Provide leaders with a new language set for talking about and driving accountability based on your customer experience journey. •Build a repeatable process, which will make customer experience and innovation domain of all. Page  4 Frequently organisations take on too much work when they get on the customer experience band wagon. As a result, the infrastructure for creating an “evergreen” process for identifying issues and opportunities, aligning cross functional teams for improvement and encouraging accountability are not embedded into the DNA of how the organisation runs. © Janne Ohtonen -
  5. 5. MetricsMetrics I will work with you and your team to: •Create a bridge between the customer experience and the development of operational processes. •Communicate the importance of focusing on metrics that impact directly successful customer outcomes. •Identify the few most powerful process metrics to track. •Introduce metrics that are most relevant for your customers, and educate on the most appropriate time to add the metrics to employee compensation and high- level scorecards. Page  5 You get what you measure. The challenge with customer satisfaction surveys is that they are impacted by numerous factors, not all of which can be impacted by the functional areas of the organisation that are given the survey metrics as their performance score. This can drive behaviour of “chasing the score” rather than working on the processes that actually impact it. © Janne Ohtonen -
  6. 6. EngagementEngagement I will work with you and everyone in your organisation to: •Build specific activities to engage leaders and prepare communication to create continuity in messaging about customer experience across your organisation. •Provide the best approach for your organisation to engage everyone into customer centric process innovation. •Rethink annual planning to start with the customer experience rather than silo based individual priorities. Page  6 Often executives say that they focus on the customer experience – but they hand off the actual work to functional areas to work on. Leaders must commit to being personally involved – beyond a monthly “check in” meeting. It is very hard to sustain the customer centric work without executive involvement driving the new prioritisation and actions, and giving people permission and encouragement to work together towards successful customer outcomes. © Janne Ohtonen -