Wisdom From A Laugh 5, 6


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Two humorous pieces "Neighbours" and "The Fisherman" for us to reflect upon on our Path to develop Compassion and Wisdom.

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Wisdom From A Laugh 5, 6

  1. 1. Neighbours Joe : I heard that you and your neighbour are not on speaking terms. What happened? Sam : He was too much. One day, when I started to cut grass with my lawn mower at six in the morning, my neighbour sent me a bottle of lubricating oil. Joe : And what did you do? Sam : I sent it back to him and told him to use it on his wife every time she started singing at midnight. And you know what …two days later, when he heard my wife coughing badly, he brought the bottle back with a note saying , ‘Good medicine for your wife’s horrible cough.’ Reflection Neighbours need to learn to live in harmony with one another, otherwise life can be miserable. Words or actions that insult, ridicule or put down another person should not be used. They will result in the wrong doer getting unpleasant consequences. We need to practise tolerance, patience and understanding. These are high virtues. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin
  2. 2. The Fisherman A man saw a fisherman standing by a lake with a mirror. “Excuse me,” he asked the fisherman. "What are you doing?" “I am fishing,” the fisherman replied. “With a mirror?” “Sure - it’s a new discovery. I’m going to make a fortune!” “Can you tell me how it works?” “Okay, but it’ll cost you a hundred dollars.” The first man was curious and greedy; he gave the fisherman the money. “Well,” the fisherman began, “first you aim the mirror into the water. When a fish comes along, you shock the fish with the rays of light reflected from the mirror. The fish will get confused and then you grab it.” The first man was stunned. “You can’t mean to tell me that’s how you fish. It’s ridiculous! How many have you caught?" “You’re the fifth today!” the fisherman replied coolly. Reflection The world today is full of con men. People are trapped and become victims because of their greed. When delusion and greed overwhelm a person's mind, he loses wisdom and clarity of the mind. Beware! Let not greed conquer us for greed and covetousness will lead one to a suffering state. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin