Wisdom From A Laugh 37, 38
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Wisdom From A Laugh 37, 38



Two pieces of Humor with Life Lessons to reflect upon as one walks the Path to gain Wisdom.

Two pieces of Humor with Life Lessons to reflect upon as one walks the Path to gain Wisdom.



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Wisdom From A Laugh 37, 38 Document Transcript

  • 1. Wisdom From A Laugh 37 One Fine Day A husband and wife were returning home by bus after their weekly marketing. The husband lighted a cigarette and started puffing away. Wife : Hey, didn’t the doctor advise you to stop smoking smoking months ago? Husband : Indeed he did, darling. And I promised the doctor I will quit smoking one fine day. Wife : It’s been three months already. Hasn’t that fine day arrived? Husband : Ah … every time I decide to quit when the fine day comes, the day immediately turns lousy! Reflection Bad habits cling to a person very strongly and are difficult to remove. It takes understanding, wisdom and discipline or a strong will power to give up one’s bad habits. It is wise never to pick up a bad habit right from the very start.
  • 2. Wisdom From A Laugh 38 Getting Even The sweet young wife was telling the counselor that she had been sleeping in another room ever since she caught her husband sleeping with the neighbour. “It’s your duty to forgive him, my dear lady,” the counselor said as he patted her hand. The lady fell into his arms gently sobbing. “But,” the counselor added, as his grip tightened, “how’d you like to get even with the S.O.B. first? I live at No. 233. Block5. Cholten Apartment Singapore 22 ” Reflection Beware! Even people whom you trust and who help may not have so clear and good intentions. They may take advantage of you and capitalise on your weak moments. Many have been conned when the mind is overwhelmed by negative emotional states.