Wisdom From A Laugh 173, 174
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Wisdom From A Laugh 173, 174



2 pieces of Humor with Wisdom lessons

2 pieces of Humor with Wisdom lessons



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Wisdom From A Laugh 173, 174 Document Transcript

  • 1. 4 Wisdom From A Laugh 173 The Witness An old man was called to be a witness in a case of burglary. The defense lawyer asked the old man Chin Gau Seow, " Mr. Chin did you actually see my client commit this burglary?" "Yes I did," said Gau Seow , "I saw him very clearly take the items." The lawyer asked Gau Seow again, "Mr. Chin, the burglary took place at night. Are you certain you saw my client commit this crime?" "Definitely" said Gau Seow, "I saw him do it." Then the lawyer asked the old man, "Now listen Mr. Chin… you are 80 years old and your eye sight probably is bad. Just how far can you see at night?" Without hesitation, Gau Seow said, "I can see the moon at night…how far is that?" Reflections * We should never underestimate the intelligence, mental alertness, wit and humor of old people. * We must treat elderly people with respect.
  • 2. Wisdom From A Laugh 174 Pig Toes The farmers of the community gathered in the small town hall to discuss some important issues and resolve the problems affecting their farms. About half-way through the meeting, a wife of one of the farmers stood up and gave her views and suggestions on the issues at hand. After she finished voicing her views, an elderly farmer stood up and said loudly, “What does a woman know about anything with regard to farming matters? I am very curious to know if she knows how many toes a pig has.” Immediately the woman stood up and shot back, “Take off your boots sir, and count them yourself!” Reflection * We should not think lowly of the fairer sex or for that matter any other person. * When one looks down upon another and uses words that insult or ridicule the person, he can get insults hurled back at him too.