Wisdom From A Laugh 165, 166


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Two pieces of Humor With Life Lessons for Reflection

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Wisdom From A Laugh 165, 166

  1. 1. 4 Wisdom From A Laugh 165 Silent Treatment Ah Too once quarreled with his wife at home. The couple refused to talk to each other after the quarrel. Three days later, Ah Too realized that he had to ask his wife to wake him up at 5.30 am as he had an arrangement with his buddies to go on a fishing trip. However, Ah Too did not want to lose the ‘cold war’ with his wife by talking to his wife first. So he wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake me up tomorrow at 5.00 am. I am going fishing with my buddies at 5.30 am”. He then placed the paper on the kitchen table. He was sure his wife would read it. The next morning, Ah Too woke up only to find that it was already 9.00 am. His friends had left for the fishing trip without him. He was furious. As he was about to go and confront his wife for an explanation why she did not wake him up, he noticed a piece of paper on the bed. On it was written in large letters: “IT’S 5.00 AM. WAKE UP!” Reflection When the ego gets in the way during a conflict or quarrel, one may resort to a foolish strategy only to find out later that he has to bear undesirable results… a consequence of being ‘hit back’ by his own strategy
  2. 2. Wisdom From A Laugh 166 The Widow at the Farmhouse Roland and Robert once went hitch-hiking around the country side. On the second day of their travel, they were caught in a very bad storm. They spotted a nearby farmhouse and decided to seek for shelter there. They asked the attractive woman in the farm whether they could spend the night in her farmhouse. “My husband died recently,” the woman explained, “and I’m afraid the neighbors will gossip if I let you stay the night in my house.” “On not to worry,” Roland said, “we’ll be happy to sleep in the barn.” Ten months later, Roland received a letter from the widow’s attorney. He called his friend Robert and asked, “Robert, do you remember that attractive widow at the farm we stayed a night at?” “Of course I do,” Robert replied. “Did you get up in the middle of the night and visited her in her bedroom?” Roland asked. “Yes, I have to admit that I did,” Robert answered. “Did you happen to use my name instead of telling her your own name?” Robert’s face turned red and he said, “I am sorry but I’m afraid I used your name and gave her your address.” “Oh thanks Robert! The rich widow just died and left me everything!” Reflections * How often have we used deceit to protect ourselves…we care little about the trouble we might put others into. * Life is full of surprises. It doe s not pay to resort to dishonest and unwholesome ways. One will regret one’s deceitful ways.