Wesak 2013 Aspirations

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Aspirations to make as one walks the spiritual path

Aspirations to make as one walks the spiritual path

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  • 1. 120132013
  • 2. 2WESAKWESAKCommemoratesCommemoratesThe Birth Of Siddhartha,The Birth Of Siddhartha,His EnlightenmentHis EnlightenmentAnd The ParinibbanaAnd The ParinibbanaOf The BuddhaOf The Buddha
  • 3. 3Greed willcause paineventually.May we practiceGenerosity
  • 4. 4Selfishness cannotbringhappiness.May we behelpful andshowkindness.
  • 5. 5Immorality will bring suffering.May we be pure in every dealing.
  • 6. 6Impure thoughts, speech and deedsbring misery.May we observe our Precepts carefully.
  • 7. 7The danger of Attachment is truly great.May we realize this before it is too late.
  • 8. 8Ego and clinging to the Self cause much Dis-ease.May we realize Non-Self so that Dukkha can cease.
  • 9. 9Ignorance and Craving cause Dukkha.May we see things as they truly are.
  • 10. 10Mental defilements obstruct the Path to Wisdom.May we walk The Middle Way to Enlightenment.
  • 11. 11Sloth and laziness hinder spiritual progress.May we strive energetically for success.
  • 12. 12Nibbana cannot be reachedwithout perseverance.May we strive on diligentlyfor deliverance.
  • 13. 13To be Enlightened needs patience or Khanti.May we strive on in the Dhamma patiently.
  • 14. 14Patience and understanding are important.May we bear with others’ mistakes as we learn.
  • 15. 15Truth is most powerful and supreme.May we be honest in our living.
  • 16. 16Integrity is spiritually good.May we never swerve from the Path of Truth.
  • 17. 17To attain the Goal needs discipline.May we be patient and determined.
  • 18. 18Persistenceis essentialin spiritualpractice.May we notslacken onthe Path toNibbanicBliss.
  • 19. 19We need tocultivateLoving-Kindness.May we spreadto all Love andHappiness.
  • 20. 20Metta brings us benefits most certainly.May we be compassionate, kind and friendly.
  • 21. 21Equanimity brings true mental peace.May our mind be balanced and at ease.
  • 22. 22We need to develop tranquility.May we be able to live peacefully.
  • 23. 23The EndWith Metta, Bro. Oh Teik BinMay We Have A Prosperous NationAnd A Peaceful LifeHAPPYWESAKHAPPYWESAK