Thoughts And Words To Live By 45

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The keys to Success …

The keys to Success
From a Forwarded Email

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  • 1. SIX KEYS TO SUCCESSAttitudeBloom where you are planted. You have a choice to get back up aftertemporary set backs. Attitude is a small thing that makes a bigdifference!DirectionIf you dont know where you are going, any road will get you there.Putting your dreams and goals down on paper lock in or focus yourbelief that they can be achieved--even if you have to take a coursecorrection in achieving your goals. Success comes in cans, failurecomes in cants.ValuesExplore what is important to you. Maybe it is family, friends, yourspirituality or working hard at any given task. Very important thatyou value yourself and treat yourself as one with great potentialities.InterestsBirds of a feather flock together. This is to say that if you are hangingaround winners or others with a "can do" mind-set, youll likelyadapt to this same kind of thinking. Remember--"SUCCESSLEAVES CLUES!CommitmentFeelings may change, commitments do not." Success is getting up onemore time than you fall. You must think about what theconsequences of giving up will be. Generally, this is more thanenough of a motivation to make us stick to the task at hand even if wedont feel like it. When the task is achieved, IT FEELS GREAT!EncouragementBe an encourager and comforter to friends that are feelingdiscouraged. You will not regret this as you will be encouraged byone, if not many, when you are feeling down. Encouragement andlove are contagious qualities that can change the minds of the moststubborn and "hard-to-get-along-with" people you know. Hangtough, press on, & NEVER, EVER, EVER, quit!( From A Forwarded Email )