Story to Reflect Upon 145, 146


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Two Short Stories with LIFE Lessons for reflection,

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Story to Reflect Upon 145, 146

  1. 1. Story To Reflect Upon 145 Flame oF love The Axe declared proudly, “I can overcome it. I can master it.” With these words, he struck many heavy blows on the very hard and strong steel. However, each blow only made his edge more blunt. Finally he gave up and stopped the striking. The Saw stepped in and said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me to handle the steel.” With his sharp teeth, the Saw relentlessly worked on the steel back and forth. How pathetic! To his dismay, all of his teeth were worn out or broken off and the steel did not yield. The Hammer laughed loudly, “Ho! Ho! I knew you all could not do it. Let me show you how.” To everyone’s amusement, with the very first blow, the head of the Hammer flew off and the steed remained unchanged. The Flame humbly asked, “May I try?’ And it curled itself gently around the strong and hard steel; he embraced it tightly and would not let go. The tough steel melted. Reflection * There are hearts that are hard enough to resist the forces of wrath or the fury of pride. But hard is the heart that can resist the warm "flame of Love".
  2. 2. Story To Reflect Upon 146 Creative Strategy One sunny morning, a blind man was sitting along the side pavement of a large building. In front of him by his feet was a begging bowl. There was a sign near the bowl and it read: “I AM BLIND. PLEASE HELP.” A kind-hearted and highly creative man walked past the beggar and he noticed that there were only a few coins in the bowl. Few passers-by had stopped to help. The man took out from his pocket some coins and put them into the beggar’s bowl. Without asking the beggar for permission, he then took the sign, turned it around and wrote a new announcement on it. He then put the sign back into its place and walked away. In the afternoon, the kind man returned to the place where the beggar was. He was very happy to see that the beggar’s bowl was now full of money – coins and some dollar notes. The beggar recognized the footsteps of the kind man and he asked, “Sir, was it you who rewrote my sign?” “Yes my friend,” the kind man told the beggar. “May I know what it was that you wrote on my sign that made a difference to my begging?” "Nothing that was not true. I just rewrote your sign differently". The kind man smiled and went on his way. The blind man never knew but his new sign read: "TODAY IS SPRING AND I CANNOT SEE IT." Reflections * Kind acts of charity are most praiseworthy. They go a long way to help those in need. * Divergent and creative thinking are important to bring results to a cause or a cry for help. "TODAY IS SPRING AND I CANNOT SEE IT."