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Story To Reflect Upon 131, 132
Story To Reflect Upon 131, 132
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Story To Reflect Upon 131, 132


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Two Stories with Life Lessons for Reflection …

Two Stories with Life Lessons for Reflection
( From Forwarded Emails )

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Story To Reflect Upon 131The SecreT of SucceSSHenry Ford is an immortal figure in the annals ofthe twentieth century. The visionary entrepreneur,who introduced the concept of assembly linetechnology, became the first industrialist whopioneered mass production of Automobiles. He alsointroduced the first ever low priced car, for it washis dream that every one of his workers should beable to afford to buy the cars they produced.His other inventions included charcoal briquetteswidely used in Barbeque, charcoal grills, fireplaces,etc.On his 75th birthday, Henry Ford was asked thesecret of his successful career. His answer wassimple.Th e s e c r e t is athr e e f o l d one:1) I never overeat.2) I never worry too much.3) Whatever I do, I do my best, and I knowwhatever happens to me, it is for my best.I trust in the Lord.
  • 2. Story To Reflect Upon 132The Power Of ThoughtsTwo friends met each other after a long interval oftime. Both were salesmen, earnestly engaged inbuilding up their careers. One of them was downcast."Im doing very well," he said ruefully. "Whenever Igo to meet the top man in any office, he is sure to beout! How can I make my sales prosper? I know this isgoing to happen to me again and again. I make myappointment, I reach on time - but I am sure I will notmeet the person concerned. Invariably, they tell me hehas just left! Its hopeless I tell you!"His friend replied, "Whenever I go to meet someoneimportant, I surely expect to find him there! Imconfident that I can convince him to do business withme, and I always come away with a successful sale!"Reflections* Mind is the forerunner of all things…Thoughts have power. Thoughts constitute the ink in thepen of our life.* We will do well to remember that we are writing our owndestiny with our thoughts!* Positive thinking is important to help one realize hiswishes and dreams. A negative mind attracts negativehappenings.* Visualize your Goals and you are on the way to attainingthem!