Reflections For The Heart


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A Power Point Presentation by Bro. Oh Teik Bin,
Lower Perak Buddhist Association, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia. For Dhamma Reflection to gain some insights and wisdom into the real nature of things.

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Reflections For The Heart

  1. 1. Reflections For The Heart
  2. 2. As a mother would risk her life to protect her child, her only child, even so should one cultivate a boundless heart to all living beings. Sutta Nipata 1,8
  3. 3. Train in acts of merit that bring long and lasting bliss. Develop generosity, a life in tune, a mind of goodwill. Itivuttaka 23
  4. 4. At death a person abandons what he construes as ‘mine’. Realizing this, the wise shouldn’t incline to be devoted to ‘mine’. Sutta Nipata IV,6
  5. 5. He who is wise and disciplined, kindly and intelligent, humble, free from pride, such a one will honour gain. Digha Nikaya 31
  6. 6. By giving, good kamma grows; by restraint hatred is checked. He who is skilled abandons evil. As greed, hatred and delusion are uprooted, peace is gained. Digha Nikaya, 16
  7. 7. By deeds, vision, and righteousness, by virtue and the Noble Life – by these are mortals purified, not by lineage and wealth. Majjhima Nikaya 143
  8. 8. “ As I am, so are others; as others are, so am I.” Having thus identified self and others, harm no one nor have them harmed. Sutta Nipata III, 11
  9. 9. One who is hospitable, and friendly, liberal and unselfish, a guide, an instructor, a leader, such a one to honour may attain. Digha Nikaya 31
  10. 10. An unskilled state of mind leads to one’s downfall. A skilled state of mind leads to one’s development. Know this and take the path upwards. Majjhima Nikaya 8
  11. 11. One is not low because of birth nor does birth make one low. Deeds alone make one noble. Sutta Nipata 1, 7
  12. 12. Gain, loss, fame and ill-fame, blame, praise, happiness and sorrow: impermanent are these things among men, not lasting but subject to change. Anguttara Nikaya VIII 5
  13. 13. Ever virtuous and wise, with mind collected, reflecting on oneself and ever mindful, one crosses the flood so difficult to cross. Sutta Nipata 1, 9
  14. 14. Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy, or a foe to a foe, the ill-directed mind can do to you even worse. Udana IV, 3
  15. 15. Those to whom the Dhamma is clear, are not led into other doctrines; perfectly enlightened with perfect knowledge, they walk evenly over the uneven. Samyutta Nikaya 1, 7
  16. 16. A mind that when touched by the ways of the world, is unshaken, sorrowless, dustless, secure: this is the highest good fortune. Sutta Nipata II, 3
  17. 17. Just as a person with good sight, encountering a treacherous, uneven place, would try hard to avoid it, a wise person, in the world of life, should avoid all evil. Udana V, 3
  18. 18. The End May We All Grow in Wisdom And Compassion. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin