Grammar With Humor 17
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Grammar With Humor 17



A Humorous Lesson on the Grammatical use of "used to"

A Humorous Lesson on the Grammatical use of "used to"



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Grammar With Humor 17 Document Transcript

  • 1. The Past Perfect Grammar With Humor 17 Used to Complete the jokes by using used to with one of the following verbs: be chase dive get know turn saw sit study take be called 1 And where did you learn to chop down trees, old man? > In the Sahara desert in Africa. But there aren’t any trees in the Sahara, the young man replied. > I know. But there ………………..! 2 Two magicians met at a party and started talking. > What happened to the girl you …………….. in half? Oh, she’s now living in New York and San Francisco. 3 I wonder what happened to that silly blonde girl Peter ………………….. > I dyed my hair! 4 In India when I was a young man in the army, I ………… wild elephants on horses. > Really? I never knew that elephants could ride horses. 5 I worked in a circus when I was in my twenties. > What did you do? I …………… into a bucket of water from a height of six meters. Then I broke my neck. > What happened? Did you miss the bucket? No. Some idiot had emptied the water out. 6 I learned to swim at an early age. When I was three my parents …………. me out to sea in a little boat and throw me into the water. > Wasn’t that a difficult way to learn to swim? Well, the swimming was easy – it was getting out of the sack
  • 2. that was the difficult bit. 7 I ……………… into a werewolf once a month but I’m all right nowooowoowooo! 8 Our cat …………. Tom. Now it’s called Isabelle. > Why did you change its name? It had five kittens last week. 9 David, you ………………… very good marks in your class tests. I just don’t understand why you’re now at the bottom of the class. > It’s the teacher’s fault. What do you mean? > I …………….. next to the boy who is always top of the class but the teacher moved me to another seat and now I can’t copy from him! 10 I ………… French, German and Algebra at school. > Funny! I’ve never heard anybody speak Algebra. ANSWERS 1 used to be 2 used to saw 3 used to know 4 used to chase 5 used to dive 6 used to take 7 used to turn 8 used to be called 9 used to get, used to sit 10 used to study 8 driving. HUMOR PIC Reflection * One can lose one’s clear thinking or memory when there is stress, anxiety or fear. Train the mind to be steady, concentrated and mindful! * Do not let your feelings or emotions overwhelm you to the extent that you lose rational and wise thinking.