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Grammar with Humor 14
Grammar with Humor 14
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Grammar with Humor 14


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A Fun Grammar Lesson on the use of 'Will' and 'Going To'

A Fun Grammar Lesson on the use of 'Will' and 'Going To'

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Grammar With Humor 14 Will/going to - 2 The Past Perfect Complete the jokes by putting these words or phrases in the gaps provided: die Emergency Exit funeral long looks round sleep sober fly wet 1 Waiter, will my pizza be ………? > No, I expect it will be round as usual. 2 Tomorrow my name will be up in lights in every cinema in the country. > How are you going to do that? Easy. I’m changing my name to …………………… 3 Two fish were swimming together in a river. > Look, said the first one. It’s starting to rain. Quick. Let’s swim under the bridge, said the second fish, or we’ll get ……….. 4 Do you think I’ll lose my …………. as I get older? > If you’re lucky! 5 The world will never come to an end. > Why? Because it is …………., stupid! 6 You’re ugly. > And you’re drunk. Yes, but in the morning, I’ll be ……………… 7 The television will never replace the newspaper? > Why? Because you can’t swat a ……… with a television. 8 I think I’m going to lose my job in the flower shop tomorrow.
  • 2. > What for? I sent flowers to a ………… with the wrong card on them. > What did the card say? HOPE YOU’LL BE HAPPY IN YOUR NEW HOME. 9 I know what you’re going to do tonight. > All right then. What am I going to do? You’re going to …………., of course! 10 Doctor, help me. My heart is beating very quickly and I feel terrible. I think I’m going to ………….. > Nonsense. That’s the last thing you’ll do. ANSWERS 1 long 2 Emergency Exit 3 wet 4 looks 6 sober 7 fly 8 funeral 9 sleep 10 5 round HUMOR PIC Reflections * When the mind lacks attention and concentration, one can do the most stupid of things. * Unmindfulness can cause much hardship and suffering to oneself and others.