Grammar with Humor 12


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A Fun Grammar Lesson on
The Past Perfect Continuous

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Grammar with Humor 12

  1. 1. Grammar GRAMMAR is FUN With Humor 12 The Past Perfect The Past Perfect ContinuousComplete the jokes by putting these verbs in the gapsprovided. Watch your spelling!dig follow go play run stand walk watch1 Mrs Smith had been … her doctor’s advice forweeks but she wasn’t feeling any better so she decided tovisit the doctor again.“The pills you gave me don’t seem to be working. I stillfeel extremely tired.”“Well, perhaps the problem is your diet. What have youbeen eating?”“Oh!” exclaimed Mrs Smith. “Am I supposed to eat aswell?”2 “Dad, was I walking when my little sister was born?”“Yes, you had been … for six months.”“Really? I must have been very tired then!”3 For weeks Gill had been … past an expensive shopon her way to work and each time she had stopped brieflyto look in the window. One day she went in and said:“Would you take that dress with red flowers out of thewindow, please?”“Certainly, madam,” replied the shop assistant.“Thank you. It’s been annoying me for weeks!”4 Peter had a very large garden and he had been …..ingit for about five hours when Mrs Burns came along.“Oh, hello, Peter. What are you growing?”The sweat was running down Peter’s face.He looked up and said, “Tired!”5 A shopkeeper went over to the weighing machine in thecorner of his shop to talk to a very fat boy who had been… on the machine for about twenty minutes. The boy
  2. 2. seemed to be having trouble reading the chart on themachine which showed how much people of differentheights should weigh.“So how much are you overweight?”“I’m not overweight,” said the boy indignantly. “I’m justfifteen centimeters too short!”6 Two Native Americans were sitting on a hill lookingacross the countryside. They had been … smokesignals from the next village all morning. One said to theother: “What do you think?”“I think somebody is writing a novel,” the other replied.7 There was a lot of snow. Paul and Robert were given asledge by their father as a present. They had been …..ingwith it for about an hour when Paul suddenly rushed intothe house with tears in his eyes. Robert soon followed.“Robert!” shouted their father. “I thought I told you to letPaul use the sledge half the time?”“But I did, dad. I had it going down and he had it goingup!”8 Roger’s face was very red because he had been …..ingup the street as fast as he could. As he came into the househis mother asked, “Why are you running?”“I was trying to stop a fight.”“Who was fighting?”“Me and the big boy who has just moved into the house atthe bottom of the street!”ANSWERS1 following 2 walking 3 going 4 digging 5 standing6 watching 7 playing 8 runningHUMOR“My wife insists that I seethings HER way. So she sentme here for a thorough eyeexamination and treatment.”ReflectionHow many husbands are hen-pecked?