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Aspirations For The Year Of The Horse



A Presentation of important aspirations to make to grow in compassion and wisdom.

A Presentation of important aspirations to make to grow in compassion and wisdom.
Happy New Year 2014



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Aspirations For The Year Of The Horse Aspirations For The Year Of The Horse Presentation Transcript

  • May we understand Nature as it is The Year This will bring us tranquility and peace
  • May we see that craving causes sorrow and pain This ‘poison’ brings Dukkha again and again
  • May we walk The Middle Way ardently This will bring true happiness certainly
  • May we be free from unwholesome desire Such desire will bring much pain like fire
  • May we be free from ill-will and anger These defilements bring us so much danger
  • May we be free from hatred and cruelty Then we will not cause pain and misery
  • May we abstain from slander and lying This is what the wise ones call wise speaking
  • May we abstain from harsh speech and gossip This good practice I must strive hard to keep
  • May we abstain from killing a being Realize that Life is a most precious thing
  • May we not steal or commit sexual misconduct These training precepts we must practice really hard
  • May we refrain from any wrong way of living Our livelihood must not harm a living being
  • May our livelihood not cause others pain From actions of cruelty we must refrain
  • May we overcome unwholesome things in our mind Unwholesome things slay happiness and peace sublime
  • May we cultivate morality and wisdom We will then be on the Path to Enlightenment
  • May we be mindful of the body and feelings Such practices are certainly important things
  • May we be mindful of the mind and thoughts constantly This heedfulness must be practiced most diligently
  • May we train our mind to attain good concentration Samma-Samadhi must be given good attention
  • May our mind grow in attention and equanimity We will then attain the Bliss of Ultimate Reality
  • The End May the New Year bring you joy and peace May you strive on for Nibbanic Bliss With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin