Aspirations For The Year Of The Horse


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A Presentation of important aspirations to make to grow in compassion and wisdom.
Happy New Year 2014

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Aspirations For The Year Of The Horse

  1. 1. May we understand Nature as it is The Year This will bring us tranquility and peace
  2. 2. May we see that craving causes sorrow and pain This ‘poison’ brings Dukkha again and again
  3. 3. May we walk The Middle Way ardently This will bring true happiness certainly
  4. 4. May we be free from unwholesome desire Such desire will bring much pain like fire
  5. 5. May we be free from ill-will and anger These defilements bring us so much danger
  6. 6. May we be free from hatred and cruelty Then we will not cause pain and misery
  7. 7. May we abstain from slander and lying This is what the wise ones call wise speaking
  8. 8. May we abstain from harsh speech and gossip This good practice I must strive hard to keep
  9. 9. May we abstain from killing a being Realize that Life is a most precious thing
  10. 10. May we not steal or commit sexual misconduct These training precepts we must practice really hard
  11. 11. May we refrain from any wrong way of living Our livelihood must not harm a living being
  12. 12. May our livelihood not cause others pain From actions of cruelty we must refrain
  13. 13. May we overcome unwholesome things in our mind Unwholesome things slay happiness and peace sublime
  14. 14. May we cultivate morality and wisdom We will then be on the Path to Enlightenment
  15. 15. May we be mindful of the body and feelings Such practices are certainly important things
  16. 16. May we be mindful of the mind and thoughts constantly This heedfulness must be practiced most diligently
  17. 17. May we train our mind to attain good concentration Samma-Samadhi must be given good attention
  18. 18. May our mind grow in attention and equanimity We will then attain the Bliss of Ultimate Reality
  19. 19. The End May the New Year bring you joy and peace May you strive on for Nibbanic Bliss With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin