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A Glass Of Milk ( in English & Chinese )
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A Glass Of Milk ( in English & Chinese )


A Power Point Presentation of a motivational and inspirational story. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. Chinese Translation by Bro. Lau Bain Sin & Bro. …

A Power Point Presentation of a motivational and inspirational story. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. Chinese Translation by Bro. Lau Bain Sin & Bro. Teh Kee Keang

Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • 1.
    • A Glass
    • Of Milk
    • A True Story
    • 一杯牛奶
    • 一个真实的故事
  • 2.
    • A nice poor boy once sold goods from door to door
    • To pay his way through school to learn more and more .
    有个穷男孩, 挨家挨户卖东西 来赚取求学费用以追求更多的学识 .
  • 3.
    • One day, he found he had got only one dime.
    • And he was hungry, suffering a tough time .
    有一天,他已身无分文, 必须挨饿度日 .
  • 4.
    • He decided he would, at the next house, ask for some simple food.
    • But he panicked when a lady opened the door – looking so good.
    他决定向一户人家讨食物充饥。 门打开时 , 一位漂亮的妇女走了出来,他感到害怕 .
  • 5.
    • Instead of a meal, he asked for a drink of water – his hands shook.
    • The kind lady was so very moved by the boy’s pathetic look.
    原本要讨一些食物充饥,他手颤抖着,战战兢兢地只要求一杯水 . 慈祥的妇女被可怜的孩子感动了 .
  • 6.
    • The lady thought he looked so very hungry.
    • She brought him a large glass of milk happily .
    那妇女见他饿得可怜,就很愉快地给了他一大杯牛奶 .
  • 7.
    • The poor boy drank the milk slowly.
    • “ How much do I owe you, Lady ?”
    可怜的男孩慢慢地喝牛奶 , 说道 : “ 太太,我欠 了 你多少钱呢 ?”
  • 8. “ You don’t owe me anything,” she replied with happiness. “ Mother has taught us never to accept pay for kindness.” “ 你没亏欠我什么,”她高兴地回答。 “ 我妈妈常教导我们行善不望回报 。 ”
  • 9.
    • “ I thank you from my heart,” the boy said gratefully.
    • He wiped a tear; he was touched emotionally.
    ” 我非常感激你。“ 那小孩感激地说, 同时抹掉眼泪。
  • 10.
    • Years later, that kind lady became critically sick.
    • The local doctors were lost – they could not understand it.
  • 11.
    • They finally sent her to the big city.
    • Her rare disease was studied so carefully.
  • 12.
    • For consultation, they called in Dr. Howard Kelly.
    • Learning the name of the patient’s town, his heart beat strangely.
    医生们向 Dr. H. Kelly 征询医疗意见。当他听到了病者所来自的地方时,他有个莫名其妙的感觉。
  • 13.
    • Immediately he went to her room to check and see.
    • He recognized her at once as that kind lady .
  • 14.
    • He was determined to do his best to save her life.
    • From that day he tended to her to keep her alive.
  • 15.
    • After a long struggle, the battle was won.
    • Without the Doctor, it could not have been done .
    进过一场长期的奋斗,她终于战胜病魔。若没有 Dr. H. Kelly, 相信这是不可能的事。
  • 16.
    • Dr. Kelly asked for the medical bill
    • That was meant for the lady who had been ill.
    Dr. Kelly 叫人把女病人的医药费账單送到他那边。
  • 17.
    • He wrote something on the edge of the bill.
    • To the lady the bill was then sent, sealed.
  • 18.
    • The lady feared opening the bill to read it.
    • It’d take the rest of her life to pay every bit.
    那妇女很害怕打开账单来看, 她心想一辈子她才能还清医药费。
  • 19.
    • Finally she looked and something caught her eye invitingly.
    • She read, ‘Paid in full with One Glass Of Milk’ ….Signed,
    • Dr. Kelly.
    最后她看看账单,看到有几个字特别引起她的注意力。她跟着字读道,“全部费用已经以一杯牛奶付清。” 签名, Dr. Kelly.
  • 20.
    • Tears of joy flooded her eyes and her happy heart was really touched.
    她感到万分感动, 双眼流溢着喜悦的泪。
  • 21. Kindness, love and gratitude are values that we must practise much. 我们的确须要广行慈爱。 也懂得有恩必报。
  • 22. The END
    • May we strive on with great attention
    • To grow in Wisdom and Compassion !
    • With Metta,
    • Bro. Oh Teik Bin
    结束 愿大家勇猛精进 慈悲为怀,智慧增长 Bro . Lau Bain Sin Bro. Teh Kee Keang 中文翻译 :