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  • 1. Celebrate the KnightDecember 13, 2012
  • 2. Philanthropy and ClinicalScholarsPresented by Tomasz Beer, M.D.Deputy Director, OHSU Knight Cancer InstituteGrover C. Bagby Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Research
  • 3. BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND CARE TEAMSuEllen Pommier, Ph.D., Lisa Domenico, M.B.A., Rodney Pommier, M.D.,Steve Chui, M.D., Rosie Sears, Ph.D., Carol Marquez, M.D., Christine Kemp,R.N., F.N.P.,Sierra Romesburg and Arpana Naik, M.D.Not pictured: Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., Joe Gray, Ph.D.
  • 4. Steve Chui, M.D., Eneida Nemecek, M.D.,Christopher Ryan, M.D., and Stephen Spurgeon, M.D.Recognized for being named 2013 Clinical Scholars
  • 5. Clinical CarePresented by Ann Raish, R.N., M.H.A.Vice President, Oncology ServicesOHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • 6. Clinical CareStephanie Winchester, Christy Koga, R.N., Sarah Jordan, KatieHennessy, Nancy Boyle,and Teresa MasonNot pictured: Michelle Cooper
  • 7. Research and OutreachPresented by Kristin Bialobok, M.S.N., R.N.Associate Director of AdministrationOHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • 8. PROSTATE CANCER RESEARCH DREAM TEAMGeorge Thomas, M.D., Tomasz Beer, M.D., and Joshi Alumkal,M.D.Recognized for being selected to the newest Stand Up To CancerDream Team, a collaboration with other world‐class institutesfocusedon developing treatments for advanced prostate cancer
  • 9. PHASE I TEAMDan Hansen, M.B.A., Alisa Claeys, Matthew Taylor, M.D.,Amy Henderson, R.N., and Bridget Gilbert‐GhormleyRecognized for supporting the development and growth ofthe Adult Solid Tumors Phase I Program
  • 10. Jeanie Zamarripa‐LeeSupervisor, Beaverton Community Hematology OncologyRecognized for coordinating the Knight Cancer Institute’spresenceat seven American Cancer Society Relay for Life eventsthroughout the greater Portland Metro area
  • 11. Katie Hennis, M.S.Community Relations & Outreach Manager, OHSU Knight CancerInstituteRecognized for being the face of the OHSU Knight Cancer Instituteat important events and developing strong partnerships withcommunityorganizations
  • 12. Knight Diagnostic Laboratories andtheOHSU Knight BioLibraryPresented by Steve StadumChief Operating OfficerOHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • 13. Tanaya Neff, Not pictured: Carol Beadling, Ph.D.Recognized for development work that contributed to theIon Torrent platform’s validation and the first GeneTrails™ testpanels Rebecca OGara pictured on behalf of Carol Beadling
  • 14. Monique Johnson, Ph.D., and Danica Wnuk, Ph.D.Recognized for efforts leading to the development of 19sequencingand dup/del tests and panels for rare genetic disorders
  • 15. THE KNIGHT DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORIES FISH TEAMConnie Durum, Erin Hudson, Helen Lawce, Margaret Seper,Lisa Teece, and Nancy UnsworthRecognized for efforts toward the validation and rapidimplementation of new tissue FISH testing
  • 16. INFORMED CONSENT SUBCOMMITTEEDarlene Kitterman, M.B.A., Kathryn Schuff, M.D., Kristin Bialobok, M.S.N., R.N.,Ken Gatter, J.D., M.D., Ron Marcum, M.D., and Susan Yoder, R.N., B.S.N.Recognized for developing a consent model providing all patients of OHSU withthe opportunity to donate their leftover clinical specimens for research, greatlyincreasing the size of the registry Not pictured: Kristin Bialobok and Ken Gatter
  • 17. Marie Steelman, Alison Grossblatt‐Wait, Oscar Barney,Nickolay Nepochatov, Dennis Duran and Steve Masingila,not pictured: Rob Schuff, M.S.Recognized for their recent work on the Biobank EnterpriseManagement System implementation team Not pictured: Rob Schuff
  • 18. Thank you