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Experience with Asbestos Post-Earthquake
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  • 1. Experiences with Asbestos Post Earthquake Dr Michael Gray
  • 2. From http://www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/residential/suburbs/christchurch-central-city
  • 3. Outline• What is asbestos and where is it found• Christchurch Earthquakes• Asbestos issues and earthquakes• Being prepared for any asbestos incident
  • 4. What is Asbestos?Naturally occurring mineral3 most common... Chrysotile (white) Amosite (brown) Crocidolite (blue)
  • 5. Why was it used?• Air pockets create good heat insulation• Heat and fire resistant• Fibres can be woven• Cheap and readily available
  • 6. Why is asbestos a problem? • Long term health effects from inhalation of fibre • Asbestosis • Lung Cancer • Mesothelioma8
  • 7. Cement Board• Cladding / Soffits• Roofs
  • 8. Interiors• Vinyls• Ceilings• Heating
  • 9. Pipe Insulation• Old-style cellulose• Glass Fibre• Calcium silicate
  • 10. Floor Penetration Fire Proofing• Floor Penetrations• Sprayed Material• Structural Metal
  • 11. canterburyquakelive.co.nz
  • 12. www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz
  • 13. September February
  • 14. Red Zone Urgent Demolition• There will inevitably be contaminated debris as it is not possible to identify and isolate asbestos materials before demolition.• Issues for workers and those down-wind, dust suppression• Transportation• Disposal
  • 15. Disposal• Asbestos waste $336 per tonne• Clean hard fill $25 per tonne(special earthquake rate)
  • 16. Non-urgent work
  • 17. We had an audit done We’ve just had the10 years ago, do you ceiling re-done… do youhave the records? (we think it could have been can’t find them) asbestos?Yes, the asbestos was all removed from the building years ago. What’s this then?
  • 18. Residential Properties
  • 19. • Asbestos issues discovered that were not related to the earthquakes.
  • 20. Other Asbestos ‘Incidents’
  • 21. Asbestos Audits & Registers What are you going to do now? Do you know for certain whether or not you have asbestos?
  • 22. Audits & Registers
  • 23. Responsibility as Principal• Ensure maintenance staff and contractors are fully informed that asbestos is present.• Ensure they are aware of procedures to follow• Recommend Asbestos Awareness Training, preferably tailored to your site.• Update asbestos register following removal or following new findings.
  • 24. www.chemsafety.co.nz