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  • 1. Status Magazine<br />Issue #1: Debut!<br />In order to have enough time to pull together this magazine, the deadline will be August 19th. Throughout the remainder of this month until the deadline we will be focusing on putting effort into the magazine. As you all know, none of us have experience with printing press, photography, or journalistic writing; so we will be using the newest issue of Glamorous, JP for a general idea, Ageha, JP for nightlife and tutorial idea, STREET, JP for street snap idea, Popteen, JP for general Gyaru lifestyle idea to learn from techniques and magazine trends. This magazine is a more demure version compared to regular Gyaru magazines, so please keep in mind that we will have to step up our game in order to combine both versions into our own.<br />The topic of this first issue will be our debut, so there is no specific theme we will have to do. The issue debut means we will have to introduce ourselves to the readers, so keep in mind what you want others to know about you. I’ll explain more throughout this document what previous issues have done as well as other ideas, and hopefully that will get you all thinking to what you want to include in the magazine. Also, because it is the debut, we will need to have a type of preview of what the next issue will be. I haven’t decided that yet so with any luck I will have that information ready by the end of July or the beginning of August so we can work on that. Keep in mind you can all pitch ideas as well, don’t just rely on me to figure this all out xD.<br />STATUS: Coverpage (Glamorous)<br />19050128270Please Note – The colors of the cover page all are in coordination with the model. There is only one contrasting (and usually in huge font) text color that isn’t used elsewhere in the cover page, the pink font at the bottom is the special edition, so the cover spread on the model herself, the bolded black text on the left is other topics throughout the magazine that will give the reader an idea of what the issue contains, the gray font explains the topic in paraphrase form, etc.<br />For this issue’s cover, you are all required to submit a high quality picture of yourselves. What I mean by this is that the picture cannot be small or medium size and cannot be from a picture phone (unless your phone takes high quality pictures like an iphone). Preferably, the picture will have white space around you so that it is easier to manipulate, and I will then be able to manipulate the pictures further to come together into the issue. The deadline to submit the HQ pictures is on Monday June 21st, 2010, otherwise I will be visiting your MySpace and Facebook accounts to grab a picture from there. Once these pictures are submitted, I’ll create a decent backdrop (the background behind the model) and select a color scheme from there. Ideally, the colors will incorporate the Status colors which are pink, chartreuse, sky blue, and purple. The special edition, or cover spread, will be about Status Gal Circle. It will be about the circle itself and also on the members, projects, and any other information pertaining it.<br />STATUS: Table of Contents (Glamorous)<br />19050127635Please note – The title for Glamorous is still in huge font and in the same format as the cover page, but in different color to coordinate with the rest of the page layout. In Japan though, the content is read from right to left. The cover page details go at the top, below “Contents” with the month and information on the model as well as any credits (clothing, photography if professional, composition of putting the picture together, etc). In hot pink, the headers from the cover page are listed, and the small font below it of the same color is the exact paraphrasing done in the cover page. In lighter font, the page number is given. The “Others” section is news that didn’t make it to the cover page. The black font at the bottom involves all copyrighted information.<br />This magazine will be read in American form, so from left to right as opposed to Japan. Any and all sections of the magazine will be covered here. Everything will be according to sections from what the reader can find first to what comes last.<br />STATUS: Hot Picks! [Optional] (Glamorous)<br />19050127000 Glamorous is a fashion magazine. While we will be focusing in some parts on fashion, not everything will be revolving such. For magazine purposes, this remains optional until all members of STATUS participating in the magazine decide to incorporate it fully. My idea is since all of us have different taste in clothing, we can all incorporate this in the debut as separate sections. [I.e. Dani’s hot picks, Bere’s hot picks, Amanda’s hot picks]<br />Please Note – Each item is separated and has white space around it as well as ranks from 1 to lowest number. In the margin there is a description of the item as well as why it’s one of the hot picks and where to find it.<br />For the debut of the magazine, this will be required. The deadline to have all of this done is in one week from now, on Thursday June 24th, 2010. You are required to have 10 items with description as well as why you like it and where to find it (website).<br />STATUS: Special Edition (Glamorous)<br />Please note – A special edition usually consists of more than five pages. It is usually focused on just one person, whether it is an interview or whatever else it may be. It has more than one professional-looking photo and is focused on one sole theme. It is usually editorial based on the topic at hand with in-depth information.<br />For the magazine debut, the special edition will be on STATUS Gal Circle. It is each member’s task to do a photo shoot for the circle, semi-professionally as well as answer any questions. All members out of the state will have the task of explaining about them and have a good editorial picture to be incorporated into the article. Keep in mind that this is a very new group that not a lot of people really know, so it is our chance to literally debut into the Gyaru world and show them what we’re about. This should not only gain us publicity but also more members if possible. This is also the part where you will be required to give information about yourself as a Gal. I will have a guide later in the document to show you what you need to incorporate into your article as well as give a few examples. Your deadline for this is Sunday June 27th, 2010. Members that fail to do so will be kicked out of STATUS.<br />STATUS: Photo Shoots! [Optional] (Glamorous)<br />Please note – Magazines usually have a photo shoot in certain locations, especially for models to showcase new brands of clothing and trends. In other cases, photo shoots are done to show people having fun. If you pay attention to Gyaru magazines, you’ll see a lot of Gyaru models just having fun and hanging out during a photo shoot. It helps when you capture that kind of moment and can deliver that to the readers, and makes it more appealing.<br />If you thought you were only getting writing skills out of this magazine, you’re in for it. You will learn photography skills throughout this project. I definitely do not claim to be the best photographer ever either, but any skills I know, you will learn as well and be able to do photo shoots without any professional equipment. If need be, you will go through tutorials to manipulate pictures the way you want them. For this, you will be required to go to a favorite location of yours either for yourself or with friends and family. You will be expected to wear similar fashions of the current trends. Your deadline for this task will be Saturday July 3rd, 2010.<br />STATUS: Coordinates (Glamorous)<br />Please note – Coordinates are posted sometimes in photo shoot-like ways. A lot of times they are also what they call “street snaps” where you capture a picture of a model in the street. These models can be random people you come across that have the style or what photographers call amateur models. There will be an article on this later throughout the document for further explanation. Coordinates can also be manipulated onto a backdrop. The purpose for coordinates is to showcase your style with the current trends.<br />Let’s be realistic – we don’t have the money to buy an outfit or two, or three, or four… from every store. Hell, I don’t even think at this point in time any of us can afford a decent outfit (shoes, top, bottom, accessories, hat, etc) So for this, each member is responsible to go pick out the latest trends at the stores of your liking with the current trends. You must pick out full outfits in order to do so and then find the same clothes online for descriptions, prices, and store locations. It is also your responsibility to find “amateur models” to represent the magazine, as the members we have will become rather repetitive. Keep in mind the STATUS mentality, look for girls that are interested in Gyaru or show potential, or get your friends to simply play dress up lol. This deadline will be for Sunday July 10th, 2010.<br />STATUS: Music (Glamorous)<br />19050127000Please note – There is usually a big article on what they would call a spotlight artist. This would be an artist that either all the staff agrees on, or one that suits the issue. It would be an artist that has either an upcoming album or has made a recent music release. Usually including a new picture of the artist as well as CD cover and information, it would provide information on the artist and future plans as well as insight and review on the new album in question. Afterwards, there would be five or so albums that are considered new and worth listening to with ratings, CD information, and a brief review.<br />Each member of STATUS is required to provide one album that she considers to be worth listening and new as well as provide rating and review. According to ratings, there will be two sides to our music section, a foreign and American section for spotlight artists. This is where you will need to keep an open mind on the artists you listen to and keep an unbiased opinion. This will come more in handy once the radio station is up, as we will have more entries for this from local artists as well as international ones, but in the meantime we will have to try to get this part done. The deadline for this task is for Wednesday June 30th, 2010.<br />STATUS: Books [optional] (Glamorous)<br />19050126365Please note – Magazines sometimes do cater to everyone of their audience without having a specific target in mind. Also, who doesn’t love a good book when possible? Look up the Urban Outfitters website, and you’ll always find amazing books focused towards their young adult/hipster audience. This is also one’s chance to find a good book to read. Keep in mind that magazine readers will be looking for recommendations on other print articles or books, so this is a great way for writers to get publicity.<br />As STATUS members, research is valuable. You must keep ahead in trends as well as anything going on in the world. Even though a lot of books are extremely boring, there are a lot that are worth checking out and can be considered valuable throughout your new journalism career. Remember that information is power and the more you know, the better off you will be. This is optional so it will be a test drive for all of us, but as a debut, we will include this. Your task is to come up with one book that you’ve read that can relate to STATUS or one book that you would like to read and WILL read for the next issue. This task’s deadline is for Thursday July 18th, 2010.<br />STATUS: Movies (Glamorous)<br />19050130175Please note – Glamorous magazine targets everyone possible from men, women, and homosexuals. They know their target market and gear all their information so that nobody is really left behind. The cinema page consists of new movies, reviews, and suggestions.<br />For STATUS, our target is Gyaru & above. While still focusing on fun, there is always a need for some down time. However, just because the target is Gyaru, you cannot focus on “chick flicks” all the time. Keep in mind that there are also guys that are Gyaru as well as girls that love action movies (I happen to be one of them lol). This will prove to be rather fun actually… If you’ve ever wanted to be a critic, now is your chance. You must go see two or three movies and give a review on each, from there pick your best one and that movie will go into the movie section. This is due Saturday July 17th, 2010.<br />STATUS: Q&A / Advice (Glamorous)<br />19050127635Please note – The Q&A / Advice section is usually more with a serene background and not as edgy as the rest of the magazine should be. There is also only one main question that is picked out to answer by the adviser, where it requires a detailed response. All other questions will be done in regular format following the same advice scheme (colors, layout, etc).<br />This part is geared more towards Bere since she wants her poetry to help readers relate to the magazine better, but anyone is free game for this. If no one really signs up for this it will be something that each member will take turns in each month’s issue. In reality, no one knows STATUS… yet, so it would be difficult to have any potential readers subscribe to us blindly. This is where you all come in: you will be required to get one or two friends to seek advice from the group (ALL OF US) and submit a good response. Whoever is selected with the best response will be published in this issue’s magazine, until we get readers to submit their own. Your deadline for this will be Friday July 23rd, 2010.<br />STATUS: Events [optional] (ageha)<br />19050127635Please note – An event article usually covers special parts of the event in selected pictures rather than a million pictures of guests and people dancing. It is the journalist’s responsibility to capture the most essential moments of the event and paraphrase it all for the reader, while making the reader feel like he or she is a part of it. It not only gives out pictures but also detailed location information with a mini-map as to where the location was, a “red carpet” picture, backdrop with flashy text, and extra information on the event.<br />As STATUS Gal Circle, the main idea for a Gal Circle is to promote events. Now, I think this is going to be very difficult for a lot of the members but can be done if executed properly. One option is to create an event (and this is the latter of the bunch considering we don’t have the people or money for it yet) or to attend an event. To attend you can either go to a club, or a concert, even an event with more people like festivals and such. I’ll help provide events in your areas to decide. Each member must attend at least one event for the issue, whether it is with another member in the same state or individually with other friends if out of state. You must be in dress code according to STATUS standards (and yes, there will be standards). Your deadline for this is Sunday July 31st, 2010.<br />STATUS: event Hair Tutorials [optional] (Ageha)<br />Please note – Ageha focuses on the nightlife of their readers, and as such, the hairstyles will be something that you can’t really do unless you like rebelling against current U.S society standards. Remember that Japan is very different as far as less conservative in style and such. As you can see, both the backdrop and model outfits are fit for clubbing or a night on the town, but not for everyday life.<br />The only reason this is optional is because a lot of readers and Gyaru go to clubs, it is almost mandatory that if you are Gyaru, you will at one point need to go immerse yourself in the nightlife of what your location has. The only time I can see nightlife hair applicable to the magazine is if there will be a huge event that we are hosting or that people want to attend. It is your job to research this to the fullest in your location and plan accordingly. You can either use the same trend Japanese hairstyles for yourself to try since a majority of the readers will not be able to follow Japanese instructions, or to make your own to JP Gyaru standards. I will prepare a list of events each month for the issue that can apply to doing these hairstyles sections in the magazine, and upon availability to choose, you will be required to submit a tutorial, whether it is one hairstyle or more is your choice. Keep in mind you do have at least one event to attend this month, so this will more than likely be required of you anyway. Deadline is the same as events deadline, which is Sunday July 31st, 2010.<br />STATUS: Having Fun Photo shoot (Ageha)<br />Please note – Ageha is known for is host/hostess ambience, so the main purpose for their fun photo shoot was to show both hosts and hostesses that they can also have fun during the day. If you notice, the main reason that a lot of American readers have gone to Japanese magazines is because American magazines are all about a monotonous vibe, otherwise known for being told just to pose and do nothing more. If you watch Next Top Model, you will notice the seriousness that the models must have in a spread. <br />In an American point of view, having a “fun” photo shoot will either make us or break us as a magazine. In reality, STATUS is just adopting the Japanese trend of breaking this American perspective and just plain having fun. For the debut issue, the photo shoot will be about your tasks as well as a reception for the debut of our magazine. For girls out of state, you will either need to fly out or have a mini celebration with your friends and supporters in your location. If you can fly out, or if you live in Seattle, you will be e-mailed with further instructions for this task and will need to free up your calendar soon. The deadline for this task will depend on two things, how fast you accomplish all of your tasks as well as when the celebration/launch party is held. Further details will be included later.<br />STATUS: Everyday Hair tutorials (Ageha)<br />Please note – Ageha not only does nightlife hairstyles but also for everyday Gyaru. However, it is still a tiny bit more extreme than regular everyday hairstyles. Regardless, this shows the readers that there is something for everyone in their audience.<br />This will be more a personal task than a task for the magazine. You will be required to have a Gyaru hairstyle at least for a day or two depending on how much you like the style. You will be required to coordinate with a trendy outfit according to style trend standards and the tutorial. This is also to help you become more adapted into the Gyaru lifestyle. You cannot claim to be Gyaru if you cannot dress like one. Every month, I will submit hairstyle scans from different magazines that you can try. Your deadline for this task will be Sunday July 10th, 2010.<br />STATUS: Behind the Scenes (Ageha)<br />Please note – A lot of Gyaru magazines including Ageha will have pictures of the staff at different locations, either at a photo shoot, behind the scenes of events and tasks, or even from picture booths; particularly purikura booths. A lot of models do this to show the human side of them, and are looked upon as “life size” models.<br />This goes hand in hand with the photo shoot except you don’t need to be doing photo shoot pictures. You can submit bloopers, or you just having fun somewhere. Working, whatever is fine! You will need to submit five or more pictures throughout your work in each task and photo shoots. I will in the end pick the best pictures and consult you about them first before publishing. Your deadline will be the same as the launch party which is yet to be determined.<br />STATUS: Street Snaps (Street)<br />Please note – These are what you can consider amateur models, usually picked off the street that have trendy clothes, or ordinary people who are willing to get their picture taken for the magazine. These pictures are not photo shoots and are indeed at random and candid.<br />For STATUS, your task is to find at least 10 people that are willing to pose for the magazine as either street snaps or as amateur models that we can use throughout the magazine (this was explained earlier…) If these people are willing to work with us you must grab their information as well as get information if they would like to be recognized in the magazine or appear as anonymous. Your deadline for this is before the launch party, so it will be at the end of the month with the events deadline.<br />STATUS: Launch Party & Anniversaries (Popteen)<br />Please note – This only pertains to the launch party event and future anniversaries. This is what a lot of the layout for the events will look like that has to do primarily with the magazine and STATUS Gal Circle. In this case, it is Popteen’s 30 year anniversary.<br />Aside from what you already know from the events page, you will need to learn how to do panoramic photography as well as be able to do candid photos from the event. Your deadline for this will be the same as the launch party pictures.<br />STATUS: Different Styles (Popteen)<br />Please note – Models and staff do have to keep an open mind for different styles. The same model can be used to do different styles besides her own style that she is used to; most of the time though, a model will be used only to promote the style she is already comfortable in according to trends.<br />For this task, you will need to come up with five models, including yourself to coordinate five complete outfits and take pictures. I will give a list of what is trendy for the issue and you will have to select from there. You will also receive a list of stores in your area that supply those styles. It is your choice (and primarily a bonus once we get this magazine running) to buy one outfit of your liking from the current trend. It is your responsibility that if you cannot buy an outfit(s) you will need to take pictures in the store with said coordinates. Your deadline for this is Thursday July 15th, 2010. For the debut you will also need to pick out an outfit for the launch party/parties. Deadline for this will later be determined.<br />STATUS: Life of… (Popteen)<br />Please note – In order for a model or staff to achieve the “life-size” idol status is to appear as human as possible. They want their readers to keep in mind that they are just like everyone else and also to catch a glimpse into their everyday lives and what that consists of, from favorite style, to street snaps, makeup choice, usual hairstyle, activities, etc.<br />This is the task where you will have as much freedom as possible to do what you want. I will be posting these pictures up later on as a reference to what you need to incorporate in your section of the magazine. Also, you will need to come up with a color scheme of choice. Deadline for this is Thursday July 1st, 2010. <br />