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The winning big and betting small football system
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The winning big and betting small football system


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The winning big and betting small football system

The winning big and betting small football system

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  • im abit confused about picking the teams. Are u supposed to pick 3 teams in different combinations? win draw or loose?
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  • 1. The Winning Big andBetting SmallFootball SystemThe Power of Accumulators
  • 2. Contentswhere we say what’s in the guideThere’s one thing you need to know and that is accumulators can be incredibly powerfulwhen teamed up with a decent system and a working staking plan. This is what we’vepackaged up for you inside this guide.So what comes when?Introduction Page 3The Accumulator System Page 4Conclusion Pages 7 to 8There you go. Nothing too complicated in there. We just wanted to get straight to thepoint with the system. So if we’ve missed anything, as always, remember you can contactus on if you have ANY questions whatsoever. Best Being Advice ------------------2
  • 3. Introductionwhat’s going on in this guide then?Just in case you didn’t know what is going on in this guide, we’ve included this short andsnappy introduction for you to learn about everything you need to know before we diveinto the system.The TerminologyNow you may already know everything we are going to go through here, so if you do, thenskip it but for those who don’t, make sure you give it a quick read:Accumulator - A bet that requires several outcomes to occur in order for you to win. Forexample, if you bet on six teams to win and put them in an accumulator bet, then in orderto win your bet, you would need all 6 teams to win.Yankee Bet - Definition HereTrixie Bet - Definition HerePatent Bet - Definition HereFootball - (Well you never know) The sport with 22 players kicking a ball up and down afield.OK, enough with the joking around, let’s get on with the system because at the end of theday, that’s why you’re reading this guide, isn’t it? Best Being Advice ------------------3
  • 4. The Accumulator Systemhow to make the money on footballAs you should be able to tell by now, this guide is incredibly straight to the point withno fluffing and messing... So when it comes to the system, we’re going to give you a setof instructions to follow, and that’s what you will do... Follow them!1. Take your betting bank and split it into 4 parts. Let’s say you have a betting bank of £250. This would then be split into 4 parts worth £62.50 each.2. Out of 1 of these 4 parts, you are going to create 5 accumulators with 3 outcomes in with the aim of winning 3 out of 5 of these accumulator bets.3. Go over to the football area of your online bookmakers and look at the games that are happening today/tomorrow. You are now looking for CLEAR favourites. We are talking about odds of 2.5 or lower. As long as the odds are better than 1.4 then we will include it in the accumulator bet. Here is an example of the perfect accumulator for this system:4. So as you can see, once you have found your bet, you will place you 5 part of the 4 part on the Treble... Does that make sense? If Not: Basically, break your bank into 25%, then break this 25% into 20% - Each 20% section is 1 accumulator. So you have 5 accumulators. And each 25% is a chance of winning which includes 5 accumulators. Basically... It is to cover yourself.5. So let’s work this all out, again, taking our example £250 bet. This would mean you would have £62.50 as your 4 parts and then your 5 parts of this for each Treble bet would = £12.50 Therefore, once you have found your bets, you would place £12.50 on each Treble and you would look at finding 5 Trebles to make up one collection of bets. Best Being Advice ------------------4
  • 5. But how much can you win with this?First, let’s take a look at the worst case scenario, again, we will use the £12.50 figure. Theworst case would be that each team has odds of 1.4. If you were to place a £12.50 Treblebet on 3 teams at 1.4 then you would win:£21.80 profitAnd then if we look at the best case scenario where odds would be 2.5, then a £12.50Treble bet on 3 teams would produce a profit of:£182.81 profitAnd I suppose you would like to know what would happen in an AVERAGE situation? Welllet’s take odds of 1.95 as the average, then this would produce a profit of:£80.19 profitSo what does this mean? Well we much prefer to work to the worse case scenario which inthis case means a profit of £21.80 - If you work to the worse case then every thing else is ahuge bonus!So with £21.80 profit from £12.50 bets. Your costs for the 5 bets would be £62.50, youwould therefore need to 3 out of the 5 accumulator bets for this to become profitable.However, in many cases, just 2 of the accumulators will actually be enough. If you get theaverage odds of 1.95 then you will only need to win 1 out of the 5 accumulators to turn aprofit... Not bad right?Of course, you’ve split your bank into 4 parts as a way of reducing risk, but just stick to itfor all 4 parts and you will do just fine! Best Being Advice ------------------5
  • 6. Conclusiona good bye and a fair well for now...Voila! Finito! Done! You’ve now got your own little football accumulator system to turn alittle bit of spare cash into slightly bigger cash.Just a couple of little mentions:Don’t forget the site - Click here to visit Best Betting AdviceFollow us on Twitter - Check us out on Twitter hereLike us on Facebook - Visit the Fan Page hereAll done! Go betting...Oh, but before we forget, here’s a few websites we recommend visiting:Betting Answers - Like Yahoo Answers SOLELY for BettingBetting Exchange Methods - Free Methods to use on BetfairLay Betting system - TOTALLY Free Laying SystemFree Lay Tips - Completely Free Horse Racing Lay Tips Best Being Advice ------------------6