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The ultimate horse racing system collection

The ultimate horse racing system collection



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    The ultimate horse racing system collection The ultimate horse racing system collection Document Transcript

    • The Ultimate HorseRacing SystemCollection3 Systems in 1 Guide
    • Contentswhere we say what’s in the guideAs you already know, I hope, this guide contains a whopping 3 horse racing systems foryou to try out. That’s right, 3-in-1! Each one of these systems fits a mould, one is forbacking, another for laying and the final one is for dutching.So what comes when? Introduction Page 3 Staking Plans? Page 4 Horse Racing System #1 - Backing for Profits Pages 5 to 6 Horse Racing System #2 - Safe and Sound Laying Pages 7 to 8 Horse Racing System #3 - Risk Reduction Dutch Bets Pages 9 to 10 Conclusion Page 11So there you have it, the 3 systems you will find within this guide, a little hello from us anda couple of other bits in there for fun. As always, remember you can contact us if you have ANY questions whatsoever. Best Being Advice ------------------2
    • Introductionjust a quick helloNo one likes someone who goes on and on and on... So that’s not what this introduction isabout. We’re not going to throw income claims at you, we’re not going to tell you the typeof house we live in or even the car we drive (sorry), this is just somewhere to say a reallyquick hello.So hello! And how are you?There really is nothing more to this section than that. Well there is unfortunately, and it’s acouple of boring bits that we have to put in here.First of all, we cannot guarantee you will earn money with these systems. Yes, a systemcould have made money for 5 years but things can change. Ultimately, horses are livingthings and living things don’t act in the same way constantly. If we were betting onprogrammed robotic horses then things might be different but we’re not and that is whyno system is 100% risk free (unless you manage to dutch all the runners in a race ofcourse)!Second of all, we just want to say only gamble what you can afford to lose. If you’re onyour last leg with only £25 to your name, don’t gamble it! If however, you’re earning aregular income and have a little bit you could use for some casual betting then do it. Intime you can build that little casual betting bank into something bigger. So basically, don’tbet money away if it will affect the way you currently live your life.Third and finally, don’t get greedy. We often see a punter winning £10 here, £20 there with£25 stakes. That’s not bad going for a bit of betting. The problem comes when they thinkthis is brilliant and decide to up their stakes 10 fold, put £250 on a horse and lose... Nowthat SUCKS! Right? Don’t get greedy and do what you should do.That introduction wasn’t too painful... Was it? Now you can jump into the meat of thisguide and get closer to learning the 3 systems we have for you. Best Being Advice ------------------3
    • Staking Plans?should you be using a staking plan?we never realised how few people used a staking plan... It’s worrying.If from that first statement you haven’t quite worked out whether or not you should beusing a staking plan then let us make it loud, clear and really simple to understand. Shouldyou use a staking plan?YES!Hopefully you get the picture from the big three letters above. Sorry if we’re comingacross awfully patronising BUT people just seem to have a problem with listening when itcomes to staking plans.This is how we look at it: A horse racing system is made up of two elements. 50% of yoursystem is the selection process, the remaining 50% is made up of your staking plan.Therefore, if you’re not using a staking plan then there really is no point in you using yoursystem.If you’ve not got a decent staking plan to use with your current systems or the systems weare going to outline in the next few pages then Click Here to read 3 of the best horseracing staking plan.So will we be including a staking plan with the following systems? Some will and somewon’t! Basically, the staking plans at the above link are the staking plans we would look toapply to these systems. It is your job to check them out and apply them.Get ready... It’s time for the systems! Are you ready? Best Being Advice ------------------4
    • System #1Backing for ProfitsThis system is scarily simple and really quick to work out too. I will be using Betfair asthe example in this system although all bookmakers can be used of course.In this system, we will be using a points table to work out the likelihood of a particularhorse winning in a race.The System1. Go to Betfair, or your favourite bookmakers, and navigate to ANY race that is happening today such as the following which is the 12:30 race at Yarmouth on the 5th October 2012. There is no special selection method for your races, they can be just about any old race such as this one. It has 9 runners but this will work perfectly well on races with both 5 runners or 20 runners.2. Browse to the previous form area on the bookmakers, this is where you can see the previous results for the horse you are planning to bet on. It may or may not display a lot of information, but you are look specifically for the previous results of the horses. Best Being Advice ------------------5
    • 3. Now you’ve found that, you need to use the following table to find the horse with the highest points. It’s fairly self explanatory, basically look at the favourite horse then it’s previous result. If it was 4th, then you’d note down 6. Then if the 2nd favourite came 2nd last time, it would get 7 points and so on. Previous Position Won 2nd 3rd 4th Other Favourite 10 8 7 6 5 2nd Favourite 9 7 6 5 4 3rd Favourite 8 6 5 4 3 4th Favourite 7 5 4 3 2 5th Favourite 6 4 3 2 1 6th Favourite 5 3 2 1 04. So let’s go back to the example race, once we’ve looked at the form, we have noticed that the Favourite came third in its last race, we will therefore note this down as a bet as no other horse has points higher than 7.5. Then it’s simple, go over to the market and place your bet like we have in the image just on the right of this text.Of course, you’re notgoing to win everybet, but you don’tneed to. Providedthat your odds arearound 2.0 or more(which they will be)then you need to win approximately 50% of your horse races in order to break-even.However, the average odds of these bets tend to hit the 3.0 mark which would result in arequire strike rate of ONLY 34% which is far more appealing isn’t it and incrediblyattainable.So there you have your back betting system, now move onto the next horse racingsystem: “Safe and Sound Laying!” Best Being Advice ------------------6
    • System #2Safe and Sound LayingThis system has a set of rules you must follow, if the first selection rule is true then moveon to the next and if you make it to the end then you have a bet. Nice right? Then let’scrack on with it!1. Browse to today’s horse racing cards and find the first race that has 10 or more runners in it. An example of a suitable race is below: As you can see, there are a total of 10 runners in the 17:35 at Fontwell on 5th October 2012.2. Now you need to look at the odds for the 1st, 2nd and 3 favourites in the race. If AT LEAST 1 of them has odds of between 3.0 and 5.8 then you are all good to go, which fortunately, is the case in this race. As you can see both “Halifax” and “Nebula Storm” have odds that match this criteria.3. You’re pretty much done, you will be left with between 1 and 3 selections. If you have more than one selection you could consider multilaying to increase your profit and reduce your liability BUT it will mean a greater chance of losing. For example, in the Best Being Advice ------------------7
    • above example, I could lay both “Halifax” and “Nebula Store” for £24 and £22 respectively with a liability of £7.50 and a profit of £4.50 if neither horse wins. However, I would opt for laying just one horse. The horse I would always opt for is the horse with the lowest possible odds to again reduce your liability which in this case would be “Halifax” at 4.9So what’s the potential of this system?By back tracking close to 2 and a half years of data, we can see that 17% of your horses willwin the race. This means you will win your lay bet 83% of the time. So let’s assume you willbe placing £10 lay bets at the WORST odds for the system of 5.8 with an 83% win rate and17% lose rate, you will make a profit of:£14 /100 RacesWait... Is that it? But remember this is the WORST CASE SCENARIO going on over 2 yearsof statistics. So how about if we take the BEST CASE SCENARIO assuming again a 83%win rate with £10 lay bets.£490 /100 RacesSo remembering that this is the best case scenario if you bet on the lowest odds this isn’tbad going. You could quite easily find 100 races over a fortnight that this will work on... Sothat’s £490 a fortnight? Not too bad is it?Remembering of course that this is with a whopping £10 stakes... Now take a little time outto imagine what would happen with stakes of say... £50... £100 and so on.Not into laying? Then don’t panic, we’ve got a dutching system coming up on thefollowing page! Give that a read!!! Best Being Advice ------------------8
    • System #3Risk Reduction Dutch BetsAnother not so complicated horse racing system, sorry if we’re making it too simple foryou. This is a great horse racing system if you’re not prepared to take the risk attachedto most system.All you have to do is follow these instructions carefully:1. First of all find a race that is AT LEAST 1 mile 4 furlongs in length. Once you have found it, check that there are no more than 10 runners in the race. Found one? Brilliant! It should be like the race below:2. As you can see, 10 runners (although 1 non runner) and it’s 1 mile and 4 furlongs in length. The next criteria you need to look at is AT LEAST TWO of the favourite, 2nd favourite and 3rd favourites must have odds of up to 6.5 - Note that if the odds go too low, you won’t be able to dutch the horses.3. As you can see in this example, the favourite is at 4.9, 2nd favourite is at 5.5 and the 3rd is at 5.6. This is PERFECT for us. So go over to a Dutching Calculator such as the one Best Being Advice ------------------9
    • HERE!4. Enter the odds for your horses and your total stake and then place the bets it states. Simple right? Your bets will be like the following (yes we did make this bet - £20 on for a £14 return if one of the three horses wins).5. Please note: If only two of the horses match your criteria then still dutch bet these horses but only do this on the favourite, 2nd favourite and 3 favourite. Do not be tempted to use the 4th favourite in a race.So the potential?Again, looking over some stats and looking at a few percentages here and there, we cantell you that a total of 79.5% of races were one by these 3 horses. That means you wouldlose only 20.5% of your races. So the maths... With £25 total stakes per dutch bet youwould make a profit of, on average:£50 /100 RacesNot brilliant, but once you see the potential, you can up those stakes. And we’ve take theaverage odds as pretty poor odds to be honest. So there you have your final system! Best Being Advice ------------------10
    • Conclusionand a quick good bye for now...You’re all done and should now know 3 brand new horse racing systems, so let’s first ofall say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!There’s not an awful lot we want to say here except enjoy it and make sure you paper tradeeach system you try before you dive in with money so you can both fully understand thesystem and get practice with using it. You don’t want to be making mistakes when riskingyour hard earned cash.Remember, email us at if you have ANY questionswhatsoever or if you’d like to ask for a system on a specific sport.Just a couple of little mentions:Don’t forget the site - Click here to visit Best Betting AdviceFollow us on Twitter - Check us out on Twitter hereLike us on Facebook - Visit the Fan Page hereAll done! Go betting...Oh, but before we forget, here’s a few websites we recommend visiting:Betting Answers - Like Yahoo Answers SOLELY for BettingBetting Exchange Methods - Free Methods to use on BetfairFree Lay Tips - Completely Free Horse Racing Lay TipsLay Betting Systems - TOTALLY Free Laying Systems Best Being Advice ------------------11