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Don’t wait until its too late. Let our organization to be " ". …

Don’t wait until its too late. Let our organization to be " ".

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  • 1. Dare to FIT
  • 2. 1.Problem • People don‟t aware of health important-“Until its too late” • Employees (i.e. white collar) are the most vulnerable to danger - busy, no time to take care health - bad habit: smoking, drinking, sleep late - under pressure • Many firms spent huge budget for employee disease treatment and insurance while it can be pay less but get more
  • 3. HUGE problem No. of employees Government sector 1.2 Private sector 1.5 million people million people 2.7 million employees in Thailand How much its cost Just calculated from only Big firms in SET50 index which has full healthcare benefit > 1,000 staff per company = 50,000 employee (<2% from total)
  • 4. Average budget per head Around 30,000 per person per year = 50k x 30k = 1,500 million per year Assumption that there has claimed just 25% = 375 m per year (not yet include family claim around 15,000-20,000 per person per year)
  • 5. What‟s does it cost more ? If a mid-40 director have a heart attack after be promoted to the partnership Big project is INTERRUPTED!! Because bad habits, the rising star have to stop working prematurely How much for the damage… Would you like to lessen it?
  • 6. “Prevention is the Best Medicine” Even though u know …
  • 7. If a firm save 1 For 1. direct-medical expense 2. health insurance 3. nursing room facilities Then that firm can invest 0.1 in, so the left another 0.9 (1-0.1) can be paid for employees But what firm left as a whole is worth 1.9 (1+0.9) because employees don’t loss any direct-medical expense (no.1-3) benefit which worth 1 in the past ++Gain back Productivity
  • 8. Introducing Dare to FIT
  • 9. 2.Technical solution Main features 1.Health challenge 2.Group user „office social network‟ 3.Medical data record, analyze report Behavior / Biomedical data / Risk e.g. 1. Diabetes 2. Hypertension 3. Kidney disease 4.Cancer Hi-light product: challenge project
  • 10. Value proposition • Tied product to the daily life routine • Create fun reward system to drive platform • Self-driven content End User : 1.Powerful motivation tool / Get support 2.Better health Firm : 1.Reduced & more efficient budgeting 2.Tool for negotiation( insurance, healthcare) 3.Create activity for Better staff relation
  • 11. 3.Get the word out TARGET, Clients B2B Major company • State Enterprises - Thai airway - PTT - MCOT - MEA • Private sector - SCG - SCB - Multinational company etc. • University, Institute
  • 12. 4.Sustainable Business model Revenue streams Early stage : Subscription Fee (corporate package , only 1 per person per day) S M L package 10 user package 100 user package 1,000 user Next stage : Ads : : : 3,650 36,500 365,000 - Hospital’s package, Fitness, Spa - Supplement - Discount coupon Consumer product (cross sale)
  • 13. Costs Initial costs -Website -Marketing & Operating 250,000 100,000 -Application – optional 100,000 (Multimedia, Info-graphic) Expenses per month -Service, technician 15,000 -maintenance, Operating 5,000 Total 470,000
  • 14. How to keep Relationship with clients 1.Special service offer -Signature corporate design -Customize report 2.Health Event - Seminar - Best health company Award Partners We want 1.Health org. 2.Hospitals 3.Mobile operators: AIS, DTAC, TRUE
  • 15. 5.Potential to growth Short term – in next 60 days • Making partner - Thai health - NHSO • In-depth interview with HR department (at least 2) • Beta version Long term – in next 365 days • Partner and Connect with hospital OS • Expand to non-corporate user • Up-to-date gimmick, sticker, customized team logo
  • 16. Research & Statistics references The Habit Change : 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior. Government Pension Fund. Statistics. Sep 2013. Social Security Fund. Statistics. Dec 2012. Take home message.. Don’t wait “Until its too late” Let’s “ Dare to Fit ”