2011 University of Cincinnati Clermont VISTA Impact Presentation


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  • Last year of program at UC Clermont, VISTA’s serve as a sort of “jump start” to create programs or take them to the next level. We are not a replacement for staff.
  • Mention CAD Project for water as well and cooperation with facilities.
  • “we” has been intentional in my use of language.
  • 2011 University of Cincinnati Clermont VISTA Impact Presentation

    1. 1. Let’s See How Far We’ve Come UC Clermont College’s VISTA Impact report 2010-2011 With thanks to: &
    2. 2. The Plan I. History & background II. My day-to-day activities III. The Impact Report: numbers IV. Some notable projects from this year V. Future VI. Questions? VII.Thanks
    3. 3. Background • VISTA=Volunteer In Service To America – An Americorps VISTA “…creates or expands programs designed to bring individuals and communities out of poverty.” • VISTA’s placed through an initiative by the Ohio Campus Compact(OCC) – OCC is “a non-profit, membership coalition of 46 college and university presidents and their campuses working to promote the civic purposes of higher education.” – OCC VISTAs help build and leverage campus resources into the community to fight poverty. • This will be the third and final year of a VISTA at UC Clermont to work on service learning and civic engagement. – Can pursue opportunities with OCC’s VISTA program after sitting out a year for another issue (e.g, Veteran’s issues, college access, food access, etc).
    4. 4. History • UC Clermont hosted former VISTA, Austin Watts, from August 2008-2010
    5. 5. History • Austin worked with Barbara Wallace to establish community partnerships, create service learning handbooks and train/support faculty in service learning. • Additionally, Austin worked with Student Life to create civic engagement opportunities for student organizations and served as the advisor for the student organization, SHOCK. • Before leaving, Austin helped form the Service Learning Community Action Council
    6. 6. The VISTA’s Role • This year, I: – Continued to support faculty, students and community partners in service learning courses – Maintained/expanded our community partnerships – Created/advertised civic engagement opportunities for SHOCK & Clermont Scholars – Supported the NCLI and PIF grants – Created/revised resources for service learning & civic engagement. – Served on and helped create a report for the Service Learning Community Action Council
    7. 7. Numbers from 2010-2011(See Impact Report) The VISTA Impact: by the numbers(2010-2011): • Civically Engaged Students: 429 • Total Hours Engaged: 4,611 • Service Learning Faculty: 16 • Service Learning Courses: 31 • Partner Agencies: 26 • Community Members Impacted (directly): 350 • Value* of Community Engagement: $102,990 *One hour=$21.36 (Independent Sector, 2010)
    8. 8. Notes on the 2010-2011 Numbers • “Civically Engaged”=umbrella term for students who volunteer and/or took a service learning course. – Around 4,000 students enrolled at the start of the year therefore 10% of student population is “civically engaged” to some extent. • The number of hours is a conservative estimate. • I would argue so is the dollar value from independentsector.org as the skills students use are specialized. • Our community impact is greater than 350 when considering our efforts in regards to food security. – that was only the number of youth served at the Boy’s & Girl’s Clubs of Clermont County this year and on Earth Day.
    9. 9. More Notes… • The majority of students who were “civically engaged” and time spent in the community came from service learning courses. – Additionally, the only retrospective data I have is from service learning • Note: This is does not mean that students do not volunteer on their own or as part of an organization but we didn’t have the capacity to track this data.
    10. 10. Service Learning Numbers
    11. 11. Service Learning Numbers
    12. 12. Service Learning Numbers
    13. 13. Notable Projects/Progress This Year • A sampling of service learning & civic engagement projects from the year: – Community Garden – Multimedia Projects – Paying It Forward grant (Philanthropy) – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) – Tutors/Mentors for youth – Special presentations in after-school programs – Earth Day
    14. 14. Community Garden-Summer 2010
    15. 15. Community Garden Fall 2010
    16. 16. Community Garden-Spring 2010
    17. 17. Community Garden-Present
    18. 18. Multimedia Projects • Service Learning Students in 2D design and a Multimedia capstone course jumped in with: – Logo design for Goshen Township’s Community Center – A “how to” video for Habitat for Humanity – Brochure design for Thomaston Woods Apartments.
    19. 19. Paying It Forward-Eng 289 • Students participated in service learning and based on their research, writing and service learning experiences defined “at risk youth”. • Based on their definitions, they donated funds (via the Paying It Forward grant) totaling $4,500 towards local community based organizations targeted towards helping youth.
    20. 20. Paying It Forward-Eng 289 • Freestore Foodbank Video
    21. 21. VITA • A Service Learning & Tax Preparation course taught winter quarter by Bruce Davis. – This kept a large amount of money in the community and saved residents money on tax preparation services as well. – Students were certified by the IRS to file the taxes.
    22. 22. Tutoring/Mentoring & Special Presentations • Every quarter saw UC Clermont students working with local after-school programs as tutors/mentors. • Spring/Winter quarters included special presentations on public health and environmental education for youth in the community.
    23. 23. Microbiology students explain how easily germs are spread.
    24. 24. Service Learning student and youth at Thomaston Woods
    25. 25. Earth Day • Part of an American Association of Community College No Child Left Inside Grant. – Focuses on Promoting Environmental Literacy • Involved service learning courses, student organizations and community partners. • Leveraged funds from AACC to support Earth Day. Duke Energy funded the garden – Thanks Meredith Delaney for connecting us with the Duke funds!
    26. 26. Microbiology student present to youth on Earth Day
    27. 27. Student Organization involvement on Earth Day
    28. 28. Jon Streater from the Clermont Coalition for Activity and Nutrition talks to youth at Earth Day
    29. 29. Future • We hope to build on momentum that we have created the past three years. • Barbara will continue to direct the program and work with faculty, partners and students. • We hope to include service learning in the college’s strategic plan. • SLCAC and Mentors from AACC grant recommended the creation of an office with full time director and specific policies and procedures. – This is necessary in order to ensure quality, including risk management for our students/community, and continued expansion.
    30. 30. The “Thank You” Slide • Thank you: – Partners – UC Clermont – Fellow VISTAs and OCC – Barbara and Linsey!