PIF Licking County Final Report 2013-14


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Final Report for 2013-14 Pay it Forward college student philanthropy initiative in Licking County Ohio.

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PIF Licking County Final Report 2013-14

  1. 1. PAY IT FORWARD College Student Philanthropy Education & Service Initiative Inspiring the next generation of philanthropists The Ohio Campus Compact (OCC) Pay it Forward program is developing a new generation of philanthropists through an innovative course-based service-learning program that engages college students in hands-on philanthropy, grant-making, and volunteer service while providing community nonprofits with much needed assistance during difficult economic times. Participating faculty infuse the study of philanthropy as a core component of the coursework and each course receives real dollars to award non-profit agencies. Students provide at least 15 hours of volunteer service to local nonprofit agencies while simultaneously identifying community needs, establishing funding criteria, and engaging in group decision-making as part of the course. Pay it Forward simultaneously improves student learning, faculty scholarship, college engagement and nonprofit capacity and impact. Participating campuses in Licking County during Spring 2013 semester and the 2013-14 academic year included The Ohio State University-Newark (OSUN), Denison University and Otterbein University for a total of 22 Pay it Forward courses that invested real dollars in the Licking County Community. Approximately 407 students at the three campuses provided 4,728 volunteer hours in Licking County, where they had the opportunity to learn about the role organizational capacity plays in increasing a nonprofit’s ability to meet its mission more efficiently and effectively. Students worked in teams at nonprofits and learned about funding streams, including the use of grants, then wrote a grant through the PIF program asking for money to fund their organization’s proposed project. Speakers, including a local foundation director, were invited to some classes to talk about grant writing and funding. Next, student teams presented their case for funding to their fellow students, instructor, and OCC staff. Presentations talked about who their organization is, its mission, the proposal students submitted for grant funding, and how the funding would impact the organization’s ability to serve the community. Students then voted on which organizations to fund at what level. Examples of projects funded are $2,500 to expose at-risk high school students to programs of education such as a day at a local college, $1,750 to develop a walkway, extend water lines and get closer to the goal of adding a basketball court at multiple community garden sites in Newark, and $560 to produce a financial literacy video for the lobby of the Licking County Coalition of Housing. Because of the impact and outcomes of Pay it Forward on both students and community partners, OCC will continue to expand upon Pay it Forward as a part of experiential learning in Licking County and throughout Ohio. We would not have been able to provide this experience for students and nonprofits without your generous support of the Pay it Forward program. Thank you.   631 N. Pearl Street Granville, Ohio 43023 (740) 587-8568 (740) 587-8569 FAX www.ohiocampuscompact.org Since January 2010, Pay it Forward has engaged nearly 4,200 college students in 197 courses across 37 campuses, dedicated more than 69,000 total volunteer hours, and invested $655,500 in 435 community nonprofit organizations.
  2. 2.   6th Street and Growing Gardens Big Brothers Big Sisters Bridges Out of Poverty (BOP) Children's Reading Foundation of Licking Co CTAG (Newark City Schools Closing the Achievement Gap) Excel Academy Flying Colors Early Ed Center Garden of Hope Granville Historical Society Granville Studio of Visual Arts Habitat for Humanity- MidOhio Hartford Independent Fair Heisey Collectors of America (Heisey Glass Museum) Hope Farm Granville Johnstown Youth Athletic Association Inc Landlab Licking Co Humane Society Licking Co Parks Licking County Center for the Visually Impaired Licking County Coalition of Housing (LCCH) Licking County Food Council Licking County Landtrust Monroe Township Fire Dept My Place to Be Newark Ice Hockey Association Ohio Fuzzy Paws Shih Tzu Rescue Inc Ohio Nature Education (ONE) PBJ Connections Inc Prevent Assault and Violence Education (PAVE) ProTeen Center Salvation Army Salvation Army-Power for Life Program SPARK Sparta The Citadel The Freedom School The Licking County Aging Program The Main Place Recovery Center The Works YES Club Each of the following organizations in Licking County received a Pay it Forward grant between $500 and $2,500 to build the capacity of their programs:   Quotes  from  the  Program     I  learned  that  I  can  make  a  difference  even  if  I  don’t  have  much  to  give.  –Licking  Co.  PIF   student  Spring  ‘13     Grants  such  as  this  allow  us  to  keep  participation  fees  lower,  allowing  our  programs  to  remain  affordable  to   more  parents  in  the  community.  –Johnstown  Youth  Athletic  Association,  Inc.     YES  Club  was  very  pleased  with  the  relationship  with  the  college  students  as  well  as  the  university.  We   received  great  feedback  from  the  students  who  spent  their  time  at  YES  and  also  heard  that  students  did  such  a   great  job  advocating  that  other  students  then  wanted  to  volunteer  at  YES  in  the  future.  We  value  the   relationship  with  Ohio  State  University  and  the  monetary  support  helps  in  the  success  of  our  youth  as  well  as   the  growth  of  our  program.  –YES  Clubhouse     [I  learned]  how  donating  one’s  time  can  be  just  as  useful  as  donating  money.  –Licking  Co.  PIF  student  Spring   ‘13     This  course  has  made  me  realize  I  have  a  responsibility  and  can  make  a  difference  in  a  small  way  and  that  I  can   give  in  the  future.  –Licking  Co.  PIF  student  Spring  ‘13