Pay it Forward Student Philanthropy Fact Sheet


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Pay it Forward Student Philanthropy Fact Sheet

  1. 1. PAY IT FORWARD College Student Philanthropy Education & Service Initiative Inspiring the next generation of philanthropists The Ohio Campus Compact Pay it Forward program is developing a new generation of philanthropists through an innovative course-based service-learning program that engages college students in hands-on philanthropy, grant-making, and volunteer service while providing community nonprofits with much needed assistance during the economic downturn. Participating faculty infuse the study of philanthropy as a core component of the coursework and each course receives real dollars to award non- profit agencies. Students provide at least 15 hours of volunteer service to local non-profit agencies while simultaneously identifying community needs, establishing funding criteria, and engaging in group decision-making as part of the course. Pay it Forward simultaneously improves student learning, faculty scholarship, college engagement and non-profit capacity and impact.   631 N. Pearl Street Granville, Ohio 43023 (740) 587-8568 (740) 587-8569 FAX PAY IT FORWARD INITIATIVE RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS 2011 OHIO NONPROFIT EXCELLENCE AWARD The Ohio Campus Compact was among just six nonprofits from across the state to be awarded the prestigious Ohio Nonprofit Excellence Award by the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations. Each year, the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO), recognizes a handful of truly outstanding nonprofits from around Ohio. The Excellence Award recognized the creativity, execution, achievement, and overall excellence of the Pay it Forward program. OANO Executive Director Jennifer Williams (right) presents Ohio Campus Compact staff Dick Kinsley, Kirsten Fox and Susan King with the 2011Ohio Nonprofit Excellence Award for the Pay it Forward Initiative,   Since January 2010, Pay it Forward has engaged more than 4,200 college students in 197 courses across 37 campuses, dedicated more than 69,000 total volunteer hours, and invested $655,500 in community nonprofit organizations.
  2. 2.     “The Pay it Forward grant from Ohio Campus Compact allowed me to marry my love for teaching and my passion for philanthropy. It was amazing to witness how both teaching and learning alike, in this course, was so different than any regular business class. The students were more engaged, and the learning was more meaningful. Not only were the students able to study management, but they learned about themselves and what makes us all human, and somehow connected. They found out that they can truly impact another's life through the fidelity of a worthy cause. That, to me, is the greatest gift from this journey of discovery." -Dr. Shirine Mafi, Professor of Management Otterbein University, Westerville   RESULTS New survey data illustrate the tremendous impact the Pay it Forward initiative has had on students, faculty and nonprofits. Three distinct surveys employing both quantitative and qualitative measures have assessed the impact on students, faculty, and community organizations. A student survey pre- & post-tested students to measure the “likelihood” of participation in an action or belief as a result of taking the Pay it Forward course. The survey found the following: • Volunteer after graduation: (Before: 56%; After: 74%) • Give money to area non-profits: (Before: 41%; After: 64%) • Believe they can make a difference in the community: (Before: 60%; After: 86%) • Plan to volunteer/engage in philanthropic activities throughout lifetime: (Before: 48%; After: 73%) A faculty survey asked faculty to compare the course taught with the Pay it Forward component against the same course taught without the Pay it Forward initiative. The survey found the following: • 84% felt students were more personally/academically invested in the philanthropy infused course; • 68% felt that students worked harder in the Pay it Forward course; • 74% felt that the philanthropy component allowed students to develop more as leaders. Finally, the community partner survey looked at efficacy and capacity as a result of Pay it Forward. • 99% of community partners stated their organization was able to meet community needs; • 87% felt their organization was able to grow their capacity to better serve clients; and • 97% stated that the funding will help to effectively address a real “This [Pay it Forward] course has helped me want to give back to my community in any way that I can, whether that is by volunteering my time or donating money. I have learned to love giving back and will continue to do so.” -student course evaluation As part of the Pay it Forward program, students in Professor Brett Smith’s Social Entrepreneurship course at Miami University present Tracie Metzger (center), Executive Director of Pink Ribbon Girls with a check to support the nonprofit’s abreast cancer awareness work. Pay it Forward is sponsored by Ohio Campus Compact and is made possible through funding from the Lindorf Family Foundation and the John and Mary Alford Foundation and past support from the Corporation for National & Community Service. “This project was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I learned group skills, time management, organizational skills and lessons for a lifetime. This experience was truly a life changer.” -student course evaluation