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Leading Learning Through Teacher-Based Teams -Olac online learning tools brochure


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June 29, 10:45am – noon, Room: Fairfield
This session will focus on the importance of leading Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs). Presenters will discuss new 2012 research on the critical roles and responsibilities that everyone (teachers, principals, coaches, central office and superintendents) must engage in if TBTs are to be successful, including the need for “learning leaders” and the necessary changes in the way that central offices supports this kind of learning leadership.
Main Presenter: Brian McNulty, The Leadership and Learning Center

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Leading Learning Through Teacher-Based Teams -Olac online learning tools brochure

  1. 1. ATTENTION ALL:FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Superintendents Principals Teachers Higher Education Faculty HOW DO I GET STARTED? If you haven’t already, sign up for an account on the OLAC website. Obtaining an account to access OLAC’s online learning tools is easy, free, and open to anyone. Simply visit and click the “Create an Account” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. HOW DO I KNOW WHICH MODULES TO VIEW? By taking the Self-Assessment, you’ll receive personalized module recommendations to guide you in your learning. The modules are also organized by educator role and topic of interest, to help you to pick the module that supports your unique learning goals. The Team Assessment provides module recommendations to the entire group based on the team members’ collective knowledge of OLAC’s essential leadership practices. For information on how to build professional development activities and trainings around the OLAC modules, visit the Module Facilitation Toolkit available on your personal dashboard under “Quick Links.” THE OHIO LEADERSHIP ADVISORY COUNCIL HAS YOU COVERED WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE TIME TO COMPLETE A FULL MODULE? In education, leadership is a shared responsibility. No matter what role you play, OLAC has the resources to help you become a more effective leader. Rural, suburban, urban? We’ve There are no time limits on the OLAC modules. The modules are broken out into pages. Each page covers a different topic within the module. If you don’t have time to complete a module in one sitting, got you covered, too. Your experiences make you unique, and OLAC‘s tools can help you you can come back to that module at a future time and navigate directly to the last page you visited. develop a personalized learning plan to build your leadership skills and advance your practice. GET STARTED TODAY AT DO I HAVE TO TAKE THE MODULES IN A PARTICULAR ORDER? No. The modules are designed so that you can choose which to take and in what order. You can STEP 1: ASSESS YOURSELF design your own learning path by viewing a module of interest to you, and/or by viewing modules To benefit from OLAC’s FREE module recommendations–customized to the unique learning needs of recommended for your role. you or your team–create an account and take the online Self-Assessment or Team Assessment. STEP 2: VIEW MODULES If you take the Self-Assessment, OLAC will provide personalized module recommendations WHO DO I CONTACT IF I NEED HELP? based on your individual results. If you take the Team Assessment, your team will receive module recommendations based on the collective knowledge of the group. For more information about engaging in the OLAC work, contact Don Washburn at STEP 3: REPEAT Take the Self-Assessment or Team Assessment again to track where you’re making progress as an individual, team, or both.
  2. 2. EXPLORE OLAC’S ONLINE LEARNING TOOLS Your Online Learning Dashboard makes it easy to use the assessment tools and view your personalized module recommendations. WHAT YOU’LL FIND: COMING SOON: ° 18 research-basedto educators in anythat include ° A module dedicated to developing and supporting information useful learning modules role. teacher-based teams. LOGOUT I PROFILE I HELP I LOGGED IN AS: JANE SMITH Search ° by topic or role. format that organizes modules ° information of earlymodules. and special education An easy-to-navigate Integration learning ABOUT OLAC ABOUT OIP EVENTS NEWS ONLINE LEARNING DASHBOARD CONTACT into all QUICK LINKS ° Videos that show best practices in action. on ° housed on the OLAC website. (OIP) resources All Ohio Improvement Process DASHBOARD View Complete List of OLAC Modules ° an individual’s Self-Assessment or Team Customized module recommendations based Print OLAC Module Assessment Results Welcome, Jane Smith ° Training modules for each stage of the OIP. View Complete List of Videos Your online learning dashboard gives you easy access to all the OLAC online learning tools. Use this (Coming Soon) Assessment results. page to take a self- or team assessment, create and manage teams in the OLAC assessment tool system, or find modules based on your role or topic of interest. Access the OLAC Facilitation Toolkit Review the OLAC Module User’s Guide ° to use the OLACshow highertheir coursework. how Resources that education faculty Download the OLAC Module Crosswalk (PDF) Self-Assessment Team Assessment modules in Take Self-Assessment Take Team Assessment Create and Manage Teams Find information about the OIP and OLAC all in one site. VIEW MODULES BY ROLE VIEW MODULES BY TOPIC VIEW VIDEOS BY TOPIC Your Recommended Modules Based On… LOGIN I CREATE AN ACCOUNT Search Your Role: Superintendent ABOUT OLAC ABOUT OIP EVENTS NEWS ONLINE LEARNING DASHBOARD CONTACT Jane’s Recommended Modules: Community Engagement Development of a Focused Plan The Change Process PERSONALIZE YOUR LEARNING Other Module Recommendations Based on Role: MISS THIS YEAR’SOn the home page, ACTION FORUM? Use the assessment tool to receive personalized recommendations on where a rotating banner to start with your online learning. Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Principal WANT TO REVIEW Community Engagement Community Engagement Collaborative Teams and Organizationalhighlights the latest THE MATERIALS? Development of a Focused Plan Development of a Focused Plan Structurenews or resources. The Change Process The Change Process Community Engagement Developing Shared Accountability - The Why, Who, How, and What of Teams Assistant Principal Teacher Leader Teacher Collaborative Teams and Organizational Development of a Focused Plan Assessment and Learning Use these tabs to VIEW MODULES BY ROLE VIEW MODULES BY TOPIC VIEW VIDEOS BY TOPIC Structure Developing Shared Accountability - The Why, Facilitating High-Quality Instructional Practice Learning Supportsaccess modules and OLAC Module Facilitation Toolkit The Instructional Process Who, How, and What of Teams You must login or create an account to explore the online modules. Facilitating High-Quality Instructional Practicevideos organized by topic or role. Collaboration Community Engagement Curriculum Collaborative Teams and Organizational Community Engagement Effective Curriculum Practices Structure Learning Supports Developing Shared Accountability - The Why, Quick links ensure all Easily find suggestions for what modules to The Instructional Process Who, How, and What of Teams The Collaborative Process relevant resources are view, based on topics pertinent to your role. at your fingertips. Data-Based Educational Reform Differentiation Highter Education Assessment and Learning Assessment and Learning Highter Education: How OLAC Essential Creating Cultures Grounded in Data Facilitating High-Quality Instructional Practice Practices Align with Other Relevant Standards Higher Education: Instructional Guide Development of a Focused Plan Learning Supports The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) is a partnership between the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA) and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Visit to learn more.