Supporting Co-Teaching


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June 27
3:15 – 4:15pm
Room: Knox
Bellefontaine City Schools changed its thinking on co-teaching at the district and building levels. Hear about their story and lessons learned and get information you can take back to your district and school to encourage and support co-teaching partners.
Main Presenter: Karen Scott, Bellefontaine City Schools
Co-Presenter(s): Shanel Henry, Bellefontaine Middle School

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Supporting Co-Teaching

  1. 1. Supporting Co-­TeachingKaren Scott and Shanel HenryBellefontaine City Schools
  2. 2. Prior to 1993 all students with disabilities were serviced in resource rooms 1997 began having Intervention Specialist work more closely with General Education Teacher. Recourse room option only for students with severe cognitive and behavioral disabilities Moving in direction of Co-teaching during the early 2000s yet Intervention Specialist job was still viewed as the one who provide service to IEP students 2008/09 began our involvement with the Ohio Improvement Progress (OIP). Co- 2010/11 Teachers who co-teach are giving common planning time 5-step process being used at building levelBCS History with servicing
  3. 3. 5-­step process is whatguides our DLT, BLT, andTBTs
  4. 4. BCS Best
  5. 5. BCS Best Co-­Teaching
  6. 6. Survey at the beginning of the 2011/12 school yearshowed that teachers in Co-Taught classes wanted moreresources and professional development.Staff survey
  7. 7. Book Study Newsletteras a result of survey
  8. 8. coteach.comBook Study
  9. 9. Co-Teaching Philosophy Co-teaching is a partnership in which classroom responsibilities are shared, instruction is well planned and delivered to meet the diverse needs of all the students in the a result of book study
  10. 10. Conference with Dr. Marilyn Friend From Co-ACT; 3 areas looked at: Personal Prerequisites Professional Relationship Classroom Dynamics Some areas within district where the gen ed teacher does not view the inclusion teacher as doing their jobAction Plan was also created at this conferenceFollow-­up survey
  11. 11. Action Plan Continue to support co-teaching partners with common planning time and form Provide co-teaching partners with ongoing professional development Classroom dataTake the videos clips we have of co-teaching to use inprofessional development.Move our co-teaching beyond the traditional gen ed/sp edpartnership to include gifted, title, and ESL
  12. 12. Lesson Plan Form
  13. 13. Changes - start small Use plural language Plural language within the co-taught classroom. Both names on door etc. Survey staff Colorado Assessment of Co-Teaching (CO-ACT)Putting two teachers in a room in itself is not co-teaching Support: planning time and PD First day of school is crucial in setting the tone that this is a co- taught class. Both teachers need to be in front of the class.Find the teacher-leaders in your buildings and empower them.They are there!
  14. 14. Does your Co-­Teachinglook like this?
  15. 15. when it should look likethis.
  16. 16. Contact Information: Shanel Henry, principal, Bellefontaine Middle School Karen Scott, Intervention Specialist/Instructional Team Leader, Bellefontaine Middle School, scottk@bellefontaine.k12.oh.usContact Info