Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #9 engagement questions


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June 29, 10:30am – noon, Room: Union A
Purposeful Community touches all aspects of the learning process. The four components of Purposeful Community will be explored in relation to increasing student achievement and growth. Participants will learn about the phases of the change-leadership process in the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (called Enhancing Leadership Quality for Collaborative Action Impact). A mindset-management approach to leadership and delivery models will be shared, which will assist participants in creating a plan for Purposeful Community and Change Leadership in their own school or district.
Main Presenter: Mark Glasbrenner, Battelle for Kids
Co-Presenter(s): Barb Hansen, Battelle for Kids

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Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #9 engagement questions

  1. 1. 1160 Dublin Road, Suite 500 Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 481-3141 (614) 481-8997 fax www.BattelleforKids.org HANDOUT #9 PURPOSEFUL COMMUNITY AND CHANGE LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY ENGAGEMENT QUESTIONSSample questions for 21st Century engagement: 1. How should schools be designed to meet the needs of all children? 2. What do students need to thrive in a global society? 3. How can equal opportunities be provided so that all students will thrive? 4. What would a school look like where students are passionate about learning? 5. How can we personalize learning opportunities, so that all students thrive? 6. What does a school of the future look like? 7. What do students of the future look like? 8. Do we have the schools we need? 9. What about our schools should never be changed? 10. What would the world lose if your schools ceased to exist as we currently know them? 11. Why would gifted and motivated people want to contribute their talents and energies to our schools? 12. What is currently in place that will no longer prepare our students for the world as it shifts? 13. What are the untapped resources that our community has to offer? 14. In order for our students to be successful in the future, how must our educational system shift? 15. What are some practices and/or learning opportunities currently in place that promote student success? 16. What are the skills and strategies students will need to be successful in our changing world? 17. What are two things that come to mine that have changed the most in the past 20-30 years? 18. What are the skills that are needed for the changes that have and are occurring?© 2012, Battelle for Kids. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Sample questions for Purposeful Community engagement: 1. What is the purpose of our community? 2. How does out community fulfill its purpose on a daily basis? 3. What is it we can only accomplish because we are together as a community that we cannot accomplish individually? 4. What do we expect to see when we have successfully accomplished outcomes that matter to all? Sample questions for Change Leadership engagement: 1. What are some key obstacles to change? 2. What creates energy and momentum for change? 3. How do we need to structure our work together in new ways to create greater purpose and focus, engagement, and collaboration 4. What is the problem we need to solve? 5. What are some of the critical elements of our system for improving teaching and learning? 6. What is the crisis in education really all about – what’s the problem?© 2012, Battelle for Kids. All Rights Reserved.