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  • Intertek - Industry Services 2013

    1. 1. www.intertek.com1 Industry Services Omar Gonzalez, Sr. Technical Recruiter March 2013
    2. 2. www.intertek.com2 Valued Quality. Delivered. Who is Intertek? Intertek provides quality and safety services that not only help customers provide quality products and services but also adds value to their business. We deliver these services through our global network and as a result have developed an unrivalled reputation for fast execution of work.
    3. 3. www.intertek.com3 Valued Quality. Delivered. Intertek's Industry Services business helps its clients to manage risk and optimize returns within the oil & gas, renewables, power, nuclear, mining, construction, engineering, chemical and water industries. Our qualified personnel are committed to operational safety as well as minimising business risks and the potential for negative environmental impact. This three-fold commitment is backed by decades of experience, leadership, and a strong focus on quality.
    4. 4. www.intertek.com4 Our Heritage Caleb Brett founds a marine surveying business 1885 Thomas Edison establishes what is later renamed as the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) 1896 Virginius Daniel Moody establishes Moody Engineering for construction and electrical engineering projects 1911 Intertek and Moody International join forces 2011 Intertek Today: Valued Quality. Delivered. Today
    5. 5. www.intertek.com5 Intertek At a Glance Our organization Asset Integrity Management Business Assurance Consulting & Training Energy & Water Consultancy Services Exploration & Production Services Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services Nuclear Energy Services Technical Inspection Services Technical Staffing Industries in which we operate Aerospace & Automotive Building Products Chemical Consumer Goods & Retailers Electrical & Electronic Energy Food & Agriculture Government & Institutions Industrial IT & Telecom Medical & Pharmaceutical Minerals Petroleum Textile, Apparel & Footwear Toys, Games & Hardlines What we do Testing Inspection Certification Auditing Outsourcing Advisory Training Quality Assurance
    6. 6. www.intertek.com6 An Extensive Global Network • FTSE 100 company in the Support Services sector • Market capitalization at £5bn • Revenue generation of over £2.0bn in 2012 100 More than countries 1,000 More than laboratories and offices 35,000 people over
    7. 7. www.intertek.com7 Why Are We Important To You? We facilitate your success through… Speed to Market To cut lead times and costs without cutting corners on safety while gaining competitive advantages Reduced Risk To reduce and avoid financial, operational and environmental risks involved with your activities Brand Protection Protect your corporate reputation and brand value Focused Resources Free up valuable resources to allocate to your core services improving your productivity and efficiency Partnership We‟re dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your program‟s or project‟s development Added Value We give you the tools to improve your business, reduce costs, and maintain quality
    8. 8. www.intertek.com8 Our Vision Add Value To our customers‟ products and processes, to support their global trade Act With Integrity We act with integrity, honesty, and respect Innovate We deliver outstanding solutions to sharpen our customers‟ competitive edge in the marketplace
    9. 9. www.intertek.com9 Services
    10. 10. www.intertek.com10 Technical Inspection Services Technical inspection services are critical to ensuring a supply chain that minimizes risk, reduces cost and potential delays, improves product quality and safety and ensures compliance to customer, local or international standards. Intertek‟s services are conducted upstream and downstream at vendors, sub-suppliers, construction sites or operating facilities. •Source Inspection and Supplier Surveillance •Independent Expediting •Technical Auditing and Assessment •Integrated Services Solutions •Site Construction Services
    11. 11. www.intertek.com11 Success Story KCP LLC The Challenge: Pipeline construction activities are complicated, involving critical timelines, budget limitations, and the assembly of thousands of pieces of equipment. During the first construction phase of the pipeline‟s second section, extending from Kenkiyak to Kumkol Kazakhstan, KCP LLC required numerous support services to verify the integrity, safety, quality control and efficiency of the contractor‟s processes. The Solution: Intertek was able to help KCP LLC minimize any integrity, safety and quality issues by rendering services including pipemill inspections in Russia, China and Ukraine; pipe acceptance inspection at four railway stations; vendor inspections of other equipment in China, Russia, Europe and the USA. Also provided was pipeline construction inspection activities such as monitoring during welding inspection; civil works inspection; inspection of coating of welds at site; maintaining pipe traceability; HAZOP (hazard and operability study); witnessing of hydrostatic testing and commissioning; inspection of power supply installation and instrumentation.
    12. 12. www.intertek.com12 Technical Staffing Services A comprehensive range of expert technical staffing services to the energy, mining, engineering, construction, manufact uring, and related industries worldwide. These include: •Contract Staffing - Specializing in a “blended” solution whereby both expatriate and local human resources are engaged and deployed as part of a comprehensive international project staffing plan. •Permanent Placement Services - Provision of direct staff to customers on either a fee-paid or contract-to-hire engagement.
    13. 13. www.intertek.com13 Success Story Global Oil and Gas Company The Challenge: Faced with an operational challenge, a small team of designated professionals, primarily comprised of Intertek Moody personnel, had been tasked with identifying opportunities for improvement within various areas of operations in the “North Slope” region of Alaska. Recognizing the need to create depth within the client organization, one of the team‟s challenges was to build up the pool of qualified resources available to the client. The Solution: To improve the retention of quality personnel, the team commenced a training program for multiple users in the more in-depth features of the new operational reporting and historical tracking software, allowing for growth opportunities. Rotation of personnel between programs helped to reduce complacency, and weekly meetings were held to ensure questions were answered. Training workshops were developed for clients and contractors. Personnel were moved to an even rotation schedule and workloads were reallocated to allow for higher quality of work.
    14. 14. www.intertek.com14 Exploration and Production Support Analytical testing and knowledge-based consultancy services along the entire oil and gas value chain – from reservoir to refinery. The wide range of services we provide in the field and in our labs across the world include: • Reservoir Services • Analytical Support • Production and Integrity Assurance • Metering and Allocation
    15. 15. www.intertek.com15 Success Story Flexi France The Challenge: Flexi France, who produce flexible umbilical pipes used in deep and ultra-deep offshore oil developments, need to comply with demanding test requirements from their clients. Testing of their products prior to deployment in extreme environments is critical. The Solution: A highly responsive testing program was delivered by Intertek offering speedy set-up and turn around of results. The testing program included a unique blend of specialist tests such as high pressure, fatigue, toxic environment, and corrosion. We helped Flexi France offer a better product to their clients, and provide the expertise and investment in testing enabling them to concentrate on their core business.
    16. 16. www.intertek.com16 Asset Integrity Management The managed process of assessing the condition and extending the asset life cycle, managing risk, safely optimizing production and determining fitness-for-purpose in equipment, people, work processes, and application systems. Serving the oil and gas, processing, and power industries. • Engineering Services • In Service Inspection Services • Surveying Services • Integrity Management Software
    17. 17. www.intertek.com17 Success Story The Challenge: Ensuring first-time, clash-free installation of a 950 ton reactor at Nucor Steel plant, in Convent, LA. Due to the sheer scale of the reactor, safety concerns and cost control, it was imperative that this reactor fit into its structure on the first try. The Solution: Intertek used laser scanners and surveying instruments to scan the entire reactor and tower sections and performed dimensional control to set up a common coordinate system in order to accurately interrogate for extraction of required data. Various clashes were identified and accurate, detailed data provided for obtaining correct position within the tower. Schedule was tight and a constant feed of information and communication was maintained between Intertek and Nucor. Installation of the reactor involved using the largest onshore crane in the world. The reactor was successfully installed without issue. Nucor
    18. 18. www.intertek.com18 Non Destructive Testing Services The provision of a non destructive testing and materials testing service both on-site and from Intertek‟s laboratory facilities. Services are provided by highly skilled individuals and underpinned by internationally recognized accreditations, serving a wide variety of industry sectors such as power generation – both nuclear and conventional, oil, gas, petrochemical, general engineering, fabrication, military, marine, motorsport and transport. •Non Destructive Testing •Materials Testing •Destructive Testing •Technical Consultancy Services
    19. 19. www.intertek.com19 Success Story Power Company The Challenge: A major power company needed to detect and analyze wall loss, due to corrosion, in pipework on a gas installation. The customer required a solution that would give the best results without removing the pipe-lagging which would have caused major disruption to operations. The Solution: Using the latest digital radiographic technology and a gamma isotope Intertek NDT was able to take radiographs using a tangential technique which allowed the radiographs to physically measure the wall thickness of the pipe examined, and also to check for corrosion deposits and density changes which may indicate „through wall loss‟. In the areas where significant corrosion had occurred, the customer was able to view the images as the examination was taking place and to then instruct repairs for the following day. On completing the tests, all images were downloaded on to discs, enabling the customer to store them and review them in their own facility.
    20. 20. www.intertek.com20 Consulting and Training Through its „Safe Operations & Performance‟ methodology, Intertek Consulting & Training enables clients to develop the next generation of leaders who will consistently demonstrate and drive learned best practices in order to achieve and sustain measurable safety and performance results. Customized technical, leadership, and behavior-based safety training is provided for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation, and other high-risk industries. Oil and Gas Technical Training • Randy Smith Well Control courses • Technical training for drilling and marine • Competency assurance Safe Operations & Performance Consulting and Training • Safety Culture Assessments • Behavior-based Safety • Safety Leadership • Worksite Coaching • HazIQ: Hazard Awareness Program • High5: Hand Injury Prevention Program
    21. 21. www.intertek.com21 Success Story ArcelorMittal Mining (AMM) The Solution: Intertek and AMM rolled out customized training (Courageous Leadership) to the entire organization to clearly communicate and allow employees to understand its ethos for success as it aligns with its Vision and Values. In addition to the training, Intertek and AMM are collaborating to set clearly defined safety behaviour indicators allowing AMM to create sustainability and continuously improve. Currently local onsite Courageous Leadership training is being conducted and involved more than 4,000 employees in North and South America. The Challenge: Leadership and safety principles are essential elements of behaviour required for all ArcelorMittal Mining employees. The company needed a consulting and training partner to help reinforce and communicate these principles. AMM wanted to ensure employees have a clear picture of success and this must drive their daily actions – including leadership and safety.
    22. 22. www.intertek.com22 Energy and Water Consultancy Services Intertek provides consultancy and advisory services through all stages of an offshore development: feasibility and design; construction; operation; and decommissioning. Key sectors include oil & gas, offshore renewables and marine cables, and the water industry. It provides expert assessments of the feasibility and impact of infrastructure projects in terms of design, interconnectivity and environmental impact. • Environmental impact assessments & permits • Technical assessments (metocean, oceanography, geophysics, sediments/scour, environment, water quality) • Risk assessments and advice • Technical Due Diligence • Sub-marine cable routing and engineering • Marine site investigation and survey management • Client representation (offshore survey and construction) • Marine construction management
    23. 23. www.intertek.com23 Success Story BritNed The Solution: Intertek served as the marine project managers throughout the feasibility, planning and installation phases for the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC 1000 MW) cable, connecting the electricity grids of the UK and the Netherlands Working with partners Royal Haskoning, Svasek in the Netherlands, and TEP and RPS in the UK, we undertook the marine environmental assessments, route feasibility studies, management of all the marine surveys, consent submission and supported the EPC contract award process. Subsequently, the consultancy has assured consent compliance during the construction phase of the project, which went live in May 2011. The Challenge: To install a 260 km electric cable between the Isle of Grain in Kent, UK and Maasvlakte, Netherlands (near Rotterdam) to greatly improve electrical security and efficiency between the two countries BritNed needed to ensure there were safe and environmentally sound procedures in place for all personnel working on the project.
    24. 24. www.intertek.com24 Nuclear Energy Services Diverse technical services found in sectors with high safety and quality requirements such as nuclear power plants, fossil fuelled power plants and chemical plants among others. Engineering • Probabilistic Safety Assessment • Thermo Hydraulic Engineering • Radiological Engineering • Flow-Accelerated Corrosion Program (FAC) • Inspection Service Program (ASME XI/OM) Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
    25. 25. www.intertek.com25 Success Story UNESA The Challenge: The Spanish Association of the Electrical Industry (UNESA) requires each nuclear power plant to review its Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) program according to requirements as outlined in the US NRC NUREG 1801 Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report. Spanish nuclear power plants maintain various programs for monitoring FAC in piping systems as they age. These power plants need to ensure they are in compliance with the GALL Report. The Solution: In response to this need, Intertek conducted surveys which gathered ten main attributes of the GALL report - Flow Accelerated Corrosion XI.M17 section. Visiting with the FAC program representatives at each nuclear power plant, we evaluated their systems, highlighted any non- compliance issues or deficiencies, and proposed improvements. As a result, key findings were presented to the plant representatives – compliance information that will help them meet the requirements of US NRC NUREG 1801.
    26. 26. www.intertek.com26 Many Benefits, One Source • Independent, global quality and safety support • Access to an expanded network of experts and cutting-edge technology • Global coverage paired with local knowledge • Single source for a broad portfolio of services • Over 125 years of worldwide experience • Consistent service excellence • Integrity and professionalism
    27. 27. www.intertek.com27 Valued Quality. Delivered.