#ogilvychange Prague - Messages Against Cancer


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#ogilvychange worked with the Ministry of Health to apply behavioural science to get more people to attend preventative cancer screenings.

The team applied the principles of affect to engage on an emotional level and selected the most salient messengers to encourage action.

The largest health insurance company in the country recorded a growth in examinations of up to 30.9%

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#ogilvychange Prague - Messages Against Cancer

  1. 1. #ogilvychange Prague MESSAGES AGAINST CANCER Increasing cancer prevention examinations by 31% One in three Czechs are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and one in four will die. The Challenge: Cancer rates are rising but the habits of Czechs are not changing. 62% of Czechs consider it pointless to visit the doctor unless something is bothering them, making early detection a rare occurence. This is alarming because when an early diagnosis is critical, 95% of cancer cases can be successfully cured if diagnosed in an early stages. Statistics from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic Colorectal – 8,000 Cases, 4,000 Deaths Breast - 7,000 Cases, 2,000 Deaths Cervical - 1,000 Cases, 400 Deaths Behaviour To Change: Shift the attitude of Czechs to cancer and change behaviour to get more people to attend early checks for the most common killers. Applying Behavioural Science: Because of the passivity of Czechs towards the issue, typical fear mongering approaches would not be effective. Behavioral science research shows people are more responsive to appeals when they emotionally identify with those affected (Slovic, 2007). Based on these insights, we used the most powerful medium of all to address health issues: family. Our campaign also took three celebrities who had been touched by cancer during their lives and gave them a platform to personally address one of their own family members and encourage them to get checked. Celebrities were used because our perception of information often depends on how much we like the individual delivering it (e.g. Debevec & Kernan, 1984). In addition to paid media channels, PR during the five month campaign generated 331 articles in earned media to the value of 12,5 mio CZK (US$600,000). CELEBRITY CHANTAL POULLAIN “IF YOU LOVE HER, MAKE SURE THAT SHE WILL FIND TIME FOR PREVENTION IN TIME.“ Results: The largest health insurance company in the country recorded a growth in examinations of up to 30.9% in case of prevention screening for colorectum cancer and 10,7% in case of breast cancer, with 673,647 people going for checks in the first four months of 2014. The real effects of this campaign, the lives saved, the families preserved, will become known over a period longer than just one year, now Czech behaviour towards the early detection of cancer has been changed for good. Contact: jakub.hodbod@ogilvy.com #ogilvychange Prague