Ogilvy HSI Issue 002: "Who Cares About Creativity in Hong Kong?"


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Our second issue explores HK's local creative scene.

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  • Despite the many challenges present in nurturing Hong Kong’s creative development, there are still many quiet leaders emerging in the local art community. Local artists VaanIp and Sim Chan recently held an exhibition at Fabrik Contemporary Art.“I wanted to extract the population from this high-pressure city – release them, and allow them to relax” VaanIp“The purpose of these pieces is to force the audience to think about their own living situations, and rethink their attitudes towards their life.” Sim ChanBoth artists have chosen to focus on the notion of space – or lack thereof – in Hong Kong, and its effect on the attitudes and lifestyles of people in the city. Interestingly, these pieces also underscore the fundamental importance in the availability of space for people to express themselves creatively. Note: remember to reference the works“I think the most difficult aspect about being an artist in Hong Kong is – well, space in Hong Kong is so expensive. So if we want to create a large-scale piece of artwork, we need to schedule and plan for a long time”underscores the fundamental importance in the availability of space for people to express themselves creatively. Local creatives often have to shy away from large-scale works precisely for that reason.Social convention leaves no room for creatives to survive. People grow up neglecting the right side of their brains and focus too much on their professional careers. On top of that, a lack of space also impedes on local creativity. Even cities like Beijing and NYC have more accessible studio-space for artists than HK. On the other hand, Sim Chan believes that space shouldn’t limit local artists; instead, he believes that creativity is about what you do with the space you are limited to.
  • Local creativity has even shown itself in a slew of satirical political memes. As HK is going through some culturally turbulent times, unrest in the public continues to grow. Undoubtedly, people will express their discontent through more creative means as they have already done.Look hard, however, and you do see a separate map for creativity developed by Creative City, one of Hong Kong’s first design and culture focused maps. You also see local artists thriving in their own underground communities, manifesting in organizations like Hidden Agenda, and the Pineapple Underground Film Festival.Outside the political realm, you also see local creatives thriving in their undergroundcommunities, manifesting in organizations like Hidden Agenda, and the PineapppleUnderground Film Festival.
  • Art jamming isn’t nearly enough. People are now floral jamming at
  • *Ahem* Will HK’s Creators Please Stand Up?
  • *Ahem* Will HK’s Creators Please Stand Up?
  • Look at the MK store – newly openedOpportunity to be creative themselves Creative shoes – Jared and KarenExpose them to what’s already creative in the cityGive HK artists larger platform / audience – create a bond with the cities’ creative influencers – street credMake sure there is a benefit to the brand
  • Ogilvy HSI Issue 002: "Who Cares About Creativity in Hong Kong?"

    1. 1. Ogilvy HSI: HK SERIOUS INSIGHTS Who Cares About Creativity in Hong Kong?Photo by: HK Golden Forum From your friendly planners Clarissa, Wendy, Ruby, & Chester, June 2012
    2. 2. BUSTLING CREATIVITY IN HONG KONG – WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON? • Art Basel, the “Olympics of the art world,” chooses Hong Kong as its third city to host its international art fair… • Hong Kong is now Christies’ third-largest auction hub in the world… • An influx of world-renowned art galleries (e.g. White Cube, Gagosian) have set up shop in HK… But is any of that glory reaching HK’s local creative scene?Photo by: Hong Kong Art Fair
    3. 3. Pictured here:SimSky by Sim Chan
    4. 4. HKers Desire Creativity… to express their frustration As HK goes through socially and politically turbulent times, people are reinterpreting popular culture to inject them with political satire. Photo by: HK Golden ForumPhoto by: Bad Canto Photo by: Bad Canto Photo by: Cuson Lo
    5. 5. HKers Desire Creativity…to have a piece of their lives they can controlHaven’t you heard? It’s all about DIY, and artjamming just doesn’t cut it anymore.People want to ‘floral jam’ at Talensia Floral Art; make their own leatheraccessories at Alri’s; create traditional Chinese handicrafts at Sealing Stone; learnabout frothy latte art at Wingyicoffee; and melt their own beeswax candles at HKFarm.People are thirsting for creativity to spice up their everyday lives!Photo by: HK Farm
    6. 6. HKers Desire Creativity…to revive Hong Kong identityLocal creative appetite is reshaping many of HK’s olderneighborhoods and, “attracting small artsybusinesses in the process.” – HK Magazine Ngau Tau Kok’s factory buildings are now home to live music venues like Strategic Sounds, while Sai Ying Pun’s streets have found new tenants among galleries like Above Second that promote local cotemporary artists.These artsy hipster hangouts are paving the way forHK’s local creative scene while they embed creativityinto ordinary peoples’ lives and neighborhoods. Photo by: HK Asia City
    7. 7. Who can Brands Collaborate with in HK? Photo by: yhtomitcPhoto by: HK Asia City 龍小菌 (Lung Siu Kwan): School Creative City: HK’s first design and teacher by day, singer by night. She culture-focused map dedicated to writes her own lyrics to popular songs celebrating local creativity. to resonate with HK’s adolescents. Photo by: HK Asia City Photo by: Old HK Movie 黑紙 (Black Paper) founders Roy Tsui, Steven Chan, and Bu produce a $1 Jonathan Mak: HK design student, magazine that provokes people to take youngest person to ever win a Grand a stance on their beliefs. Prix at Cannes (with Coke): ‘nuff said.
    8. 8. ♬ 恭乜喜, 樓都未供得起!Photo by: Yahoo! Music農夫 (FAMA): Satirical, comedic, andMr. Funny, local performer who hasdown-to-earth, this dynamic duo Photo by: BC Magazinedefended his right hop for HKcourt – andrevolutionized hip to busk in while KOLOR: This local band has prosperedwon. a positive light on prevalentshining after quitting their record label andsocial issues. embracing their creative independence.Photo by: Make a Change HK Photo by: Secret Tour HKMake a Change HK Creative Group Secretourhk reveals the hidden side ofcan spice up your bus ride. They push HK to travellers and immerses thempeople to rethink about their daily entirely in local culture and creativity.routines that have become mundane. No luxury shopping stops here!
    9. 9. Pictured here: Starbucks’ new concept store in Mong Kok offers their customers a space to be creative. What else can brands do with this? • Connect to people by offering them a channel to be creative • Inspire your audience by collaborating with the up & coming creative stars of HK • Earn your customers’ respect by demonstrating your creative Thoughts? Tell us on: street cred Facebook.com/OgilvyHSIPhoto by: Style Canvas