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innovabia innovation



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Dkv 18 Jan2010 innovabia innovation Dkv 18 Jan2010 innovabia innovation Presentation Transcript

  • Some People Make Things Happen, Some Watch Things Happen, While Others Sit Around and Wonder What Happened 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 1
  • By instinct humans are Innovative from stone age man to the modern society (i.e. today) 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 2
  • Ford 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 3
  • Innovation in sports Since 1968 Before 1968 FOSBURY FLOP 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 4
  • Feel Like a star 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 5
  • What is INNOVATION? started with an IDEA ended with a VALUE 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 6
  • Municipal & Health care Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 7
  • Innovation • Something genuine and new • Of positive value • That no one before has thought about it and done it 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 8
  • What is Innovation? • value from genuine new idea 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 9
  • INNOVATION – THE EVOLUTION 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 10
  • Economy History • Ancient time  Hunting  Farming/life stock • Village, City, Country , Nation  Exchange • Cooperation's – Industries (Technology and Industry)  Money & Trade • Knowhow – (e.g. computer SW or Medicine- Equation)  non-tangible commodity - Knowledge • Future? 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 11
  • Economy Present • Traditional technologies reaching ceilings • Education & Knowhow is accessible by all (thanks to Satellites, Networks and Internet). • Technology and Know-how transfer is relatively easy and within reach. • From Inventions  Innovations • From Major Innovations  accumulative Innovations (i.e. Logo of technologies) 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 12
  • Brazil: Highlights INVESTMENTS IN R&D (%GDP) ISRAEL 4,70 SPAIN 1,1 SWEDEN 3,89 ITALY 2 FINLAND 3,48 RUSSIAN 1,10 JAPAN 3,33 BRAZIL 1,07 SOUTH KOREA 2,99 HUNGARY 1,02 USA 2,62 SOUTH AFRICA 0,94 TAIWAN 2,52 INDIA 0,86 GERMANY 2,46 PORTUGAL 0,85 SINGAPORE 2,36 MALAYSIA 0,80 FRANCE 2,13 CHILE 0,69 CANADA 1,98 TURKEY 0,68 NETHERLANDS 1,78 POLAND 0,67 UNITED KINGDOM 1,78 MEXICO 0,57 CHINA 1,34 ARGENTINA 0,50 0,46 Source: OCDE (2007), Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT,2007), World Bank (2006) and RICYT (2006). 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 13
  • WORLD BANK Says “The workers of the future will recognize that their success does not lie in their ability to learn a skill (writing software, writing legal briefs, reading x-rays, providing technical support, etc) and then apply it repeatedly to pre-defined problems. Instead, success will be in their ability to use creativity and innovation to solve unique problems, forge new frontiers, invent killer products and quickly adjust to changing market demands and economic forces “ 18-Jan-2010 14 DKV Event
  • Quotes (Negative) • “640K ought to be enough for anybody” 1981 – Bill gates • “Everything that can be invented has been invented” 1899 – Chalres Duell, Commissioner US Office of Patents • “but what microchip is good for” 1968 – IBM Engineer • “Who the hell wants to hear actors talk” 1927 – HM Warner, Warner brothers • Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs is ridiculous fiction” 1872 – Pierre Pachet, Prof of physiology at Toulouse 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 15
  • My best Quote “Whatever made you successful in the past, WON’T in the Future” – Lew Platt VD HP 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 16
  • Innovation Pyramid "Imagination is more important than knowledge“ Albert Einstein Innovation Creativity / Imagination Knowledge Indexing Information Storing Data (Noise) 17
  • • Creativity is thinking up new things. • Innovation is doing new things. --- Theodore Levitt 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 18
  • Why Innovation? • Actually why not? • Who doesn’t have ambitions to get better? • Who can be better without a new idea? • How can anybody have a tree without a seed and without watering the seed? • imitations and blind copying works sometimes but not always and is never sustainable and never with high returns. • On the other hand genuine new ideas make real differentiation. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 19
  • Modern business witnessed a wave toward organizing business activities under umbrella of what is called MANAGEMENT. e.g. Call centre Business Process Management Time Management ISOxxxx, TQM what didn’t get organized? 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 20
  • Manufacturing 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 21
  • Quality is to do your job in the best way to reach your goal Innovation is to do a new thing to reach a higher goal 22
  • Systematic Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 23
  • Organized Innovation Non- Organized Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 24
  • Call Centre 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 25
  • Systematic Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 26
  • Pre Post Idea Idea Idea Stimulation Idea R&D Reward Generation & Commercializ Culture Creativity ation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 27
  • Methods • Random Word Association • Forced Combination • Negative Idea Generation • What If? • The Dream Trip • Lab Work • Visual Confetti • Headline Mania • 6-3-5 • Fishing Stories • Idea Propping • Merlin • Your Creative Idol • The Relay Baton • Zooming Out • The Lotus Blossom • Trend storming • Upside Down • The Brain Pool 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 28
  • Born or Learned? Innovation is a skill that you can learn, practice and become proficient at. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 30
  • Innovative Business 1. Culturally Innovative 2. Organized • defined from vision toward smallest execution item 3. Always Innovative 4. Modern • Best practices, open Innovation, crowd sourcing , Automated …etc. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 32
  • 1- Culture of Innovation • Buy in from heart by all. • Inside the DNA of the organization. • Experience, Skills and knowledge transfer factor (from hiring toward the top). • Atmosphere (encouragement, reward, training, thinking-space). 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 33
  • Yes it is a CULTURE • President Kennedy • NASA early 1970s I am helping to put a man on the moon 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 34
  • Innovation in Call Center Angry Customer Bank Call Center It is your bank mistake, can’t you . see this? Can’t you do ☼●◙♣♫♪☻ 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 35
  • After work No innovation program incentives No reward innovation program with incentives, reward and recognition and recognition Thank you sir, you made I Hate this job … my day … 18-Jan-2010 DKV36 Event
  • 2- Organized Innovation • Targeted and on-purpose Innovation (opposite is “as-it-comes”) • Do not wait chances or luck • Use proven experiences • Innovation Cycle from A-Z. • Well documented and best if automated. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 37
  • 3- Always Innovative • When there is urgency for an Innovative idea you might not have the time to dig for it. • 365 Days Innovation program ensure healthy flow and accumulation of ideas to benefit from at the right time. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 38
  • Innovation - Timing • Identified area: – Problem – New Need – Respond to change • Un-Identified area: – Keep eyes open, keep ears listening who knows! 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 39
  • Innovation Program looks at … • Sources of Ideas • Ideas serving what – Problem – Need – Neither • Managing the Cycle 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 40
  • 4- Modern Innovation • Like any other business issue, it is no more simple and naturally getting more complex. • International experiences leads to “Best Practices” in Innovation. • Some well defined methodologies are a fast proven winning toward becoming innovative. • Open Innovation rather than “only-internal” innovation approaches. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 41
  • “Marriage Factor” • Steve Jobs in Apple innovated by • “the marriage factor … “ – “Ipod” by marrying the “multimedia technologies” with the “Music Industry” i.e. iTunes. – “Iphone” by marrying the “ipod” with the cellular phones. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 42
  • BOEING and Innovation • "It would be arrogant to think that all of the best ideas and best technologies exist within the walls of Boeing," – Boeing spokeswoman Loretta Gunter says. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 44
  • Innovative Human Capital • One of the great skills of clever entrepreneurs and innovators is to see the linkages between seemingly unrelated issues. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 45
  • Categories of Innovations Product Process New Old Category1 Category2 New Solution to an Old problem No Innovation Old Usage/ Problem Category3 Category4 New idea that leads to new value Old product/process used in new way New 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 46
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 47
  • EXAMPLE CASES (HENKEL-BOEING) 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 48
  • Product Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 49
  • Product Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 50
  • Henkel “Open Innovation” 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 51
  • Open Innovation • Leaders that are able to develop the described set of new management practices are well prepared for creating new and open business models and market spaces, rather than competing with commoditized products and services in an existing industry. • Open innovation means gathering new ideas from sources beyond organizational boundaries. • One of the great skills of clever entrepreneurs and innovators is to see the linkages between seemingly unrelated issues. This is where in the open innovation model, broadly skilled technologists and open minded thinkers come to the fore. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 52
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 53
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 54
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 55
  • Cisco Innovation program I-prize 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 56
  • BOEING and Innovation • "It would be arrogant to think that all of the best ideas and best technologies exist within the walls of Boeing," – Boeing spokeswoman Loretta Gunter says. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 57
  • Open Innovation • P&G Open Innovation Challenge - external idea sourcing in UK • Ideas4Unilever - corporate venturing • BMW Customer Innovation Lab - in german • & Live Simplicity - Philips crowdsourcing platforms • Staples Invention Quest - idea contest • Kraft - innovate with Kraft • GameChanger - Shell’s corporate venturing • Henkel Innovation Trophy - idea competition • IBM ThinkPlace - idea generation and collaboration • InnovationJam* - IBM’s more internally focussed idea generation • Cool Software - Intel’s sensing platform • Dell IdeaStorm - external idea sourcing • Vocalpoint - P&G’s network for women 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 58
  • Open (Product Design) • Nintendo Wiiware - nintendo embraces crowdsourcing • LEGO Factory - LEGO co-creation tool • Peugeot - Peugeot’s design contest • Nespresso - design contest for coffee machines • Muji - improving and suggesting new designs • Electrolux Design Lab - annual design competition for students • Fluevog - open shoe design 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 59
  • INNOVABIA 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 60
  • Who is INNOVABIA • Innovation Arabia ® ‫ابتكار العربية‬ • Incorporated in Dubai Knowledge Village • ONLY Innovation services • Unless proven otherwise “The only regional company dedicated to the Innovation Block 18 Office 24 business” rd 3 Floor 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 61
  • We reach countries …. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 62
  • Our initiative 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 63
  • Our Services
  • What we do? • Enable Innovation across the whole business. • Make the company culture to become innovative both at staff level and the organization level. • We make Innovation to become a systematic activity rather an coincidental and random matter (Innovation On Purpose) 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 65
  • Typical full spectrum offering (5 Areas) 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 66
  • Innovation Audit 1 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 67
  • Innovation Culture Strategy 2 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 68
  • Innovation Process & Tool (cont.) 3 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 69
  • Innovation Process & Tool 3 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 70
  • Innovation Centre Creation 4 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 71
  • Future Insight (example from Shell) 5 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 72
  • Our Partners 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 73
  • World Presence 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 74
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 75
  • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 76
  • References 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 77
  • Idelaboratoriet 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 78
  • 2009-2010 report: Sweden #1 innovative country • Innovation for development report 2009-2010 (released very recently). • 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 79
  • Idelaboratoriet clients 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 80
  • Example INNOVATION Scorecard 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 81
  • Idelaboratoriet innovation area 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 82
  • BrightIdea 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 83
  • BrightIdea © USA 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 84
  • BrightIdea INNOVATION Tool Example Modules screen shots
  • innovation communities Webstorm Community Collaboration 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 86
  • idea management Idea Management Research Module 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 87
  • idea management Expert Location Project Tracking 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 88
  • innovation analytics Innovation Financials Rewards & Recognition 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 89
  • Cisco Innovation program I-prize 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 90
  • Can be batched! • Program can be splinted into workable parts like LEGO. • Even can be ordered as per bank situation and needs. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 91
  • Start an Innovation Initiative • There is undocumented, unofficial Innovation in all modern organizations why not to organize it? 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 93
  • Is it optional? • Yes and NO • Yes for those who don’t care about being at the top. • No for those who believe that INNOVATION can make a difference for their business. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 94
  • It doesn't cost much! • Yes, Innovation programs and Initiatives cost less than most other initiatives that drain money in repetitive activities. • ROI (Return On Innovation) is obvious in most cases. • Ends up to be an Internal affair after know-how is gained. • Counts on utilizing a lot of brain wastage that HR or Operational departments can’t measure. This explains why it doesn’t cost much. 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 95
  • BAI - Bank Administration Institute 1. Innovation has never been more relevant 2. Incremental innovation can be highly effective 3. Customer interest is the acid test for innovation 4. Web 2.0 is the next wave in channel innovation 5. Segmentation is in need of innovation 6. Business model innovation calls for bold moves 7. The innovation culture starts at the top 8. Innovation is the key driver of future success President and Chief Executive Officer 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 96
  • Why not to get external help in building an Innovative Organization? 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 97
  • 1. Gain experience on best practices. Internal 2. Benefit of the falls of others in similar Innovation industry. 3. Keep staff focus on core activities rather than trying how to build innovation internally. External Innovation 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 98
  • Innovation - the evolution FROM TO by Coincidence On Purpose Individual Effort Everybody Can Participate Not Organized Organized Innovation Process Limited Coverage The Whole Organization No Innovation Culture Innovation is a Culture No Idea Management Idea Management System 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 99
  • CLOSING 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 100
  • #1 Enemy of Innovation is TIME 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 101
  • END 18-Jan-2010 DKV Event 102