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Off-Road Studios Corporate Profile | As a multiplatform agency, we are better equipped to deliver coherent integrated marketing solutions. We create websites, viral campaigns, digital applications and games, 2D/3D digital art and animations, HD videos, interactive installations, and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology.

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Off-Road Studios | Company Profile

  1. 1. Imagine Wild360 Digital & Creative Design Agency.Company Profile
  2. 2. Web & Mobile TechnologiesGaming & Interactive InstallationsDigital Art & AnimationsBrand DevelopmentPrint, Packaging & POSTV & FilmPhotographyIntegrated Campaigns
  3. 3. AgencyAgencyAs a multiplatform agency, we are better equipped to deliver coherent integrated digital solutions. We createwebsites, viral campaigns, digital applications and games, 2D/3D digital art and animations, HD videos,interactive installations, and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology. We are a 360 Digital & Creative Design Agency.
  4. 4. Digital Touchpointson our finger tips.Web, Mobile & TechnologiesAs strategists, designers, developers and technologists we sharethe passion for creating digital solutions ranging from Websites,Content Management Tools, Digital Applications,E-Commerce, Social Platforms and Applications,Touch, Mobile, Tablet Applications & Gamesand a lot more.
  5. 5. Web, Mobile & Technologies Websites / CMS Mobile Apps & Games We provide web solutions for all levels of The tremendous increase in the 4th screen“Digital experience, business requirements. From a start up popularity and usability, there is no doubt that promotional website to a visually appealing it is a latest and the greatest place for interactive 3D flash website. brands. Corporate Websites Mobile and Tablet Development Government Websites iPhone / iPad Applications Delivered.” Brand Marketing and Destination Sites Blackberry Applications Product Launch and Campaign Microsites Android Applications Social Networking Websites iPhone / iPad Games Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and CMS Sites Android Games Blogs, Forums and Community Websites Windows Mobile Apps Flash, Interactive Experience Sites Mobile Industrial Applications 3D, Flash Websites Mobile Business Applications Electronic Commerce Web Applications Search & Web Marketing Software Development User Interface DesignWe are guru in developing applications that We tie together the creative and technical From, Requirements analysis, design, We create user-centered, users experienceare hosted in a browser-controlled environ- aspects of the Internet, including design, implementation and testing, documentation to and interaction designs for computer,ment or coded in a browser-supported development, advertising, and sales and work deployment, we provide a turnkey solution that appliances, mobile/handheld devices, softwarelanguage. to get your brands message into as many is reliable, robust and cutting edge. applications and websites. relevant and measurable online venues asEnterprise Web Portals possible. ERP, CRM and Business Automation Web Interface DesignsGaming Websites Desktop Application Development Application Graphical Interface Search Engine MarketingRich Internet Application (RIA) System Integration and Deployment Mobile Application User Interface Search Engine OptimizationContent and Asset Management System Custom Business Software Development Human-Machine Interfaces Designs Social Media CampaignsSocial Platforms and Applications Technology Audit and Analysis Game Interface Designs Online Media PlanningBusiness Application Development Business Automation Solutions User Experience Designs Paid Media, Buying and ManagementHigh-end Ecommerce Shopping Carts Web Analytics and Custom ReportingSupply Chain Management Systems Campaign Performance MeasurementTechnology Consulting Services Social Monitoring and Reporting Email Marketing
  6. 6. Next GenerationDigital PlaygroundGaming & Interactive InstallationsBeing avid gamers ourselves, we truly understand thelandscape of gaming and interactive installations forvarious platforms, ranging from iPhone, Android,Web and Console Games to User ControlledInteractive Applications and Simulations.
  7. 7. Gaming & Interactive Installations“Human - Computer Interaction.” Game Development Interactive Applications Simulations Virtual Reality ToursWe Are an independent iPhone, Android, With the advent of modern day technology, Our advance knowledge of the cutting edge Take your restaurant to the diner, your hotel toTablets, iOs, Personal Computers, Web Based the scenario is fast moving from clicks to intractive technology landscape has led us to the guest, your house to the home-buyer, andand console game development company. touch and drags. We create interactive 3D venture in to avenues such as simulation your location to the tourist. In the today’s rapid and 2D user controlled, interactive solutions for warfare, industrial and medical changing world of digital technology.iPhone / iPad Game Development applications for various mediums. and industries.Android Game Development Real Estate Virtual Tours Mobile and Tablet Interactive Apps Driving Simulators Hotels, Guesthouse Virtual ToursWeb Based Game Development iPhone / iPad Interactive Applications Tank Simulators Restaurant Virtual ToursFlash / Java game Development Android Interactive Applications Aircraft Simulators Museum Virtual ToursFacebook Game Development Interactive e-Commerce Apps Medical Simulators Expos Virtual ToursPC Game Development Interactive Industrial Applications Industrial Simulators Tourist Attractions Virtual ToursiOs Game Development Interactive Product Presentations Simulation Engine Development Plant Floors & Factories Virtual ToursConsole Game Development Interactive Educational Applications Hardware Integration & Dynamic Control Aerial Virtual ToursPSP Game Development 3D Interactive Websites Simulation Research & DevelopmentXbox 360 Game Development Technology Consulting ServicesPlayStation Game DevelopmentNintendo Wii Game Development
  8. 8. Incarnation of ideas intoAlluring VisualsDigital Art & AnimationWe deliver end to end creative and comprehensivesolutions for 2D/3D Computer Generated Imagery,Animation, Modeling, Simulation, Visual Effects,Rendering, Matchmoving, and Compositing on ahighly extensible production platform.
  9. 9. Digital Art & Animation 2D Illustration & Animation Infographics & Diagrams Using the latest digital illustration techniques, Our understanding of dirverse professional“Redefining we produce amazing illustrative styles that can domains such as engineering Our understand- be used across a wide range of mediums and ing of dirverse professional domains such as can be applied to almost any subject matter. engineering. Fashion Illustrations Engineering Workflow Diagrams Visual Reality” Children / Cartoon Illustrations Conceptual Diagrams Characters and Comic Illustrations Data Visualization Medical Illustrations Information Design Conceptual Illustrations Scientific Visualization Technical Illustrations and Drawings Biological Data Visualization 2D Game Animations Medical Diagrams 2D Product Demos Flowcharts and Statistical Graphics 2D Intro Movies 3D Animations Organic / Character 3D Product / Scientific 3D Medical ImagingWhether for films, games, television, We create 3D organic characters for We develop 3d product models and We develop the most accurate and visuallyadvertising, publishing, medical applications, animations, websites, interactive applications, animations that will effectively showcase your striking medical imagery and 3D medicalscientific simulations, websites or virtual walk games and a lot more. products function, usability, design and animations for broadcasting, electronic andtroughs, we create powerful animations. packaging. video media. 3D Character Modeling3D Animated Corporate Intros 3D Stylezed Characters 3D Product Modeling Design Medical Education Animations3D Animated Films 3D Game Characters Industrial 3D Modeling Design Medical Methods and Procedures3D Animated Presentations 3D Character Rigging 3D Product Packaging Life Process Visualization3D Cartoon Films 3D Character Texturing 3D Engineering Designs Patient Education Animations3D Game Animations 3D Character Animations 3D Product Animations Pharmaceutical Mechanism3D Industrial Animations 360 Degree Product Presentations Technical Demonstration3D Medical Animations 3D Vehicle Designs Concept and Product Development3D Scientific Animations 3D Aircraft Designs Medical Illustration3D Commercial Animations 3D Electronics Awareness and Advertising Campaigns 3D Mechanical Designs
  10. 10. ShapingCustomer ExperienceBrand DevelopmentWe create enduring brands with the perfect balanceof creativity and purpose.
  11. 11. Brand DevelopmentThe days where branding was all about big budgets and doubtful return on investments is long gone.You don’t have to be a high tech guru to understand the importance of building something right thefirst time. The same thing applies to developing an effective brand experience. Strategy, Research & Analysis Logos & Visual Branding Corporate Identity & Business Stationary Corporate Literature Marketing Collateral Product Packaging
  12. 12. ExpandingCommunication ChannelsPrint, Packaging and POSWe recognize the unique opportunities that print media offers inexpanding communication channels, supporting and reinforcing the impact of your sales initiatives through visually presentingyour business as reliable and professional.
  13. 13. Print, Packaging & POS Corporate Literature Marketing CollateralDespite the digital revolution, print still plays a vital role as a progressive, useful Your corporate literature should act as your Marketing collateral is a set of marketing representative. It should be visually communications pieces used as part of anand necessary means of communication. stimulating and verbally literate, communicat- organizations overall marketing strategy. ing key strategic messages clearly to the target audience. You should be able to trust it BrochuresPrint continues to develop at an astonishing rate and new technologies need to to do its job. Booklet / Catalogsbe clearly understood along with the design knowledge and prepress stage to Corporate Profiles Flayers / Marketing Leaflets Annual Reports Direct Mail / Newslettersensure the success of a project. Corporate Presentation Case Study Prospectus Content Strategy and Copyrighting Employee Communications Design Business Stationary Product Packaging Print Advertising Niche Print NeedsCorporate identity is the "persona" of a Packaging is designed to trigger sales by Speaking to your audience through strictly In addition to the generally required printcorporation which is designed to accord with attracting customers attention. Packaging is visual means requires the whole delivery from services, we can produce splendid qualityand facilitate the attainment of business important because a striking or attractive package fresh concepts to inviting copy to unforgettable niche print material, including but not limited toobjectives. can draw customers to try a new product, affects images, we specializes in ad packages the Book Covers for writers, restaurant menus, their decision to purchase, and helps buyers designed to captivate your audience. inserts & Leaflets etc. Our specialists canA strong visual Corporate Identity and acquaint themselves with your product. deliver attention getting designs for anydistinctive image is vital in communicating Newspaper Advertising occasion.and reflecting your companys brand. Custom Product Packaging Magazine Advertising Product Labels Book CoversBusiness Cards Banners / Streamers / Posters Beverage Packaging User ManualsLetterheads Mobile / Billboard Advertising Food Packaging White PapersEnvelopes Trade Shows / Exhibition Advertising Electronics Packaging Restaurant MenusFile Covers Inserts & LeafletsFolders Industrial Packaging Fashion Packaging Childrens Book Sports Packaging Greeting Cards / Post Cards / etc. CD / DVD Packaging
  14. 14. Modern DayStory TellingTV & FilmWe produce television, film, documentary,and video content each with its uniqueand mesmerizing story to tell.
  15. 15. TV & Film Documentaries TV CommercialsBeing a digital agency, we try to incorporate all elements of the digital media We have been involved with numerous As a state of the art commercial production documentaries, providing pre-production company, we deliver a huge spectrum ofin our work. By not limiting our self to one medium, we allow our media consultation, filming expertise, equipment, commercial film production for regional, post-production and fine-tuning etc. national and international clients. Fromcampaigns to possess versatility and adaptability that allow them to be high-end TV and cinema commercials to Wildlife Documentaries interactive online campaigns.transmitted effectively to all audiences. Corporate Documentaries Traditional TV Commercials Commercial Documentaries Product Placement Commercials Educational DocumentariesWe work with television, film, documentaries, interactive presentations and Political Advertisement Social Issues and Awarenessphotography, and infuse all these elements together as suited or needed by Travelogues Infomercials Animated Commercialsclients. With no restrictions on our horizons we allow our mind to wander Budgeting & Scheduling Public Service Announcementsfreely in all these mediums, and create visual solutions that have a strong Location Scouting Promos Filming Permits and Visasappeal and depth. Rental Equipment Production Crew Talent Casting Digital Post Production Film & Drama We develop 3d product models and animations that will effectively showcase your products function, usability, storage and packaging. Short Films Featured Films Dramas Music Videos
  16. 16. TheUnerring EyePhotographyHigh quality photography isnt a luxury...Its often thevery first thing a prospective client or customersees about your business.
  17. 17. Photography Nature & WildlifeOff-Road Studios team is a highly select group of photographers, uniquely talented with powerful individual vision Our photography reveals dramatic moments and intimate insights into the colourful worldoffering great diversity and distinction in their work. From corporate to industrial, commercial to of the wild.architectural/interiors, landscapes, events, product photography to opening up your world through the experience Wildlife Photographyof virtual tour photography. Landscape Photography Plants, Flowers & Herbs Insects, Reptiles, Mammals & BirdsOff-Road Studios also maintains a stock image library which is a living archive updated daily with new work from Long Duration Timelapsesacross the globe. Night Sky Timelapses Environmental Coverage People & Places Product Photography 360 Products 360 PanoramasIts more than pretty people and whimsical We work in a number of commercial imagery Our professional photography studio We specialize in creating series of 360 degreeplaces, we chronicle the world and interpret its disciplines and provide a range of pack-shot specializing in 360 product photography can panoramas to create interactive virtual tours forpeoples, cultures, lifestyles, events, issues and digital photography services for products and handle suspended or floating product your websites and offline mediums like CDspersonalities. We bring to the world, the any type of still life subjects, irrespective of the photography where items maintain their and Desktop Applications.dimensions not accessible to every eye. size, executed at our studio or setting up unique state and shape. specialist studio facilities in your Landmarks and Landscape PanoramasFashion Photography location/facility. 360 Degree Industrial Photography Buildings, Museum, Hotels & RestaurantsCultural Photography 360 Degree Food & Drink Photography Real Estate Panoramas Industrial PhotographyPortrait Photography 360 Degree Electronic Equipments Interior & Exterior Panoramas Product Packaging PhotographyEvent Photography 360 Clothing and Shoes Photography Tourist Attractions Panoramas Food & Drink PhotographyBusiness Concepts 360 Jewelry and Luxury Items Aerial Panoramas Electronic Equipment PhotographyCorporate Photography 360 Cosmetics and Beauty Products Plant Floors & Factories Panoramas Clothing and Shoes PhotographyLandmarks and Landscape 360 Medical Equipment Photography Jewelry and Luxury ItemsSports Photography 360 Engineering Products Photography Cosmetics and Beauty ProductsLifestyle & Interior Photography 360 Degree Product Videos Medical Equipment PhotographyFactories, Offices Hotels & Restaurants Engineering Products Photography On-Site, Facility & Process Photography
  18. 18. ClientsIn Good CompanyOver the years, we have worked with a lot of great companies, big and small. Its hard for us to believe therehave been so many. This is a partial list of some of the ones you may know.
  19. 19. AwardsLoved Around the WorldWhen you work for passion, the rewards are beyound comprehantion. Off-Road Studios has been awarded and recognizedby many world renowned organizations for its unparalell capabilities in the digital and design arena.
  20. 20. Lahore P: + 92.423.531.1841 E: Newyork P: + 1.917.470.9168 E: London P: + E: Melbourne P: + 61.291.912.913 E: sales.oceania@offroadstudios.comCompany Profile