Small Business Marketing 101 Tips and Strategies


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The world is seeing stupendous numbers of small businesses being set up every day and amidst this atmosphere, it sure is quite known that running a small organization is definitely not an easy task. There are many areas, conspicuous as well as inconspicuous, that need to be addressed if a small business has to be successful and generate good deals of profit. This article focuses on the core areas that need to be targeted and given due attention. The 101 tips will give you direction and purpose in ensuring that your small business becomes a success.

Before going on to elaborating what aspects make a successful small business and strategies that will help you cope with present day market requirements, let us first understand the core areas of marketing.

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Small Business Marketing 101 Tips and Strategies

  1. 1. Table of Contents Introduction................................................................................................................................3 Marketing Plan..........................................................................................................................4 Advertising.................................................................................................................................9 Social Media Marketing...................................................................................................... 11 Online Marketing................................................................................................................... 14 Coupons and Contests ...................................................................................................... 19 Email Marketing..................................................................................................................... 21 Quick Tips................................................................................................................................ 22
  2. 2. Introduction The world is seeing stupendous numbers of small businesses being set up every day and amidst this atmosphere, it sure is quite known that running a small organization is definitely not an easy task. There are many areas, conspicuous as well as inconspicuous, that need to be addressed if a small business has to be successful and generate good deals of profit. This article focuses on the core areas that need to be targeted and given due attention. The 101 tips will give you direction and purpose in ensuring that your small business becomes a success. Before going on to elaborating what aspects make a successful small business and strategies that will help you cope with present day market requirements, let us first understand the core areas of marketing. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a technique that involves marketing products and services through emails. Customers and potential customers are given regular updates on developments and market share is subsequently captured. Online Marketing: Online Marketing as a whole involves different domains, each domain having its own relevance and potency as far as small businesses are concerned. It must be noted that be it small or large, online marketing and email marketing are indispensable for the progress of the organization. A popular type of online marketing is social media marketing. In fact, email marketing is by itself a form of online marketing. But because email marketing existed long before social media marketing and article marketing, it has its own significance as being a powerful tool in the world of internet marketing.
  3. 3. Marketing Plan Coming to the tips and strategies that will help you get your business up and rolling. These strategies are applicable to different market trends- so they basically cut across different market platforms and give you a vivid understanding of strategies that you must employ in order to ensure the success of your business organization - Small Business organization in this case. 1. Create A Marketing Plan: This of course, without mention forms the first step to realizing your objectives. While creating a marketing plan, you don't need have to go too deep into target audience, market shares and stuff. Just have a basic idea. 2. Market Research: Once you are done with creating your marketing plan, make sure you do a good deal of research on market dynamics. Speaking of market research, you will have to see the success rate of the product or service your company is marketing. Studying market competition is also necessary - again; you don’t have to go too deep into stuff. Having a good idea of certain facets in the market structure would suffice. 3. The Unique Selling Proposition This definitely has to be the next step in realizing your marketing objectives for your small business. A unique selling proposition that will help buyers understand the positives of your product over other market competitors is imperative.
  4. 4. 4. The Focus Or Target Group: In order to market your product or service, knowing your target group is very important. Without knowing your target audience, your business wouldn’t really get to anywhere. 5. Keep Refining Your Niche And Target Audience: Do not keep a fixed target audience. A few weeks or months upon establishment of your small business, ensure you keep refining your target audience. This is one of the most effective ways to enhance market share. 6. Expanding Your Offerings: You might see yourself starting off with just one product initially. But as time progresses, it is imperative that you expand your operations and increase the number of services and products you have to offer. 7. Business Cards: The next step relates to your business cards. Make sure you update your business cards in accordance with updated product and service offerings. Updating business cards should be done simultaneously with expanding product and service offerings. 8. Design of the Business Card: As someone who is running a small business, it is essential that your business card stands out. Make sure the design element is superior to other market competitors, in both style and appearance. It will unfailingly take your business to the next level. 9. Brochure If you don’t have a brochure yet, create one. If you’ve already got one, keep updating it. Brochures form a crucial part in making people aware of your products and services.
  5. 5. 10. Your Website If you don’t have a website yet, it is time you get one developed or develop one yourself. Online presence of businesses today is extremely crucial for their survival. 11. Brochure for Your Website: Once you have a website, make sure you create a digital version of your company’s brochure for your website. It’ll help a great deal. 12. Making Your Website Appearance Elegant Your website appearance is the next thing you’ll need to throw focus. It must be ensured that your website design is appealing to visitors. 13. Networking Events Attend networking events and try and advertise your products at such events. 14. Promotional Products: Give away promotional products during networking events. This will help generate awareness about your business. 15. A Conference: This aspect is particularly related to in person networking. Conducting a conference will again, help generate a good deal of awareness on the products and services your business has to offer. 16. Contact with Businessmen: If you have to be a successful businessman, it is essential that you keep in contact with local businessmen who may come of help as far as marketing and advertizing is concerned. Again, this aspect comes under in person networking.
  6. 6. 17. Don’t Forget To Get An Elevator Pitch Written: Elevator pitch, is, once again, related to in person networking. It helps a good deal to increase your business footprint. 18. Workshops: Once your small business is up and running, conducting workshops is an important step in augmenting your company’s footprint. Local workshops help generate considerable awareness about your product. 19. Trade shows: Make sure you don’t miss out on trade shows. Also, be sure you don’t forget to book a booth at a trade show. This facet is important for the success of your business. 20. Your Local Commerce Chamber One of the most palpable ways to improve your company’s impression in the market is to join your local commerce chamber. The local commerce chamber is a wonderful opportunity to interact with successful businessman. 21. Launching a Direct Mail Campaign: Launching a direct mail campaign is one of the most essential steps in realizing your marketing objectives. Almost every successful business organization depended considerably on direct mail campaigns to improve awareness about the products and services. 22. Don’t Limit Direct Mail Campaigns: This is an important point that has to be given due consideration. Expanding your direct mail campaigns is crucial if you are planning expansion.
  7. 7. 23. The Call to Action Your direct mail campaign has to be as comprehensive a mail campaign can be. Make sure that all the essentials are included in your direct mail campaign. The call to action has to be enticing if results have to be speedy. 24. The Envelopes For all you know, the envelope may determine the success rate of your direct mail campaign. Use attractive envelopes that will attract people. Using tear cards and props is essential in this regard. 25. Lost Customers: Send free samples to customers who are no longer with you. Winning back lost customers is an added advantage to help your small business grow. 26. Keeping a Track of Customers: It is, as a businessman, extremely important to keep a track of your customers. In that way, you can devise strategies for specific classes of audience. Lost customers can also be approached if there is proper record of your customers.
  8. 8. Advertising The next few points focus on the realm of advertising. For any business organization, small or big, to be successful, advertising is indispensable. Let us look at a few strategies concerning advertising. 27. Radio: Advertising on the radio is a factor you cannot ignore. The advantages are substantial and a successful advertising campaign on the radio can take your business to the next level. 28. Advertising in Yellow Pages and Magazines: This is another area where you can advertise. Magazines and telephone services are platforms that unfailingly help enhance the footprint of your business organization. 29. Billboard Advertising on Billboard is another option worth considering. The returns in the long run are substantial. 30. Advertise On Your Car This is another way you can advertise. Using magnets and stickers on your car will certainly get the attention of people who will eventually become aware of your business.
  9. 9. 31. Newspapers: Putting an ad on your local newspaper is perhaps the best way to advertise. Although seen as being costly, the prospects of advertising in newspapers are definitely worth reckoning. The results from advertising in newspapers can sometimes overshoot expectations. 32. Advertising In Cable TV Stations: Advertising in cable television stations is also a great idea to get your business’s recognition augmented. The prospects are palpably advantageous as far as recognition of your business organization is concerned.
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing The next few points are related to social media marketing. Social media marketing has proven to be one of the most effective, potent and rewarding marketing strategies in today’s world of internet marketing. Social media marketing relates to marketing in websites like facebook, twitter and linkedin to raise awareness on businesses. A strategy that has been adopted extensively in the current era, social media marketing has given internet marketing a new zeal of life indeed. The following points relates to advertising in social media sites. The sites are mentioned below. 33. Advertising on Facebook: Facebook is seen as the foremost platform for successful social media campaigns. With a wide user base, advertising on Facebook can fetch stupendous returns. 34. Advertising on Linkedin: Unlike Facebook, Linkedin seeks to establish professional business connections. To promote your business, linkedin is just the perfect platform. 35. Twitter Twitter is also a powerful platform to advertise your business. It helps interact with people of similar interests.
  11. 11. 36. Adspace Buying adspace on particular websites will also assist your marketing objectives. By doing so, you can improve your company’s footprint in the world of the internet. 37. Sidewalk signs Sidewalk signs help a great deal in promoting special products and services. So don’t forget to use these signs to promote special services and products. 38. Foursquare Account Setting up a foursquare account for your business is the next step in online marketing. By doing so, you can build business contacts and network with individuals with similar interests. 39. Create A Facebook Page For Your Business: This is part of social media marketing. Creating a facebook page that speaks of your firm’s products and services will aid your progress. 40. Re-Tweeting on twitter Following people and re-tweeting on twitter is recommended. Remember, for a successful social media campaign, it is essential that you advertise on all the top media platforms so as to raise awareness and recognition of your enterprise. 41. Google Maps: Who doesn’t use Google maps in the current age? Getting your business listed on Google maps should be one of your top priorities if you are to realize your marketing goals and promote your small business.
  12. 12. 42. Create A Business Blog: Creating a blog that speaks of your firm’s products and services. A business blog that contains extensive information about the services that are in the offering should be the focus. 43. Create A Twitter Account For Your Business: Don’t forget to create twitter account for your business. Also, don’t forget to moderate tweets. 44. Blog Posts Updating Updating blog posts on a regular basis is important as far as online recognition of your firm is to be enhanced. Ensure that your blogs are written by quality writers who have considerable understanding of present day trends. 45. Social Bookmarking: It is necessary to start social bookmarking for your content online.
  13. 13. Online Marketing Although both email marketing and social media marketing form part of internet marketing, by itself, internet marketing is defined by specific dimensions. Let us look at a few points that directly associate themselves with internet marketing. 46. Pay Per Click Campaign Start a Pay Per click campaign on Google Adwords to further your marketing goals. 47. Pay Per Click Campaign On Microsoft Adcenter The Microsoft Adcenter is another Pay Per Click Campaign that will help in generating revenue for your business. 48. Commenting On Blog Posts: Ensure that you comment on Blog Posts- especially those that speak of products and services similar to the one you are promoting on your website. 49. Video Blog Posts: Video Blog Posts are also powerful internet marketing tools that will enhance your site’s recognition. 50. Uploading Videos: Most businesses, whether small or big, upload videos on Youtube. Videos that give in depth information about your product should be uploaded. Ensure that the video as well as sound clarities are spotless. 51. Online listings Check online dictionaries and make sure you get listed in popular online directories.
  14. 14. 52. Google Analytics It is, as far as internet marketing goes, essential to set up- Google Analytics. 53. Measuring and reviewing Google Analytics If you are to ensure the success of your marketing campaign, reviewing Google Analytics is crucial. It helps you devise revitalizing strategies. 54. Registering New Domain Names: Make sure, for every new product or service, you register new domain names on the internet. 55. Reputation online: Make sure you make use of software that help you track your reputation online. It certainly helps you come up with new strategies. 56. HARO Email List Help A Report Out- Sign up for this and know what it’s meant for. 57. Search Marketing It is important that you know about Search Marketing at a local level. 58. SEO This is known to be the most powerful technique in the marketing. Adopting effective SEO techniques will definitely help in the growth of your small business organization. 59. Article Marketing: Writing relevant articles based on Search Engine Optimization techniques will also help a great deal.
  15. 15. 60. Ecommerce If your website is into selling products online, ensure that your ecommerce site is easily accessible and ranks high on usability. 61. Reviews on your ecommerce site: Make sure reviews are written by professional writers who develop content upon deep understanding of marketing strategies and product functionalities. 62. Offering free services Initially, you might have to offer a few services for free. So be ready for that. 63. Set deadlines for expansion Setting deadlines especially to meet expansions of your business will be supremely beneficial. 64. Words like thank you Sometimes, a small Thank You can do wonders 65. Parties Throw regular parties now and then to promote your enterprise. 66. Don’t be money minded. Stay away from the devious and manipulative nature of money mindedness. 67. Don’t make too many assumptions It is important that you do not make too many assumptions, especially when it comes to market research and market dynamics. 68. Customer reviews Always allow customers to express reviews if you plan on starting an ecommerce site
  16. 16. 69. Complaints: Ensure that you have a separate department to address customer complaints. 70. Expectations: As a businessman, it is important that you deliver beyond customer expectations. 71. People With Disabilities: Always pay attention to the less privileged people. Earning their trust will take you a long way. 72. Your sales area It is imperative for you to know the dynamics of the area where sales are going t take place. 73. Stay Updated By Subscribing To Magazines: IN the world of business, if you aren’t updated, you may well have lost the race. Subscribing to magazines will help you build awareness on developing trends. 74. Clients needs Explore special needs of clients and address them. 75. Are you reachable? Make sure customers and clients can reach you at all times. 76. Customer support: Make sure you have a laudable customer support service. 77. Qualification of staff: Customer Support, make sure the staff are qualified enough to understand problems and complaints of clients and customers.
  17. 17. 78. Sales Letters: Write sales letters on a regular basis to boost sales. 79. Customized letters to customers: This feature can be extremely beneficial at times, particularly when customers are satisfied.
  18. 18. Coupons and Contests the next few tips deal with coupons and contests that will unfailingly bolster your firm’s recognition and reputation. 80. Contests Hold contests on a regular basis. Make sure people get to know of your company’s brand name. 81. Coupons: Give out coupons for popular products so that people become aware and naturally get interested because of issued coupons. 82. Rewarding customers: Make sure your regular customers are rewarded. Create awards like “most valuable customer awards” 83. Affiliate programs Start affiliate programs that will benefit your business. 85. Customer of the month Create a program like “Customer of the month” and ensure the prize is laden with well founded goodies. 86. Referrals: Make referrals and ask for referrals.
  19. 19. 87. Surveys: Surveys are extremely important for the overall success of your enterprise. Create and send out surveys related to customer satisfaction. Moreover, this will help understand requirements of customers.
  20. 20. Email Marketing The below mentioned strategies relate to email marketing, a powerful marketing tool in the current era. 88. Email Updates Send regular email updates to your customers. Also, send emails to potential customers. 89. Offering free services: Make customers aware of free services that your business provides. Also, offer free downloads to attract customers through email. 90. Email opt in Creating an email opt in will be highly beneficial for your blog or website. 91. Email newsletters: Start and distribute monthly newsletters via email to your customers. 92. Email functionalities: Make sure you add video, social sharing and audio functionalities to your email. 93. Your email signature: Make sure your email signature is perfect. Don’t change it too often.
  21. 21. Quick Tips 94. Marketing consultant: Hire a marketing consultant to optimize your resources 95. Public Relations: Public Relations professionals will also come of help in providing your expansion with a fillip. 96. Capable Sales Persons: Hire capable sales persons who have capabilities to take your vision and mission forward. 97. Professional SEO analysts: Hire Professional SEO analysts who know what they’re doing. 98. Press Releases: Make sure you write press releases, an important factor in actualizing market objectives. 99.Tie Up With Distribution Channels: Make sure you send in your press releases to recognized distribution channels who can take your cause forward. 100. A Business Mascot Maybe? Yes, you can think of it. It’d be helpful, don’t you think?
  22. 22. 101. Last But Not The Least, Believe You Can Achieve: If there is no belief, there is no success. The 100 tips mentioned before this one wouldn’t actually be tips if you don’t believe in yourself and your goals. Thanks for reading this guide. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at