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Wondering where you can find an affordable divorce lawyer? Here's what you need to know, from attorn...

Wondering where you can find an affordable divorce lawyer? Here's what you need to know, from attorn...



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Divorce Attorney Divorce Attorney Document Transcript

  • Divorce Attorney Wondering where you can find an affordable divorce lawyer? Here's what you need to know, from attorney-mediator Diana Mercer, the co-author of "Making... What's Truth Got to Do With It? The Experience That Taught Me There's Life After Divorce Divorce Litigation: It's Not for Wimps It is important to consider all issues before you make a decision on whether to hire an attorney or not. While legal representation is important, it is not always necessary. The Mistake That Can Cost You Big Time Your Split One of the most damaging errors a man can make during his divorce is to voluntarily move out of the marital home. This issue is so prevalent it takes ... Read More: Attorneys, Dissolution of Marriage, Debt, Finances in Divorce, Divorce Attorneys, Divorce, Written Agreements, Dissolution, Financial-Resources, Child Custody, How-to-Fost- r-Healthy-Relationships, Marital Settlement Agreement, Divorce Costs, Healthy Relationships, Divorce Resources, Law Resources, Legal Representation, Divorce Finances, Parenting Plans, Division of Assets, Attorney-Client Relationship; Consulting a Lawyer, Legal Assistance, Finances, Divorce Attorney, Divorcing, Divorce News
  • 8 Reasons To Think Twice Before Hiring An Aggressive Attorney Celebrating the holidays alone can be a great joy, but it requires good planning, a positive attitude and most importantly, realistic expectations. Here is our short list of tips to help you have a joyful holiday season solo. 5 Tips to Celebrating Your First Holidays After a Divorce "Where's the daddy spider?" asked my daughter, Helena. "He's across town in his own web. The baby spiders visit him on weekends." What day of the year is the busiest for divorce lawyers? Laura Wasser, divorce lawyer to the stars, stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to dish on... Read More: Likes Women, Divorce, Attitude, Judges, Experience, Hourly Rate, Trials, Retainer, Practice, Likes Men, How Long, Mediations, Billing, Divorce Attorney, Divorce News Although every person's personal and legal predicaments are unique, there are several essential points to carefully consider before making the decision to fire your divorce attorney or not. I happen to believe that lawyers should provide their clients with legal information. If the lawyers don't have that knowledge, why are their clients retaining them? There's no getting around it: divorce is hard. But according to Nicole Noonan, executive director of divorce finance company BBL Churchill Group, ther... 6 Ways To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Divorce Lawyer Read More: Divorce Attorneys, Divorce, Family Court Judge, Family Courts, Custody Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Judges, Choosing a Divorce Attorney, Divorce News, Mandatory Mediation, Family Law Mediation, Life After Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Divorce Court, Mediation, Divorce Attorney, Divorce Advice, Family Court, Divorce News
  • How To Find An Affordable Divorce Lawyer LOOK: Divorce Deal Is Too Good To Pass Up Must Parties Confirm That They Are Open to Settlement For Mediation to Be Effective? It's hard to make a splash when you're one of many divorce lawyers in your community. So when it was time for Toronto lawyer James A.W. Mahon to p... Five Things Women Shouldn't Do After Divorce Even when both parties enter into a separation with the best intentions of reasonableness, it's difficult to keep a grip on decency amidst a maelstrom of emotional and financial insecurity. Read More: Affair With Divorce Lawyer, Video, Bad Divorce Lawyer, Bad Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyer Bills Client for Sex, Divorce Lawyer, Thomas P Lowe, Divorce Lawyer Sleeps With Client, Thomas Lowe Divorce Attorney, Divorce Attorney, Crime News What should you do if you think your spouse failed to disclose assets during your divorce proceedings? What if you don't have the funds to hire a forensic accountant or some other investigative professional? Looking to get divorced on the cheap? Have we got a deal for you. Last week, we stumbled upon the ad Georgia attorney Sean Simmons put up to adv... While a do-it-yourself divorce may be acceptable in some situations, but most people should consider hiring an attorney to represent his or her interests. Here are five reasons that a person should consider hiring an attorney during a divorce proceeding. There are many ways to get divorced. You and your soon-to-be ex can sit in a room together, split everything up, sign a piece of paper, file it with a judge and get divorced for a small fee. Not likely to happen, but it's been done.
  • 10 Steps To Discovering Your Spouse's Hidden Assets Sleeping With the Enemy: Saving Your Family After an Affair It seems to me that as currently practiced, "Collaborative Divorce" is collaborative in name only and at best should be called "Cooperative Divorce." Read More: Family Attorney, Divorce Law, Cheaters, Divorce, Divorce Lawyer, Divorce-Afte- -Infidelity, Natalie Gregg, How Did This Happen, Marriage Infidelity, Family Lawyer, Divorce-Afte- -Affair, Law Office of Natalie Gregg, Infidelity, How Did This Happen to US, Family Law, Divorce After Infidelity, Cheating, Divorce After Affair, How Did This Happen to Me, Divorce Attorney, Divorce News If you are contemplating a divorce or your spouse is on the verge of serving you with divorce papers, you should immediately contact a divorce lawyer. At the initial consultation, there are several important questions that you should ask. Hope is a four letter word. It is the enemy of the newly broken-hearted. Divorce Lawyer Caught Sleeping With Client, Billing Her For It The #1 Most Dangerous Emotion After A Split I want to once again deconstruct aspects of Franklin Garfield's article titled "Should communicate Divorcing Couples Who Mediate Be Talking Through Counsel?" because I find it an effective way of raising certain aspects of mediation, bringing about a discussion on those issues and educating people. This Business Card Is Not What It Seems... Read More: Choosing a Divorce Attorney, Family Law Mediator, Divorce Mediator, Collaborative Law, Cooperation, Divorce Attorneys, Divorce, Family Law Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Family Law, Collaboration, Family Law Attorney, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Attorney, Divorce News 18 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer
  • The Busiest Day Of The Year For Divorce Lawyers Is... 5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Divorce Attorney Should You Fire Your Divorce Attorney? Read More: Friendship, Single Mom, Kids and Divorce, Family Vacation, Parenting, Female Friendship, Divorce Attorney, Summer Vacation, Babysitter, Divorce With Kids, Divorce News Divorce Confidential: Do I Need A Divorce Attorney? The selection of a divorce attorney is crucial not only to the ultimate outcome of your case, but also to how your case progresses from start to finish in terms of stress for you and your children, cost, and length of time. Finding a divorce lawyer can be a daunting task. For many, divorce is their first experience with the legal system, aside from a traffic ticket or two. It can be tempting to look for a lawyer who markets himself as aggressive. Here are some reasons to think twice. 5 Steps to a Clean Divorce The Sounds of Divorce Please understand, I am not selling divorce. You are not abandoning your marriage: That was your spouse's choice. You are not to blame for the death of your marriage. But if you delay, you could spend the rest of your life blaming yourself for the disaster of your divorce. If one were to visit a courtroom, one would not hear harps and violins but an orchestra without a conductor frantically searching for their sheet music. Divorce turns people's lives upside down. 'Collaborative Divorce' Is Collaborative in Name Only
  • For every poor decision they make in the early days of the break-up they will pay a price that will only enlarge exponentially if they don't knock it off! Here are five behaviors that women need to stop doing after divorce or a bad breakup. The #1 Divorce Mistake Men Make Thomas P. Lowe, a divorce lawyer in Eagan, Minn., has been barred from practicing law for the next 15 months. Lowe recently admitted to having sex wit...