Baruch Nachshon
Holy City of Hevron
Holy Jerusalem
Windmill  in  Jerusalem
A  new  light
City  of  the  Rose
For the Conductor song
Heavenly  Angels
Sanctuary  of  the  King
Song  of  David
Star  of  redemption
The  creation  of  rejoyce
The  tree  of  life
Towards  the  infinite
Towards  the  light
Vision  of  the  end  of  the  days
The Temple
Eternal  light
Gan  Eden
Golden  harp
Light  unto  Jerusalem
Megilat  Esther
Meorat  Hamachpaila
Sheva  Brachot
The  seven  lights
The  Wall
Yam  Kineret
Scroll  of  the  end  of  days
Sea  of  enemies
Splitting  of  the sea  of Reeds
A  song  To  Jerusalem
Avraham  welcoming  the  Three  Angels
Conquest  of  Jericho
Thank  you:)
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Baruch Nachshon Paintings


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Baruch Nachshon was born in Haifa in Mandatory Palestine (Israel) in 1939.

Nachshon began painting at an earlyage, He developed his relationship to art
and to artists throughout his youth. During his military service Nachshon herded
flocks for the IDF, filling his life with a love and appreciation for nature. His
work work is filled with the life and imagery he received then. Upon
completing his military service Nachshon was torn between temptation
of an artists life in Paris and his deep love for the land of Israel.
Nachshon Chose Israel, his spiritual home. He continued his art
training with Shlomo Nerani, Cezanne's only pupil, his mentor from
childhood.Nachshon, whom Nerani viewed as his spiritual heir,
was his only student allowed to see the master at work.

Nachshon is a devoted Lubavitch Hassid since being drawn
to the movement by its evocative, spiritual melodies.

In 1965, Nachshon met with his Rebbe, Menachem Mendel
Schneerson in a private session, lasting three hours. The
young artist was able to share with the Rebbe his concerns and
misgivings about his role as a Jewish artist and the conflicts which
confront him. The Rebbe advised Nachshon that for many generations
the art of painting had failed to find its ultimate rectification in holiness,
but that with the help of God he might come to bring about that long
anticipated rectification. The Rebbe then offered to fund Nachshon's
studies in New York on the condition that he would find a program of
study acceptable to Jewish religious values. Despite the difficulty
inherent in such a task, Nachshon gladly received the Rebbe's offer
and devoted himself fully to the celebration of the wisdom of the
Creator through visual art.

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  • Thank you for sharing these beautifully inspiring paintings with us! Baruch HaShem!
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  • To the best of my belief the painter has such a wide exposure and imagination and had so much to communicate that he must have some unfinished agends. Pictures should be larger so as to offer a view of details.Thanks for the same reasons - a consistancy added this time.
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Baruch Nachshon Paintings

  1. 1. Baruch Nachshon
  2. 2. Holy City of Hevron
  3. 3. Hevron
  4. 4. Holy Jerusalem
  5. 5. Windmill in Jerusalem
  6. 6. A new light
  7. 7. City of the Rose
  8. 8. Creation
  9. 9. For the Conductor song
  10. 10. Heavenly Angels
  11. 11. Meditation
  12. 12. Jericho
  13. 13. Sanctuary of the King
  14. 14. Song of David
  15. 15. Star of redemption
  16. 16. Thanksgiving
  17. 17. The creation of rejoyce
  18. 18. The tree of life
  19. 19. Tiberius
  20. 20. Torah
  21. 21. Towards the infinite
  22. 22. Towards the light
  23. 23. Vision of the end of the days
  24. 24. TSFAT
  25. 25. Passover
  26. 26. The Temple
  27. 27. Eternal light
  28. 28. Gan Eden
  29. 29. Golden harp
  30. 30. Hamasa
  31. 31. Light unto Jerusalem
  32. 32. Mashiah
  33. 33. Megilat Esther
  34. 34. Meorat Hamachpaila
  35. 35. Sheva Brachot
  36. 36. The seven lights
  37. 37. The Wall
  38. 38. Yam Kineret
  39. 39. Scroll of the end of days
  40. 40. Sea of enemies
  41. 41. Splitting of the sea of Reeds
  42. 42. A song To Jerusalem
  43. 43. Avraham welcoming the Three Angels
  44. 44. Conquest of Jericho
  45. 45. Thank you:)